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  1. I like this loadout. How did you find having no bid?
  2. I love these two ships but flying them as an expensive pair isn’t working out for me. I know that a SO was taken by both and Midnight. How would you round out the list? How much of a bid should I be looking at? My initial thoughts are along the lines of Scorch or Malarus
  3. The most fun I’ve had recently in the game has been Maul/Dooku. I feel it is balanced due to the forward arc only requirement. It’s difficult to abuse ships like that. I have no idea how good it is. Lots of tricks, hate is so good on both. I think the issue is keeping both ships on target enough. I’ve also had big problems with 5+ ship counts that simply overwhelm one of the Infiltrators so quickly.
  4. Ok so the Kylo + 3 looks really interesting. How have you got the loadout on these 4?
  5. You could squeeze in optics on Kylo and fanatical on Midnight and still have a small bid. That’s a very cool list. Kylo is clearly very good, I just think the skill level required to go deep in a tournament is high.
  6. Well that’s interesting, thanks for the link. Common denominator is Tavson. I don’t love the Upsilon. We did have a Kylo, QB and Muse list make the cut at a local HS trial today. Good to see players having success with the FO!
  7. It’s amazing to see this list doing well in the right hands. Have you faced many high HP rebel lists or Imp swarms? I’m determined to fly the FO in my first hyperspace trial this weekend but my local meta is saturated with the above and the burden of execution for SN Kylo is so high I’m genuinely concerned it won’t make for a enjoyable day. My backup is Quickdraw, Recoil and Blackout.
  8. Triple Silencers? An I1, then naked Kylo and Blackout with trick shot and pattern fits. I’m sure there are better ways to do it.
  9. Nice ideas guys, thanks. I’m not a fan of large bases ships so the Upsilon is a no for me. Got a small tournament in a week where I’ll try the list in the OP. 20 hp behind 3 greens and often with all ships firing 3 reds seems like it should have game.
  10. I’d forgotten about Null. I like Scorch and Longshot because they generate better than average offence for cheap fillers. Scorch in particular is very good. I take your point though that the Silencers are very light. PA is a great upgrade.
  11. Saw a triple Silencer list pick up 4 wins at the Toronto open and they were on stream today in Germany (albeit losing). Its a great ship and I’m interested in seeing how we could kit out lists with multiple Strikers. My initial thought is as follows; Blackout - fanatical Recoil - predator Scorch - fanatical Longshot - fanatical 197 pts I mean, there are no frills here, but they are all solid ships. Or are three silencers better?
  12. The four TIE X1 list is certainly a nice one to see
  13. Thanks! Looks like a fair few FO lists doing ok. Is that a triple Silencer list on 3 wins as well!?
  14. Anyone know the FO list currently running in second place?
  15. Hate and optics Kylo is decent. How about Quickdraw and Backdraft alongside him? Should be sufficient points to load both SFs out nicely.
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