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  1. And not advertised on the front page nor the news page.
  2. I own everything that's been released to this point and the only thing that was even slightly damaged was a broken probe in the core box, which FFG replaced inside of a week. Another player in my group who's also purchased everything had a headless Vinto (who is now named Ichabod). YMMV, but it seems that the Rancor gets hungry sitting in that box.
  3. Bloomington here. Only done casual skirmish -- definitely more campaign experienced.
  4. Pretty sure we played this right, but wanted to make sure: Shyla can use her smoke bombs on herself to make her hidden, correct? It says "choose a figure," not "choose another figure."
  5. Yeah, if it's only one officer, the IP is already getting four groups before the special setup. That'd be a lot of activations, albeit mostly of single units.
  6. Just got my new packs yesterday and as I was looking at Hera & Chopper's side mission I got a bit confused. The setup instructions say two imp officers, but the map only shows one. Am I crazy?
  7. The possibility of gaining the movement points regardless of the proximity of attack had never occurred to our group. We assumed it was contingent on that range of two or fewer. That could certainly change things. Has anyone reached out to FFG for clarification?
  8. I have a question about squad swarm that came up in a skirmish recently. Do the two groups have to be named exactly the same (but allowing for regular and elites), or can they both be, say, troopers? For example -- heavies and snow? We played it according to the former. Was that correct?
  9. The passing can be key if you have >1 more groups than the rebels. Being able to activate multiple groups at the end of a round can give you attacks you wouldn't have otherwise. Chances are you can attack with one group at the end of a round with no response that you wouldn't be able to without that card. And, it forces the rebels to deal with multiple groups already in position to attack at the start of the next round. I see it as an easy 1 XP spend.
  10. Playing JR as the Empire and the Rebels got Luke with their first side mission. He's totally dominated the campaign (along with Shyla, who seemingly can move across the board at will). Do folks think he's overpowered? The boardwars guys don't, which I find astonishing. They gave him a 2/5 for campaign. Luke has a speed of 4. That's comparable to most heroes. But, he has heroic for two attacks in addition to his move. And it's a three die attack, as well. With built-in damage, pierce 3, and deflect, how is he not better than any ally in the game? He averages five damage per attack. He's like a really good fifth hero on the board that attacks twice and suffers no strain for additional movement. Or, he moves 8 and attacks. I hate him. I wish Vader had finished him off in Cloud City.
  11. I always took it to mean at the start of the campaign.
  12. Just ran this last week as the Imperial player. It was fairly close -- I had one on the stockpile and the Rebels two. They had Jedi Luke and didn't attempt to get the spice until the end. They just concentrated on killing me, which worked out well for them. The Rebels don't often have the chance to essentially ignore objectives and just kill. I think they relished the opportunity. Bossk coming in and getting killed before he even activated was the most crushing blow I've ever been dealt in IA. I hate Jedi Luke so, so much. Question: We interpreted the rules as Luke being able to carry the spice since it technically wasn't an interact. Thoughts? It didn't really affect our play much. He only picked one up and almost instantly dropped it.
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