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  1. First step would involve him successfully taking out palpatine or rendering him a non-entity in the scheme of things. Because any plan he has going is going to have to deal with him if it's going to have any hope of succeeding.
  2. ExileofEnya

    Star Wars Resistance - new trailer

    Well, this is already better animated than the 2016/17 Berserk adaption.
  3. ExileofEnya

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    On the Downside, FFG continues to taunt me with the lack of Mirluka. On the plus side...CLONE WARS ERA BOOK! WOOOOO!
  4. ExileofEnya

    Cyphers and Mask Now Shipping!

    Imperial Propaganda! Lies and Slander, all of it!
  5. ExileofEnya

    Cyphers and Mask Now Shipping!

    There are four distinct possibilities: 1) Some kind of weird NDA was involved with the purchase (VERY unlikely and odd). 2) Coincidences conspired that made sure these people didn't want to/couldn't immediately post things about the book. 3) The Empire found out about people having the books and started hunting them down, meaning they had to go into hiding. 4) The book simply wasn't for sale at the con.
  6. ExileofEnya

    New Thrawn book

    Vaders mask truly is expressive.
  7. ExileofEnya

    Wars End (Clone Wars returns)

    A Star Wars story
  8. Because Vancian Force Powers would be so much better, make more sense and TOTALLY not grind things to a halt because you spent your only two force slots of the day jumping across two gaps so you can't use the force to jump a third gap obviously...because...some reason, i dunno. Truly it reflects the nature of the force FAR better then what we have had in any other systems and still retains the narrative nature! Who needs improving your lightsaber and bettering it over time, reflecting your growing experience and connection to the weapon all Jedi have... When you can, instead, throw your +1 LIghtsaber away for a +2 Lightsaber that does ICE damage! Because that's lore friendly, right? Who needs this narrative based junk anyway when you can have Grapple rules that require a flow-chart to understand! Who'd want to play something like THAT? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT FOOLISHNESS! *Deep breath* Sorry...I Kind of have a violent hatred of PF/D&D's magic system even discounting the balance problems. Plus, as a user of Roll20 I'm just a little sick of people trying to shoe-horn EVERYTHING into 5e. In spite of my above insane ramblings, I don't HATE 5e (Pathfinder Knows what it did though...). It's a fun system, but it isn't a be-all-end-all system. D&D and PF are good at what they do: Medieval adventuring, and dungeon-crawling beat-em-ups. It can do some other stuff, but you normally have to work hard to make it work. It works alright for the One Ring because, well, it's Medieval adventuring and a lot of the stuff in D&D is Tolkien inspired anyway. So porting it over, while a hassle, isn't going to strain or break it's fundamentals too much. Once you try to deviate too hard from that though, the problems start arising. FFG's system works for star wars. It's not perfect, but it's far better then the past systems and just works well for what it does. Trying to cram it into a D20 mold doesn't work that well and would require tinkering with the game to such a degree that it becomes something else entirely. Besides, as the others have said, there already IS a D20 star wars system that people can play. If people want their D20 with a star wars skin, go grab Saga Edition.
  9. "You know what I've come for: The map to the prophet, we know you found it."
  10. ExileofEnya

    Looking for a group.

    Color me interested, but it will depend on the time and day when it is being run.
  11. ExileofEnya

    Warriors rejoice

    I am disappointed by lack of Miraluka and Lasan. But everything else in this book sounds incredible!
  12. Base delta zero. It's the only way to be sure.
  13. ExileofEnya

    Warriors rejoice

    Nah, that one's on me. I sent them fake information on what ships to attack.
  14. ExileofEnya

    Warriors rejoice

    Dawn of Rebellion already had a Universal pilot spec.