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  1. Alright...IF (and I do mean IF) Pre-orders for Fully Operational are coming out soon, I will retract earlier petty statement about the line and perhaps calm down a bit. In the real world, I don't deal well with too much vague uncertainty for long periods of time. Add to the fact I've been excited about this book since it was announced, and it means I have some rather strong feelings about it. So apologies for earlier pettiness. ...I would however like to note that shortly AFTER my statement is when that confirmation email happened though. Coincidence!? I THINK....Probably!
  2. Never get Timelords to deliver anything. Last time I did, I didn't receive my package until three years AFTER I ordered. And from what I heard, I was one of the lucky ones.
  3. Rest in peace FFG star wars, you were a great line while you lasted and I got near infinite hours of fun out of you. I don't think there's a game that can properly replace you... So! Who else here is excited about that new Warhammer 40k tabletop rpg: Wrath and Glory? It's looking pretty good from what they've revealed about it so far, and The Designers are keeping us updated regularly too! (Why yes, I am feeling petty today. Why do you ask?)
  4. Morality, this time with feeling.

    This does look like a good game for Sir Force-Chokeington...
  5. Lolth Wolves

    Felucian Hellcrab actually sounds like a really cool name for a creature...or a ship.
  6. "I'm looking for some information about some one called Tucker. I want to know his connections, who he runs for and if he's in league with some one big or not."
  7. Personally I'm more concerned about how this kid is gonna turn out and where he is going to eventually fall on the morality scale when he grows up. I mean, Jacen isn't exactly a name with a strong light side history in Star Wars.
  8. Lolth Wolves

    Besides, if the PC's REALLY want one you can always give them the Loth Wolf equivalent of Moon Moon.
  9. DON'T EVEN JOKE ABOUT THAT! We now have confirmation that an Engineer killed an FFG executives family.
  10. Lolth Wolves

    I just wanted a great big Ol' force puppy that I can Scritch the chin of, cuddle and teach new tricks...like Fetching telekinetically thrown stormtroopers.
  11. As for Jex being known by someone, I am open to it. Sorry for slow response, busy week
  12. Dawn of Rebellion Sourcebook

    At-last! The book is reaching more and more people! The dark times are, finally, nearing their end...hopefully... All I wish to know now is if the Bo-Rifle actually has stats and is available for purchase.
  13. Had Jex do a bit of a finding information test himself similar to Jace. Finding information: 2eD+1eA+1eP+1eS 1 success, 1 threat, 1 Triumph I know Archangel's a cliche name but, hey, it's a classic for a reason.
  14. Jex wasn't much for the streets of Nar Shaddaa. You never knew where the next vibro-knife was around the next corner, and he hadn't yet learned how to be fully comfortable making his way around. But, his time in the outer rim hadn't left him completely unprepared for dealing with the less-savory aspects of the galaxy. And when someone wanted information, it always lead back to one place above all others. Ironically, it just so happened to also be the place where the booze flowed just as freely as mouths: The Cantina. Specifically, a rather dangerous establishment called "Kusari's Den". He'd caught wind of someone that might be able to help him figure out who this Tuckers most noteworthy customers and other connections were, specifically Patrons. Even he could guess that a nameless gang didn't run guns without having someone more influential then them supplying some work. It would help him get a better idea of not only the one they were robbing, but more importantly who he sold to. It was likely it was nobody else important, or perhaps he had fingers in various pies on the planet, yet knowing other customers never hurt. If for no other reason then supplying his newfound comrades with some potential future 'targets'. Even if it was just to get a better feel for the planets power structure, he also had a final reason: He wanted to be absolutely sure that by robbing Tucker, they weren't going to bring down some angry crime lord on their heads eager to get their produce back. "I'm looking for Archangel." He asked the older Mirialan woman, who he could only assume was the titular "Kusari", that simply nodded her head at the back of the bar with a grunt. "Left corner booth." With a nod, Jex made his way over, glancing around as he approached the information broker.
  15. Until of-course you get that ONE GM/Director that feels instead subverting expectations. There is another way to make Martial artist kind of terrifying. It's costly, and at a glance it doesn't seem like much, but pairing it with the Colonist: Doctor spec. Why? Because you can get Ranks for Resolve (It's just nice to have), Pressure Point (IMPORTANT!), Anatomy Lessons (Not as important, but still very very handy), and Dodge (It's always nice). As stated earlier, it is costly however. But, when it works. Hooo boy! You are gonna be straining the daylights outta people.