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  1. id also be all in for 'max count for talent usage per round'
  2. it must be permanent passive thingy using common sense I'd say - at GM' discretion foe sue
  3. yeah. it was meant to be 'build' for PC-use. thnx for inputs so far
  4. dont forget this could be he result of modding! its anice armor but you dont know how much HP have been spent.
  5. if i am not mistaken , you're completely right that the rules dont specify this any further. yes, id turn them around and add a setback dice into the challenge check if the opponent has a boost dice he could make permanently use of (if there is only roll overall for the situation. if you go to oppose with an perception check on the other side, then not) automatic advantages on a 'defender' could be used to neutralize advantages of the 'attacker' (again, if it goes for one overall roll). but thats house-ruling.
  6. hey Squirrelsan, the sidebar is only about how to acquire a possible mandalorian armor. from the text itself doesnt introduce any other special rules or any free integrated equipment. for the background story it is told that a few armorer can craft mandalorian-like armors, but for warriors its more about the prestige possessing a mandalorian armor. i wonder myself, esp. since there is like no word about beskar'gam. btw the armor in forged in battle should not be taken as the rebellions standart
  7. sys strain 3, soak 1, def 1, silh. 0, speed 2, handling +2, req piloting (p). it says: allowing the wearer to fly from cover to cover. theres no info on altitude. its supposed to be like death frkm above, it also says you navigate down. i suppose the use is not to fly high, more like on sides, or even a little up, because it mentioned , 'or to rain down attacks from above'. hope that helps
  8. @coordinated dodge. sure, guess youll end up expending a lot of strain if you are up to several targets, as you react seperately to every single attack. its not an 'until end of your next turn' talent. but sure, youre right you have some options at least. and as said, how long you gonna play play until you have all the XP together to make it work. youre proposed build should work tho. fair enough, repecting the limitations for skillls
  9. sorry if there is another topic! coildnt find one. im curious what kind of approach youd take on BB8 kind of droid
  10. pleasant anticipation is the best, hihi
  11. oh no. i didnt know. im just travelling at the moment you're hosting a session currently?
  12. what makes me like the doctor a little is the fact he has deception at his dispoasal. otherwise plain boring. and pressure point..... hmmmm.... intereting against jedi !!
  13. peraonally i had the same build in mind just some days ago you'd have to spend a lot XP on skills !! medicine+coordination must be high ranks dont forget that. think of all the xp you spend! also, youre a one-trick-pony, not sure if you feel happy with that RPG-wise. further, you have literally no dodge,sidestep or any other talents available to defend yourself as others can do (maybe 1 rank of one of those, but youre not really good on a thing). you could still go for high soak, but you remain very suscpetable to crits as you also have nothing to lower those effects. you intend to use it as your own PC? or as Nemesis??
  14. youre right for sure, if you can pick the desired armor from you wardrobe it adds a nicely option for such drop offs. add in that attachment thats lets you unload the armor with a button. next then just crawl over to the gear-box you also dropped off, just to slip into your prederred armor again is just an awesome maneuver
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