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  1. ArkhamChronicle

    Arkham Novellas

    Clearly we need a $60 Patreon tier where we post out a novella each month. Sounds feasible. 😀 The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  2. ArkhamChronicle

    Release Schedule?

    It is scheduled for next week in the UK.
  3. Here is the Arkham Horror one which we received as a gift If we can get hold of the others we will make videos for them too. The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  4. ArkhamChronicle


    The Arkham Horror calendar has sold out but there are stocks of the others as of today.
  5. Well it turns out FFG released a Mythos Art book in 2006. Who knew right? You can find the book here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-fiction/products/the-art-of-hp-lovecrafts-cthulhu-mythos-1/ Or you can check out the video we made about it here, which includes tips on how to save on shipping for international customers. Enjoy! The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  6. Well we have made a video all about it which hopefully explains how you can reduce the shipping if you are an international customer. Enjoy! The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  7. ArkhamChronicle

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    If you want a look inside the box we have a video for you. Zero calories and spoiler free! Let us know if you want us to make a longer video which is more in depth like we did with Return to the Night of the Zealot. The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  8. Are you notorious for leaving Xmas shopping till the last minute? Your friends at the Arkham Chronicle have some lifesaving last minute tips. Merry Christmas Investigators!
  9. ArkhamChronicle

    Video Overview

    Just to let you know we updated our video overview of this book. https://youtu.be/OpdAF4ciGD4 We also covered the AH3 Deluxe rulebook which has two of the investigators not listed in the Investigator’s book. https://youtu.be/DaKeaD8U-mA Cheers, The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  10. ArkhamChronicle

    Hard back rules, harder to find then the Holy grail !!

    There are plenty of copies on eBay at the moment, all based in the US. If you are curious about what exactly is inside before spending money then here is our video all about it. The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  11. ArkhamChronicle

    Streets and Sanctum models available

    Hello. Did you ever find a buyer?
  12. ArkhamChronicle

    Arkham Nights 2018

    If you would like a closer look at the list of gift bag swag here is a video https://youtu.be/MacRxop2bvo
  13. ArkhamChronicle

    Missing Chaos Tokens

    Which ones do you need? If you don’t get any joy with FFG we can post you some of ours. Like a secret Santa. Which country do you live in? The Arkham Chronicle Gang
  14. ArkhamChronicle

    Arkham Nights Europe 2019????????

    These things are always announced late in the day. We might not know until late into next year who, what, when and where. It depends on the success of this year’s events. But it sounds very positive so far.
  15. If you would like a closer look at said mountain of swag here is a video. https://youtu.be/MacRxop2bvo The Arkham Chronicle Gang