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  1. https://images.app.goo.gl/jhM1oJ48A9wN5LNP9 Complete........ a collection? https://images.app.goo.gl/NnBbjvvB1ZiJGWq66
  2. Where in aus r u if you dont mind me asking? Im midway between sydney and newcastle essentially. But yes i agree, over here its slowly fading despite my best efforts. In my community were steady but as one person joins another leaves.
  3. Title Combat refit only This ship loses its experimental upgrade slot. All hit and crit icons count as 2 damage each. Idea behind it: it doesnt use its experimental upgrade and instead reroutes power to its turbolasers, making it harder hitting. Title slot so it can be unique and not exactly a hyper contested slot. Thats what i would do, though exact wording would probably be changed with consoltation with a rules guru lol
  4. 800pts i can field a true armada instead of a taskforce at this size and higher lol
  5. 2 sec search found this, havent looked anywhere else yet. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/19/asia/coronavirus-covid-19-update-china-intl-hnk/index.html
  6. Winner of this thread right here hahaha
  7. I agree, if Mels ever does them id scoop B & C up in a flash. Not too sure about A but its not too bad.
  8. I know of about 15 CSDs between all my friends and me. There are 2 with unbroken antennas and they both havent left the plastic box yet.
  9. I feel you. I had the starhawk on preorder, got the message they will be shipping soon, had a look at the cost of shipping and went nope. I want the ship, but im willing to wait a couple extra months to get it cause im not paying THAT postage cost. I could buy an extra starhawk and more with that, was not impressed.
  10. Fixed for you Little bit more seriously, neb bs get exponentially better the more of them there are, being able to cover each others weak spots (you dont have to be a genius to spot those weak spots lol) and being able to throw a decent volume of dice (Totally dont own 7 of them.)
  11. I never run the same fleet twice* so my large collection all sees use quite regularly, and when its not its on display (all the models are being repainted to a custom fleet) *outside of campaign or tournament play
  12. Huh, ok. Ive always taken before as has to happen the step before, not as a intermediary event. Thanks
  13. Does HFZ happen there though? Disclaimer: Im not a rules guru, im sure ill be proven wrong here and thats ok, just be nice about it so just reading the card, the timing is before you gather dice, which is step 2 as seen in the handy image above(thanks roc) before means immediately before right? So immediately before step 2: roll Attack dice - gather dice... is step 1. Not step 1.5, step 1/2, step 1a, etc. The timing is before you gather dice, not before you gather dice, after declaring a target. And if multiple effects share a timing you choose what happens first right? So it would be something like Declare target (HFZ changes the dice colour) measure, LoS, arc, range (which is dependent on the die and hey look, your blue dice are now red) Which would make it legal to shoot at long range. Im i missing something completely here?
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