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  1. If only there was a way to give you Gold or Karma or something as this is genius. We are definitely interested. We reached out to FFG to see if we could get any support but sadly not. We can certainly make our usual unboxings, sleeving and so on. As for a whole channel we will have to wait till it comes out.
  2. Sundays video was the Mantis Clan DLC. https://youtu.be/6OaxXPe6XcU No idea when the next #L5RRPG week will be.
  3. That is totally our bad mate. We have changed the original post to take out the word all and make it clearer. Thanks for being helpful and pointing that out. Looks like they will have some products left over for next years #L5RRPG week, right?
  4. Hey Everyone. The Imperial Chronicle is a UK based YouTube channel that produces sporadic but hopefully informative videos about all the FFG L5R products. This week they are covering the RPG items, one per day. If you only buy online or don’t have access to a FLGS where you can browse or compare them then these may be helpful to get a look inside and find out what or how much content they contain. The schedule is: Core Rulebook GM Kit Emerald Empire Shadowlands Mask of the Oni Knotted Tales DLC They also have existing content covering the beginner box, free bonus characters, In the Palace of the Emerald Champion, using coin capsules, the novellas and so on. Hope you find it useful. RPG Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBKGqdi_9V6opC8cIqmO0yQn3Cc_Lp0rc Edit removed "all of."
  5. Umordhoth also appears in the Arkham Horror Third Edition Core Box.
  6. is this the news you were hoping for? https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/7/the-search-for-kadath/
  7. For every investigator that starts the scenario you add 4 additional health to the six listed. 1 player game = 10 health 2 player game = 14 health 3 player game = 18 health 4 player game = 22 health Any time it says “per investigator” (such as for clues or doom) this value does not change if investigators are eliminated along the way. Seeing as you like our videos here is the tutorial that explains that. It’s at 2.10 if you don’t want to watch the part about “Elimination.” https://youtu.be/SHAiP6sLw5M
  8. Well, given our current situation it doesn’t look like the Arkham Chronicle organised Blob event is going to happen. But you will likely see it included in the Arkham Nights or Invocation packs later on. Although it still has not been confirmed that there will be any Arkham Nights outside the US this year. Keep your fingers crossed.
  9. It seems reasonable that the focus of the marketing department moves from web articles to the FFG In-flight report and industry meetings at Gen Con. A fairer comparison might be to look back at how news was coming out before Path to Carcosa to see if that was disrupted by Gen Con. Plus there has been a shift around in staff with internal promotions to and from the marketing department. They are probably busy getting ready to unveil TheNextBigThing TM right?
  10. We definitely don’t want to derail the thread here. Maybe start a new thread if you have any questions or concerns about this. It certainly came as a shock but FFG have been really polite and cool about it. But our channel may look significantly different going forward. Apologies to the Original Poster. The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  11. The fact that FFG told us we were in violation of their IP policy. We have had to remove several videos and have not been able to upload new content since 7th July as we wait patiently to get this issue sorted out. Being the world’s most prolific Arkham Files creators and not making videos is disappointing.
  12. You don’t think it will be The Blob that Ate Everything then? Care to make a small wager…
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