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  1. If there was proof the Force was a malevolent entity, this was it. The dug he had sit himself next to had attracted the ire of the people in the very booth he had been seeking to avoid, one of them coming over. He winced his eyes shut as he heard the hand slam down on the counter, glancing side-ways across to see that the youth was armed. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Jex slowly put his drink down. Sure, there was a Dug between him and the man, but if this got out of hand it was going to bring down even more unwanted attention. "Hey, uh, buddy. Let's not get hasty here. No-ones asking for any trouble..."He slowly stood up, keeping his hands visible."So let's all just calm down, put our blasters down and watch the game!" He laughed nervously, only to blink as he realised he'd just made himself more obvious. In retrospect, he should have just kept his mouth shut.
  2. Actually, I'm an Orphan so my mother never taught me anything or my dad. I was found and raised by a pack of Kath hounds. Anyway, my upbringing leaving much to be desired aside, the appearance ultimately didn't matter. Sure I commented on it, but at the end of the day like I said it didn't matter because of everything else. I looked past the appearance and found a ship I enjoyed and who enjoyed me. Besides, my HWK-290 doesn't care about that. In-fact, she's more likely to joke that "I don't look much better" after which we laugh, grab an ale and fly off to go blow up an Imperial outpost.
  3. See, stuff like this is why I'm happy with my HWK-290 Sure, they don't often look like much (Especially compared to the snazzier and cuddlier A-wings) but they're reliable, friendly, love a good joke and they know all the best Cantina's in the galaxy. They're the most easy-going ship around and the best friend a pilot could ask for.
  4. Jex tensed as he heard the men at the desk praise the empire, glancing nervously over at the booth that the cheers had come from. He took a deep breath, averting his gaze and staring down into his drink, trying his best to look calm. Nobody was going to look for him, it was the last place they would expect someone as upstanding as he was to go hiding out in...right? Taking another sip to finish his drink, the Nautolan slowly got up and gathered his belongings before making his way back to the bar. The stall was just a little too close to the Imperial sympathisers for his liking, and the last thing he needed was to get recognised by off-worlders. He assumed them to be off-worlders: Why else would they so audibly praise the empire? While some did support the new regime around here, nobody seemed to show quite the same patriotic fervor. Granted, he could be wrong, he was still rather new to the world. "Another Chadian ale thanks." He said to the bartender as he pulled up a seat next to a Dug, sitting down and looking up to see the shockball game. This was the Iziz Drexls vs the Mos Espa Dewbacks, he'd heard about this game on the flight over. "So, uh, whose currently winning? Are the Drexls still killing it this season, or are the Dewbacks turning it around?" An awkward question, but he figured he might as well try to look like he belonged. He shot another glance back at the stall with the Imperial supporters, his gaze nervous.
  5. An A-Wing? Seriously? You have terrible taste. Now, if this was the HWK-290 on the other hand...oh my!
  6. Ask not why, ask instead "Why not"?
  7. At this point I'm just pretending the game is dead so I can be pleasantly surprised when things start releasing on a semi-regular schedule again. Save's a lot a pain and heartache...I'm a very sad and jaded person now I think about it.
  8. Remember the words of House Garfield: "Monday is Coming"
  9. Statlines for Lasan's and the stats for a Bo-Rifle would be pretty dope, as would U-Wings. Aside from that, I'm mostly like everyone else in that I kind of just want to get my hands on the book.
  10. I recall Leto and Jace were part of the same gang at one point, so it's probably those two. Jex sort of knows Jace because Jace dated his College friend, so that rules him out from being part of the gang in the old days. Sebrungo is sort of a newcomer as well, not to Nar Shaada but it's possible he knows you guys from tuning up your vehicles. No clue about HU-1K, although he and Seb may know each-other possibly.
  11. You need at-least one room that seems normal upon entry. But once the players are inside and looking around, the door seals itself shut and the room starts to get flooded. Thus begins an "Endurance Trial" aka. See how long Inquisitors can hold their breath in a flooded room before falling unconscious. Normally there is a droid or operative monitoring the room to drain the room and free the inquisitors. But...well, nobodies there because nobody scheduled to use it. Naturally there will possibly be some kind of convenient way out/to deactivate the flooding. Buuuut...that's something I can leave in your hands. I had to suggest this one, slowly flooding room is a classic after all.
  12. Of all the places in the galaxy, Jex never once thought he'd end up here. It was a sign that his life was really in the pits that he was stuck hiding in what many called The Smugglers Moon. He had been in a good spot once, making his way through a very lucrative internship on one of the most restrictive planets in the whole galaxy. He wasn't on-top of the galaxy, but he was well on his way to climbing his way up to a position of prestige and respect. But, as always, fate had put a stop to that. He was convinced that the fates had long ago decided he wasn't allowed to be happy. That any chance where he could have been respected and successful had to immediately be quashed so that they could keep him being their plaything. And unlike before, they had truly pulled out all the stops this time to make his life a waking nightmare. He'd lost his internship, his university, his degree and now he was being hunted by the very people he had once trusted to help him reach his full potential. Lesson learned, the only one he could truly rely on was himself in this galaxy. Thankfully he had been able to dodge the authorities and make it off planet, travelling as far out into the galaxy as he possibly could where nobody would bother trying to find him. Stepping into the Rusty Droid, the doctor-to-be got himself a glass of Chadian ale. He'd gotten a taste for the cheaper liquors during his studies, and if he learned one thing it was that Chadian ale was probably the universal sad sack drink. Sitting himself at an empty booth, the Nautolan put his backpack down and sipped his drink, keeping an eye on the various individuals coming into the establishment. Other hand moved below the table, resting his palm on the cushion of the chair but keeping his hand close to drawing distance of his blaster pistol in-case things turned sour. Which, given his recent history, was quite likely.
  13. Destiny Pool: 1eF 1 Dark Side
  14. As for Jex? I dunno, he was at the nightclub at the times when blaster bolts start flying. And yeah, I was thinking at best they probably knew one another in passing. Jace could be like "Oh hey, it's that Nautolan I saw on Kamino!" Failing that, Jex was friends with Elise. I mean, even someone who's got a history like Jex is bound to have had at-least ONE friend in his life so might as well be a fellow intern/member of staff. As for why Jex didn't maintain contact? Mandalore and everything post Mandalore happened so I imagine they fell out of contact. I imagine Jex probably doesn't even know Jace and her got together or Elise is dead if that's the case.
  15. @Vergence I mean, it's possible that Jex could know Jace from the war if Jace fought on Mandalore or at some point was over on Kamino during Jex's internship. Although, how well exactly they know each-other is another question.