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  1. I dont know about making commanders free, what i would like to to not have to take a commander. Why i cant even see the reason we need a commander lore wise cause we're playing with maybe a patrols worth of ships at a time, surely they would be commanded by the largest ships captain? Its not like ackbar went to every battle for example. And i know countless times where i only needed 5 points more to setup the fleet and i had to take a commander instead when i didnt want one lol
  2. Living in nsw a year ago: over 10 stores within a 30min drive stocked armada Armada gaming groups within a 1hr drive then: 4 Now: not a single one has any stock in, or has for the last 3 months ish. Armada gaming groups within 1hr now: 1 with 2 players discounting myself.
  3. $1 AUS is about £0.5, so that would be about $45 id recon. But its australia, shipping may as well be to the moon lol
  4. And as i posted above ive seen single squads sell for $75. For a "supported" game to be so out of stock for soo long on a major expansion is repulsive. Hedgerow H-e-l-l expansion right? Ill keep an eye out for u.
  5. Rebels Home one: (1) 3 MC-80 winged: (2) 2 MC-75: (2) 2 MC-30c: (1) 8 Assault Frigate Mark II: (2) 3 Modified Pelta class: (2) 5 Nebulon B Frigate: (3......) 7 (for a single fleet idea only) CR90 Corvette: (6?) 20+, can never have enough... Hammerhead: (4) 8 GR-75 transport: (3) 4 Rebel Fighter pack I: (3) 5 Rebel Fighter pack II: (3) 5 Rogues & Villains: (3) 7
  6. About a month ago saw someone on gumtree selling single unpainted squadrons for $70 each >.>
  7. Are you kidding? Have you seen how much people are asking for complete squad 1 rebel packs?
  8. Eh. I mean i can see how quite a few might like it but personally not for me. My interpretation of star wars is the following of a small group of rebels being persued by the faceless swarms of stormtroopers driven by villanous leaders. Dont take this as light vs dark, i look at it more as gray vs gray I like rogue one cause it sticks with this theme. I like solo cause it also syicks with the theme, though they are rebels with different values The sequels are on one hand likable cause they stick with these themesyet in almost every other aspect seem to tear themselves apart. Seeing a imperial perspect film would ruin this for me. Id much rather see a team of rebels and team of imperials being forced to work together on a inhospitable planet after rebels sabotage the imperials only way off planet but then become stuck, where we can explore both sides of this galactic conflict and compare them, see how both sides are sentient, etc etc until both teams leave the planet still hostile but a little bit more understanding. (Then the teams get besieged by a small patrol fleet containing a VSD and a couple new small ships, rebels arrive, space battle where rebels are as always outnumbered or outgunned, stiff happens, retreat, movie over) Reason for wanting this? Clone wars TV show: battle, battle, battle, something that shows compassion happens, battle Rebels: similar theme with conflict intermixed with scenes and episodes that show that good still exists in this galaxy filled with conflict. Having a movie do this would allow star wars to truly explore other themes other than violence and conflict.
  9. https://www.shapeways.com/product/JFVCU2E4T/armada-lucrehulk-star-destroyer My favourite ship design, its looks soooooooo sweet lol.
  10. Thats certainly true. However i refer to how it is used in this day and age. As a "vulgar slang" or to describe a bodily function, neither of which have a reason to be on a forum about plastic spaceships. crap1 krap/ vulgar slang noun noun: crap 1. something of extremely poor quality. nonsense. unwanted articles; rubbish. 2. excrement. an act of defecation. plural noun: craps verb verb: crap; 3rd person present: craps; past tense: crapped; past participle: crapped; gerund or present participle: crapping 1. defecate. 2. talk at length in a foolish or boring way. adjective BRITISH adjective: crap; comparative adjective: crapper; superlative adjective: crappest 1. extremely poor in quality. Origin Middle English: related to Dutch krappe, from krappen ‘pluck or cut off’, and perhaps also to Old French crappe ‘siftings’, Anglo-Latin crappa ‘chaff’. The original sense was ‘chaff’, later ‘residue from rendering fat’, also ‘dregs of beer’. Current senses date from the late 19th century. crap2 krap/ NORTH AMERICAN noun noun: crap; plural noun: craps 1. a losing throw of 2, 3, or 12 in craps. verb informal verb: crap; 3rd person present: craps; past tense: crapped; past participle: crapped; gerund or present participle: crapping 1. make a losing throw at craps. "he put all his chips on the table and rolled the dice—sooner or later he had to crap out" give up an activity because of fear or fatigue. "when entrepreneurs get to $1 billion they crap out and turn their companies over to others" fail in an attempt. "the Rams almost crapped out late in the game" (of a machine) break down. "his teleprompter crapped out" Origin early 20th century: from craps. (Thank you copy and paste) but this i fear is way off topic, lol, sorry =D
  11. 100% agree, though for me it was what i grew up with, what i watched on TV as a child alongside Scoobydoo and Ben 10 and most importantly its what got me into star wars in the first place.
  12. And once again, crap isnt censored but H-E-L-L and the angry version of Dam isnt? Im still confused on that part
  13. Who da crap says i want that ****, good for nothing sequel trilogy crap?!?!?! I want clone wars.
  14. Clone wars if we must, id rather we just get the ships that intigrate into the existing factions. So what if they overlap with other ships abilities? That makes it so we have even more choices for looks if not content!
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