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  1. We ran into during oir gameplay and here is how I decided to handle it. I gave them base EXP to spend on a new character. But since Padawans rarely ever listen to their master I created a D20 chart that they roll before every action on the battlefield. So for example D4 is ignores masters orders and hides behind nearest obejct, D10 is in a fit of rage the padawan ignores orders and runs into the group of enemys...sometimes the rolls determine something positive like if padawan destroys the enemy on this turn the master gains a blue due on next roll for being proud of his young padawan...etc... I like to think that the padawan would help but also change the battle and the way the master would calculate his moves. It might work for you and it might not but for my guys it alot of fun watching them scramble as their padawan disobeys their orders haha
  2. Here ya go I'm still looking for the Phantom states tho!
  3. So the rancor is 6 brawn and 2 brawl? Would it be 4 green and 2 yellow?
  4. Could you please make a U-wing NPC card. On 33hrs and am giving my players a ship...would love for it to be a U-wing. If not, thanks anyways and your work is amazing! Thanks for helping all the GM'S out!
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