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  1. Destiny: Remove any number of your Blue dice. Play a card from your hand for free that costs equal to or less than the combined value of the Blue dice you just removed. It Binds All Things: Before you play a Blue upgrade, you may exhaust this support to decrease its cost by 1. This interaction came up last night and I ruled that it works out due to the Before effect of IBAT lowering the cost and that the game would recognize that cost when resolving Destiny. Does this make sense? The person who was ruled against tried to say you could not even try to play the card in the first place if it didn't qualify but that is expressly not true courtesy of the RRG, p14:
  2. Overall really liking the update and the visual clarification on the queue and extra actions especially.
  3. Enough questions have been answered on Facebook that an updated RRG explaining a complicated queue example visually is a must.
  4. Heart symbol on a die for a field medic type character to heal damage seems like a gimme
  5. Who are these people? Like people in general? I feel like the OP knows the difference and so do we so I am not sure what your point is or how that justifies people being assholes. I did read the thread. It quickly became people talking past each other and unwilling to back down off of "OMG you said the word facts when you should have qualified it more." And just so we are clear, the loud and pretentious part never happened anywhere in the thread.
  6. Where did the bolded part happen? I think you guys are being way too harsh on him for him using the word "fact" to convey "what he thought was forum consensus." Even assuming he was 100% incorrect, his intentions (to compile complaints into a single thread) were good, so I am not sure why there is so much venom being thrown towards him. The cake/pie and beet/bear parts should have been big clues he was not completely serious and trying to make draconian declarative statements.
  7. Would rather have special pearlescent dice
  8. lol @ "probably" What is the #1 top corner case that the rules can only vaguely answer in your opinion?
  9. Hawkman's list is great and I would agree with all of that. The gameplay is not really similar at all aside from you ending up with dice pools in both games so it kind of depends on what you like! Dicemasters plays like a deckbuilding game where you are buying dice to add to a bag to be drawn later. Strategy is around what you purchase and when and combat is much more like Magic with a declare attacker/blocker phase and trying to damage the other player directly after dealing with his summoned character dice. Destiny has a deck of cards that you draw from and play, some of which allow you to bring dice in from outside the game to add to your heroes. Strategy is more around timing/tempo/ordering in resolving your dice that you rolled or event cards. Combat is more like Hearthstone where you just pick people to attack and damage.
  10. Everyone at our game store uses these: http://www.ultrapro.com/product_list.php?cPath=71_282 If you take the internal deck box out you can easily fit a sleeved deck (or two!) + 12 dice in the bottom compartment and another 7 dice in the top smaller one.
  11. Lukas talks about recursion in the spoiler video for SOR and what he says makes sense but kind of goes against how the Hyperloop works since it is effectively a cheap/free event over and over again: https://youtu.be/xhfSMO2VOY0?t=15m00s
  12. Technically the Darth Vader card was spoiled in the RRG a long time ago Page 3:
  13. I don't think it is tier 1, but that is not the core issue. I think this is:
  14. Change the wording of Hyperspace Jump from "may" to "must" and it becomes way more balanced. This deck and this deck alone is killing the game at the LGS and even started a small sell-off when some of the better players decided that one or more of the following must be true: 1) The designers don't know what they are doing. (When will game designers learn that allowing you to play things for free leads to nonsense and makes the game harder to design and future-proof going forward?) 2) They didn't properly play test this game. (Disconcerting to say the least as the next set might have more of this in it.) 3) The designers want the game to be played this way with brutal lockdown combos. (Super not fun and not what our LGS players thought it would be at first glance.) Hoping they change it sooner rather than later but I respect the opinions of others as well who feel it is not a problem yet. Can only go on what I see at LGS right now which is not pretty.
  15. Re-rolling dice definitely seems like a change of game state, but I am not sure why they don't just rule you can't play cards/actions like Noble Sacrifice without legal targets. Was hoping for Hyperloop errata somewhere in this update but I guess that is wishful thinking :-)
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