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  1. Was it actually labeled as Fortuna's dice? We got that same list last night and we found items that looked or described an item or relic. Bone dice as Fortuna's dice and Dark Shield as Shield of the Dark God. Only one we couldn't match up was the bloody purse. Eventually said screw it and went with the Star Charm thinking we would get the item that grants an additional green. Instead of an item card it said we put it around our neck and it will activate in our time of need but will affect all heroes or something like that.
  2. What would be the proper way to use him in sludge spaces?
  3. Not sure if you know but that's what Mists of Bilehall and Chains that Rust does. Together they form a full campaign and I guess you could incorporate one of those other small box quests as a side quest via rumor card. But most of the small boxes are side or stand alone only
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