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  1. I’m trying this tonight. Wish me luck! :D Come At Me Bro (794/800) Empire General Veers (80) - Emergency Stims (8) = 88 total points Stormtroopers (44) Stormtroopers (44) Stormtroopers (44) AT-ST (195) - DW-3 Concussion Grenade Launcher (15) = 210 total points AT-ST (195) - DW-3 Concussion Grenade Launcher (15) = 210 total points Boba Fett (140) - Hunter (6) - Emergency Stims (8) = 154 total points Objectives?? What objectives??
  2. I used Veers with 2 ATST last night for the first time. I lost on points from the last roll of the game. Was a nail biter to say the least. I absolutely love the list. It takes a bit of practise to get the best out of it I think. Where you setup is also key. My advice would be don’t be tempted to setup the two walkers too close to the action. Have them plod along from the back having Veers dish out aim tokens then allowing them to move, shoot with mortar and re roll. Slowing down the enemy with suppression (hopefully two suppression tokens per attack). Then as you get closer, at range 4 you’ll have the primary plus mortar. Then as you get into range two you’ll have the primary plus the grenade launcher which is 2 red, 4 black and 2 white all ignoring cover.
  3. I have th badlands 6x3 in mousepad. I’m very happy with it and the service I was given.
  4. Long time lurker first time poster. can anyone explain to me how cover will apply when a unit is peeking from the corner of a building please? for example, if a stormtrooper unit is on the corner of a building, and only the leader and another miniature are visible to a unit of rebel troopers at range 2. When the Rebel troop unit takes an attack action how is cover applied? can only the visible miniatures suffer wounds? cheers everone chris
  5. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Ynot for taking the reigns on this project. I use benchmark a hell of a lot and so appreciate all the effort you have been putting in. Issues that I have found whilst playing: - arc170 teleporting - defenders teleporting - Awing extra ept from title doesn't appear in game - interceptor extra mod from title doesn't appear in game I hope that's of some help to you. If I think of anymore I'll let you know. I wonder if it would be possible to make it playable online PvP? Doubtful but worth asking. Cheers Chris
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