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  1. I actually just created a demolitions specialist for a convention game that accidentally follows @Yaccarus's train of thought. It's a Verpine braniac that doesn't understand social cues and is terrible at putting themselves in other verpine/people's shoes (4 int, 1 cunning and presence). The character was "encouraged" by the hive queen to conduct their experiments elsewhere (kicked out of the hive for accidental property damage) and has routinely found themselves in situations where crime lords and others have used their bomb making gifts for nefarious ends. In fact, the character has an imperial bounty for terrorism, but the character is so clueless that the only thing they've learned from the experience is to avoid stormtroopers at all costs. The only thing that makes the character playable is that they now serve in a crew with a strong-willed leader that gives the Verpine strict but fair rules to follow, such as when to set off explosives and what things may be blown up. It's a terrific character for a heist crew, but I doubt it would be fun to play them for more than a few sessions.
  2. In my game we played around with swapping the default characteristic for skills, but in the end we came up with a much simpler idea that we refer to as the synergy bonus. It works like this: Whenever you make a skill check where another skill could give an indirect bonus, add one boost dice for every two ranks in the other skill you have. For example, if the group is investigating the scene of a scuffle, one player may get a synergy bonus to their perception check from having 2 ranks of melee or brawl, because that knowledge should impact how they read the clues. Or when trying to save the life of a strange organism with a medicine check, they'dt get a synergy bonus for having ranks in knowledge: xenology. With the aforementioned idle chat meant to loosen the tongue of a mechanic, the player's charm or cool roll would get synergy for having ranks in mechanics. It's worth noting that you only get a boost dice for every two full ranks of a skill, and this is done on purpose to encourage players to invest at least two ranks in skills they're likely to use, if only to get that beautiful boost dice. Also, it makes my job as a GM a lot easier when I can ask the players if they can imagine any skill that might synergise with their present challenge.
  3. 6+ for a campaign that went from 0 XP to 850, and then now down to 1 in the 850+ XP. The original campaign saw a group of criminals escape an imperial prison on Alderan and become scoundrels, inheriting a YT-2000 light freighter and running all sorts of missions for the scum of the galaxy. They were based out of an old separatist battleship-turned-shadowport hidden in the fringes of Geonosis until they were framed for the murder of a Hutt and their old friends turned on them for a 1.2 million credit bounty. After clearing their names, they turned into drifters and rebel collaborators, getting quarters on the mobile alliance fleet that's in development (the campaign began 10 BBY and is now around 4-5 BBY). The final grand adventure saw them travel from Coruscant northwards through the Entralla Route, to Bastion, and from there to Kamino. At the end of the adventure, the group limped back to Coruscant to receive payment. One of the PCs owned a substantial part of a casino down on level 1313 (had spent some 40k credits on it) and decided to take a more active role in its management, so a new campaign has begun where the players can develop relationships with the different gangs, groups, and organisations, establishing a rebel base if they so desire, or hiring themselves out as guns-for-hire as the mood strikes them. But with the newly shrunken campaign setting every action now bears consequences, with an attack on one gang creating a lasting animosity.
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