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  1. We marked the occasion the only way we know how. By stealing other people’s jokes. https://youtu.be/Hyef-1mURIc
  2. ArkhamChronicle

    Everything you have never wanted to know about coin capsules. [VIDEO]

    Awwww, thanks mate! The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  3. Protecting your Arkham Horror Third Edition (3rd) tokens with coin capsules. In video form. https://youtu.be/FDGf-6UCMQI
  4. ArkhamChronicle

    Arkham Nights Europe

    Hey everyone. We just want to remind people that Arkham Nights is no longer a US only event. There are/ were four Arkham Nights in Europe Italy – October 31st to November 2nd UK - November 24th-25th Spain – December 7th – 8th Germany - December 8th – 9th So big thanks to all the Asmodee offices in Europe and the gaming stores and conventions they partnered with that have been working really hard to make these things happen. Especially at short notice. Well done! The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  5. The Coin Capsule video is turning out to be a real bother Just stopped editing to answer these comments in fact The Mythos, Activation and Marker tokens are all the same size as the AH:TCG Mythos tokens. The Arkham Chronicle Gang.
  6. We are currently looking into this at the moment but it doesn’t look like it, which is why the Arcane Tinmen boxed sleeves are great. But you can get dedicated deck boxes for MINI American Boardgame size and they are soooooo cute! The Arkham Chronicle Gang.
  7. …we have tried to answer in this video. https://youtu.be/bPEh9KNLFpo Please do let us know how we did as then we can make better, more helpful, videos in the future. Thank you The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  8. If you fancy watching a setup video rather than reading printed instructions, or if you can’t get enough Arkham Horror content before your copy of the game arrives then please do consider our humble efforts https://youtu.be/R5YJrW-DBBY The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  9. ArkhamChronicle

    Unboxing Arkham Horror Third Edition Video

    Thanks for the kind words mate. Which country is causing you all these problems?
  10. If you fancy an in-depth look at everything inside the box, and the box itself, and heck even the shrinkwrap this mother of all unboxings aims to please. https://youtu.be/LhxB3NnHlxE
  11. ArkhamChronicle

    Guardians of the Abyss

    In the meantime if you fancy watching a video about it here we go! https://youtu.be/mSplRmFtMPo
  12. If you anticipate using these a lot by running multiple campaigns, demo days, or have children or pets that like to put things in their mouth then we have made a video that explains how you can use coin capsules to protect them.
  13. ArkhamChronicle

    Beginner Game

    Here is a slightly more irreverent video if anyone is interested
  14. ArkhamChronicle

    Beginner Game

    If you want a closer look at the contents here is a video.
  15. Card 43 is the Sadane Student. It is currently up on the Arkham Chronicle Twitter https://twitter.com/ArkhamChronicle