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  1. If you have any more questions about how Rex and all his cards work maybe check this video out. https://youtu.be/4Vmqdzw-wZ4 Hope it helps!
  2. It is true, you never forget your first love right? 😍
  3. Would you be happy with the additional price increase?
  4. Well if that doesn’t qualify as cosmic horror nothing does! 😁
  5. What we have been doing is supporting people who are doing a similar thing in their local friend groups. We have also been giving away tons of packs to our Patrons and in competitions on the channel. We hope to give away one pack per week until release day.
  6. Sorry friend. That would literally be career suicide. You may have noticed that Asmodee is cracking down on people who misuse their IP. There was a reason we were looking to use actual product we paid money for as opposed to print out proxy cards instead.
  7. This is why we ask for feedback. We aren’t the kind of folks that think they know everything or think they know best for others. We are always happy to go with a better idea.
  8. Sorry mate. We can’t have anything to do with third party software that is prohibited by Asmodee’s IP policy.
  9. Hey everyone. We are a bunch of wacky nincompoops with tiny YouTube channel but that’s not important. We moved heaven and earth to get hold of the Weaver of the Cosmos Mythos Pack https://youtu.be/v3hLmRzxP3o And as this cycle is now complete the pack will probably just sit on a shelf until such time as we can all get together and play multiplayer. Which sounds really unfair if other people around the world can’t finish their campaigns. So we had the idea of sending out our copy on loan around the world. Once the recipient played the game they would post it on to the next person on a list. Preferably the closest person in their country. No one would get to keep it but lots of people would get to play it for just the cost of posting it to the next person. It would be nice if we put a note inside that people could sign like a guestbook. As we are logistical buffoons we are asking for your help to try and organise this properly and spot any potential flaws in our plan and head them off. Challenges: Probably take the player cards out so people aren’t tempted to steal them. Put the cards in sleeves. Maybe laminate the scenario sheets? Or would that add too much bulk? Remove the Blister pack? Keep people’s home addresses secret. Only give out the next one that it needs to be posted to. Maybe try and get a second copy so people aren’t waiting 20 years! What do you think?
  10. We got one from abroad. But we have been sharing it with everyone: https://youtu.be/v3hLmRzxP3o The UK stock comes from the North American hub not the European one.
  11. Hello friends and thank you so much for all the amazing hard work you do making all that great content. For anyone that doesn’t know the https://archivosarkham.com/en/ website is available in English and has tons of amazing articles. The Arkham Archives have a blog, Podcast, YouTube Channel AND they also organise events too. These folks do amazing work and if you are running out of content then look them up.
  12. It’s not weird. Different countries have different distributors. That’s how we got our copy.
  13. Or maybe just keep the Countless Terrors one in stock? 😉
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