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  1. I know this is an old thread, but can anyone tell me if the shadows of mirkwood cards have been "At the printer" for over a year? That would certainly be a bummer. I really like this game and I would probably spend a lot of money, but I won't pay Ebay prices for this stuff. Outrageous! If they really are 'at the printer' what is the typical lead time on these to get to a retailer? Thanks!
  2. Agree totally on this. I really want the shadows of mirkwood cycle APs too. I just picked up the game this month, as i was looking for a good solo thematic game. Ebay prices are out of control for these... $50?! This is definitely fun, amazing art and theme, but hard solo. I like the challenge though, even though i hate to lose. Thanks flightmaster for the resources. I need some help building something that will beat the 2nd scenario. I have core set and the dead marshes AP only. The black riders and the road darkens saga expansions are on the way.
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