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  1. Before I start using this as a place for my questions, I'm still using 4th edition. Are 4th edition questions permissible in this forum?
  2. What's a good way to detect Tainted creatures? Is there a spell for this? And is there some way to detect a Shadowland zone?
  3. I didn't see many specifics about furniture in the core book section on dwellings. Do the people of Rokugan sleep western-style in beds? I need to know how to design the daimyo's guest quarters for my players.
  4. I've been running some sample combats to familiarize myself with the system, and I noticed something: Is there any kind of penalty to your character's defense as your character is wounded? Unless I'm missing something, it seems you keep the same Armor TN no matter how badly wounded you are.
  5. The rules say you select your Stance before you roll Initiative. I found a cheat sheet online that suggests you roll Initiative first and then declare Posture in reverse order of Initiative. I see the benefit of the second method, but is that official? The first method seems clumsy to me.
  6. Okay, that clears things up. At first I thought each wound level was a separate pool, but I get it now. (I think some of the wordings of the core rulebook could be clearer.) Wow, so combat really is lethal. I like it! One of my pet peeves over decades of roleplaying is that most games let you get punched, stabbed, or shot and you can still walk around as long as you have a bandage and a few "hit points" left. Thanks for your help!
  7. So I'm trying to make sure I understand damage correctly. My character's Wound levels are: Healthy 10, Nicked 14, Grazed 18, Hurt 22, Injured 26, Crippled 30, Down 34, Out 38. Do those numbers reflect the total wound level of the character or of each level of wounds? An example will illustrate: With one swing of an enemy katana, my character takes 20 points of damage. Is she now Nicked because she takes 10 points in the Healthy level and another 10 in the Nicked level? Or is she now Grazed because 20 points is above the Grazed threshold and just short of Hurt?
  8. The following question was sent to me by one of my players. Here's his question (in italics): Would you please clarify something for me? Here are two statements about dice rolls from the rules: To me, A) means “roll the normal (x)k(y) dice, then roll an additional d10 and add that to the total.” While B) means “roll an additional dice, but keep the normal number - i.e., roll (x+1)k(y).” I assumed option B was the correct answer to both, but am I mistaken? Thank you for any insights.
  9. One more question: According to the default setting of the core rules, who is the current Emperor? The history lesson in the core rulebook ends with a reference to Kitsuke Iweko. Is she the Emperor (or Empress) as the game begins?
  10. So all of these rulers below the level of emperor--governors, daimyo and whatever else--where do they derive their power from? In other words, does the emperor appoint them and can the emperor replace those who he feels aren't doing a good job? Or is that not the understanding of imperial power in Rokugan? Also, when one of these "lesser rulers" dies/retires/abdicates, who replaces him? Does a family heir succeed him? Or does the emperor fill the vacancy? Or what?
  11. Let me follow up with this then: If the Emperor rules all of Rokugan, who typically goes to war with whom? I mean, where are all these samurai doing their fighting? Of course there's the endless war against the Shadowlands led mainly by the Crab Clan. There's the occasional war again the various gaijin who show up on the fringes of Rokugan. What about clan vs. clan or daimyo vs. daimyo? Doesn't the Emperor make sure this people aren't engaged in civil war?
  12. Thank you so much for the answers. That has all been very helpful!
  13. Hello! I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if my questions are out of place. It appears that this is the appropriate place though for questions about the L5R RPG, even though this is a card game forum. Is that correct? Although I am a GM with 30+ years of experience, I have not yet run a game of L5R. I've had the 4th edition core rules sitting on my shelf for a few years now. This summer some friends and I are getting together for a weekend one-shot game. So I'm putting ideas together and I have a few questions: 1. Clans - Is there any way samurai can identify each other's clan on sight? I did read that samurai typically wear their clan symbols, so this seems to be part of the answer. Along the same lines, is it acceptable in Rokugan to marry someone from a different clan? If so, which clan do the children belong to? 2. Social order - So there's an emperor who rules over all of Rokugan. Does each clan have a leader over the entire clan territory such as a daimyo? And I gather that clan territories are further divided into various provinces with governors (or is it daimyo) in each province? The adventure I'm putting together will include a winter court where the wedding of some ruler's child will take place, so I'm trying to figure this out. Thanks in advance for any tips!
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