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  1. The third spec is the Interrogator. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/9/18/pointed-questions/
  2. Hey, just because I'm an assassin doesn't mean I'm a jerk.
  3. There's no doubt in my mind that due to the focus of information on it lately that Cyphers and Masks has killed Fully Operational when we weren't looking, like the sneaky little assassin it is, no doubt as part of some dastardly scheme to get released before it. The question is if this book is prepared to do this to one of it's own line, there's no telling the depths it will sink to in order to get released quicker. Why, even typing this right now I could be in terrible dan-
  4. When I was young, my grandfather used to tell me stories of the old times; Where people ventured willingly into the unknown in search of untold fortune and knowledge. But, then the great drought came. Thousands died, many more abandoned us for other worlds certain that our society was doomed to collapse into nothing. As for me? I decided to do something about it. It has been so long since the drought began, our hope grows dimmer with each passing day. In these troubled times, I have decided to follow my ancestors into the unknown. Not for glory, not for power, not even for my own sake. No, I go in search of an answer. An answer we've been waiting over five hundred years for: Where are The Ghosts of Dathomir?
  5. Warden is more of a social based spec surprisingly (Well, based mainly around intimidation and scaring other people) that has a few melee/unarmed abilities in it. I am more thinking something closer to the Martial Artist just with one or two force talents in places, so having it be more focused on being unarmed melee fighter.
  6. Go Laser Moon!
  7. Both of these things sound like they'd work in the Warrior book. To be fair, I also think Teras Kasi (or some flavor of martial artist spec with a force talent or two) would definitely also fit in with the Warrior book myself.
  8. The Alchemist is something I'm stoked for, as is the possibility of creating medicines and/or poisons. I kinda hope we get the Miraluka as a race for this. They seem like they'd be absolutely perfect for the Seer and Prophet specs.
  9. Thanks for the information friend! You were both trying to calculate the airspeed velocity of a fully armed and armoured stormtrooper being shot out of a catapult.
  10. What is that and where can I buy one?
  11. My bets on Cubicle 7. They wanna rub FFG's face in the fact they got the license to do the warhammer fantasy rpg.
  12. Species wise, I think this would be a great book to throw in both the Miraluka and the Lasan
  13. WOO! Vehicle crafting rules! Shipwright spec! This pleases me immensely.
  14. Well, for the Engineer book I'm honestly hoping to get some kind of Vehicle crafting/creation rules. Given how the Rebellion have to take what they can get, I can see someone that knows their way around not only repairing vehicles but also creating them. Perhaps a specialization such as, say, Shipwright that helps in crafting checks for Vehicles? As for the Spy, I'm sort of hoping for crafting rules for Medicines/poisons/antidotes/general healing stuff. It may seem odd, but given how the Spy is I can see them getting the most use out of poisons. Perhaps some kind of Apothecary/interrogator spec? I can also see maybe some kind of assassin style spec to fit in with the more cut-throat spies, maybe also a specialization that fits more with the suave and talky spy ala James Bond. I dunno, I'm just really focused on crafting rules lately...I think I've got a problem...