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  1. Because Vancian Force Powers would be so much better, make more sense and TOTALLY not grind things to a halt because you spent your only two force slots of the day jumping across two gaps so you can't use the force to jump a third gap obviously...because...some reason, i dunno. Truly it reflects the nature of the force FAR better then what we have had in any other systems and still retains the narrative nature! Who needs improving your lightsaber and bettering it over time, reflecting your growing experience and connection to the weapon all Jedi have... When you can, instead, throw your +1 LIghtsaber away for a +2 Lightsaber that does ICE damage! Because that's lore friendly, right? Who needs this narrative based junk anyway when you can have Grapple rules that require a flow-chart to understand! Who'd want to play something like THAT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT FOOLISHNESS! *Deep breath* Sorry...I Kind of have a violent hatred of PF/D&D's magic system even discounting the balance problems. Plus, as a user of Roll20 I'm just a little sick of people trying to shoe-horn EVERYTHING into 5e. In spite of my above insane ramblings, I don't HATE 5e (Pathfinder Knows what it did though...). It's a fun system, but it isn't a be-all-end-all system. D&D and PF are good at what they do: Medieval adventuring, and dungeon-crawling beat-em-ups. It can do some other stuff, but you normally have to work hard to make it work. It works alright for the One Ring because, well, it's Medieval adventuring and a lot of the stuff in D&D is Tolkien inspired anyway. So porting it over, while a hassle, isn't going to strain or break it's fundamentals too much. Once you try to deviate too hard from that though, the problems start arising. FFG's system works for star wars. It's not perfect, but it's far better then the past systems and just works well for what it does. Trying to cram it into a D20 mold doesn't work that well and would require tinkering with the game to such a degree that it becomes something else entirely. Besides, as the others have said, there already IS a D20 star wars system that people can play. If people want their D20 with a star wars skin, go grab Saga Edition.
  2. "You know what I've come for: The map to the prophet, we know you found it."
  3. ExileofEnya

    Looking for a group.

    Color me interested, but it will depend on the time and day when it is being run.
  4. ExileofEnya

    Warriors rejoice

    I am disappointed by lack of Miraluka and Lasan. But everything else in this book sounds incredible!
  5. Base delta zero. It's the only way to be sure.
  6. ExileofEnya

    Warriors rejoice

    Nah, that one's on me. I sent them fake information on what ships to attack.
  7. ExileofEnya

    Warriors rejoice

    Dawn of Rebellion already had a Universal pilot spec.
  8. More details on alchemy crafting WOOO!
  9. ExileofEnya

    Warriors rejoice

    So, anyone placing bets on species? Personally hoping for Miraluka myself.
  10. ExileofEnya

    GM Pace is too slow

    Serious answer: try to talk it out and air issues in a calm, mature manner like everyone else has suggested. Immature answer: If it gets too boring attack someone (preferably nearest npc) or throw a thermal detonator down the street/corridor. Nothing kills a narration like "and then everything exploded" You can also ask yourself "what would Sterling Archer do?" your character be damned. Alternatively, do loud fake snores and pretend sleeping when it takes too long.
  11. Chronicles of the gatekeeper has you covered. Also noticed a distinct lack of miraluka. As such...dammit!
  12. We must continue to rely on negotiation
  13. Hopefully we get Miraluka with this book. But, if not...I'll accept them showing up in another supplement (There WAS that Warrior book that's coming out, and historically for all their mysticism the Miraluka aren't slouches when it comes to a fight).
  14. ExileofEnya

    Alternate timeline game - Opinions?

    Alright...this topic's giving me a headache. I figure I might as well weigh in on this. Granted, I'm not exactly qualified to talk about it (I only have a Masters Degree in INTERNATIONAL Relations, not intergalactic. So I'm not used to operating on Planetary Scale) but let's see if I can't maybe bring my perspective on some possible things that would happen if Palpatine was discovered. However, I won't be going into DEEP detail as I don't want to bore everyone as it will require a post of astronomical sizes to go into explicit details. So let's go with cliff-notes hypothetical. # First, and foremost is this: The Republic Will not immediately fall apart. The wheels of Democracy will keep spinning, at-least for a time depending on what happens next. But, reading back on this thread, I think we at-least all agree the republic won't collapse within 24 hours of the Chancellor being ousted as a criminal so we can move on. The most notable thing to understand is that while there may be processes in place politically in a Republic, to think that a republic is by it's nature immortal completely is not correct either. ESPECIALLY with a crime the scale of what Chancellor Palpatine pulled off. With this in mind, here's some very likely possibilities: 1) The Republic is going to be in a state of unease and unbalance, the leaders distrusted. The senate will descend into (political) infighting as Senators use Palpatines actions to scapegoat potential Supreme Chancellors or even political opponents (Calling someones a "Palpatine" will be akin to some calling other opponents Nazi's). And this isn't even going into possible purges within the senate itself to try to oust possible Palpatine accomplices. 2) The republic is likely going to go through a few supreme chancellors in the years following this. For all their in-fighting, the Senate will far more power then in the past and be able to keep a considerable sway over the newly elected Supreme Chancellors. Any step too far in one direction, any policy seen as too radical or against the interests of a majority of senators will be met with, at best, a vote of no confidence. Any Supreme Chancellor will be fighting an uphill battle to stay in office. Not only with the senate, but the public. 3) There will be a substantial distrust in the public towards any newly elected leader for at-least the next few years. After all, their own Supreme Chancellor orchestrated a war of such a scale that it wouldn't be surprising if this hung like an albatross around the neck of any sod sorry enough to want to get into office. This is probably going to extend to Senators to some extent as well. Much like Ronin said, there is a high chance of of some worlds seceding from the republic. Maybe not to join the Separatists, but possibly to go independent. Whether the republic does survive or not will depend on a number of factors, but it could just as easily end up dissolving into planetary Alliances and Unions that are separate from the republic (Creating something of a third faction). It all depends on whether a strong enough leader rises up and gains enough support from the public and backing of the Senate. # Now, you might think that this would give the Separatists a victory. After all, Palpatine is now gone and the Republic is in tatters. So it's all hunky-dory for them to go win the war, right? Not exactly. See, Palpatine being ousted is likely going to create some buzz among the Separatists. Some may not take kindly to the fact that they were essentially serving a great, big old lie and may end up going back to the Republic or (as stated earlier) going independent. Others might view Dooku and other leaders as being simply puppet rulers and, without palpatine to guide them, lose faith. Or, even, try to make power grabs for themselves. After all, Dooku's just a puppet right? The Separatists need a REAL leader. And I'm sure that General Grievous fellow seemed a bit fake too everyone else too, yeah? There will likely be some infighting or power grabs within the Separatist movement from this. Given Dooku's nature and background, he should be able to put a stop to it and get back on track. But the question is how long it will take, how big the infighting gets and how many of the Separatists are shaken up by this. After all, this is one case where brushing it under the rug could very well prove completely impossible. Now, the Separatists could have much more to gain from this then the republic and may have an easier time given the fact Dooku is still a player. If he acts fast enough he can capitalize on this to make some big blows against the republic. But, that lingering doubt in his capabilities is going to remain and people are going to be wondering for quite a while just how capable he is. His mistakes will be scrutinized more heavily by his fellow separatists, and things are going to be uncertain on the Separatist side as well. So in short, things would be rather hectic on both sides of the fighting and it could really go all sorts of ways.
  15. With Force and Destiny careers, it's a case of the following: If chosen as their first career, the player gains Force Rating 1 along with the accompanying career skills/access to talents. If a player wants to go from, say, an edge career into a Force and Destiny career they need to gain a force rating which is supplied by picking up Force Sensitive Exile or Emergent (And the new Padawan Survivor from Dawn of Rebellion). So, in short, Yes, you are correct. That is how it works. Just remember two things: 1) This is going to be a very EXP expensive build in the long run and 2) Make sure the player makes a note of the Force Rating Requirements on Force Powers they want to purchase.