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  1. I flew Vader and QD with Duchess for the store champs season. Duchess maintains the high PS of the squad, allows you to properly load out the other two, and is insanely fun to fly. Of course, you lose a significant amount of offensive output, so the squad flies a little differently to the ones above.
  2. That is interesting. Never seen a quickdraw loaded up like that, almost as a dedicated support ship. Not even LWF!
  3. Yes OL is the obvious choice! I've flown her too many times though, it's time for a change. I think the other way to take this list could be to use Quickdraw in place of Rexlar with some upgrades to support Tomax and Sabacc, like targeting synchroniser / draw their fire / decoy. I know that has been used to good effect before with a TIE D instead of Tomax but, again, he's a guilty pleasure. I imagine the list will live or die based on whether the alpha strike can get ships off the board as it will melt to concentrated fire.
  4. Great advice guys, thank you all. I guess VI Vessery works well in the list with an Ion Cannon, but that's where I would prefer a TL ship in the third slot which a Striker can't do. I just really love the Striker!
  5. I would be very grateful for any feedback on this list. My guess is that it lacks defense, but damage output should be very high. "Duchess" — TIE Striker 23 Crack Shot 1 Lightweight Frame 2 Adaptive Ailerons 0 Ship Total: 26 Tomax Bren — TIE Bomber 24 Crack Shot 1 Extra Munitions 2 Harpoon Missiles 4 Guidance Chips 0 Ship Total: 31 Rexler Brath — TIE Defender 37 Expertise 4 Tractor Beam 1 Twin Ion Engine Mk. II 1 TIE/D 0 Ship Total: 43
  6. Why would I be trolling? This is a thread about wave 12 and I offered a personal opinion. I don't know what these ships are, more or less didn't know what any of the wave 11 ships were, and I probably won't buy any of them. I'm sure there are others who had a similar reaction. I'm pleased for those fans who do know what are and are excited. Personal preference, eh!?
  7. I hate to moan but they look awful. This game is becoming unrecognisably Star Wars in design, and I say that as someone who is loving playing it.
  8. I consider myself a pretty big Star Wars nerd, but... what are these ships? One is a new version of a ship we have and... two made up ones? Do we need to make ships up now?
  9. I love these ships. I recognise there will be tough match-ups in this meta, but I just want to fly what I love. With that in mind, I would appreciate any constructive advice on load out or strategy for a SC on Sunday. Tomax is almost like Biggs, he will die but if he can fire off any missiles he causes serious damage. Ion missiles on Vader is a meta call to try to tie down Nym. Vader w/ Adaptability, TIE X1, Ion pulse missiles, ATC, EU Tomax w/ crack shot, homing missiles, ion boms, guidance chimps, extra munitions Duchess w/ VI, adaptive aeilerons, lightweight frame. 97 points, small bid Thanks guys
  10. This is a list archetype that I really like the look of. What has been working for people in the ace slot? I'm considering Vader, or perhaps a missile Tomax Bren. I did have some success with Deathfire and the three named strikers. He can add a bit of splash damage with a missile then go into bomb mode. It was fun to fly.
  11. I've never met a Mynock and I don't live in America. Yet I still found myself strangely moved when Ryan won his store championship. I suppose I'm trying to say you stay with a podcast for the people.
  12. I really like this idea and I'm constantly drawn to it, but I've had a lot of fun flying a TIE SF + FO Ace list. Backdraft, Omega Leader, Zeta Leader and an Epsilon Squadron pilot works beautifully and it's amazing how few people know how to deal with a blocking PS1 pilot
  13. I'm a huge fan of the guys running our big European events, but today was a disaster. I had to drop to get to my hotels late check in and, to be honest, I was so bored waiting for action it was a relief. How does this happen?
  14. deleted
  15. I have to highlight the guy running Zuckuss, Old T and Fenn WITHOUT mindlink. All at PS9. I really love that