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  1. Nymz, lets not clutter up the argument with facts. Clearly only North east portions of the country is the "East" coast.
  2. Not as useful as I thought. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. I know I can check even if I can't take the free action...I get that. I'm asking that if my interpretation of the 2.a and 2.b rules are correct, I'd be able to take the free boast at the end of 2.a. and then assign the stress token from the red maneuver in 2.b. Does that logic hold up?
  4. Regarding #1, why wouldn't the four conditions of the FAA card constitute "a pilot ability or something similar"? Because the card does not specifically address stressed situations? So from a timing perspective...my ship starts the activation without a stress. It then performs a red maneuver. Can I check for FAA after the Move Ship step (2.a) and before the Check Pilot Stress step (2.b), since they are separate steps and the card specifies after a maneuver? I'm looking at the Activation Phase rule on pg 4 of the Rules Reference book. Thanks.
  5. So reading through this forum leads me to a couple of questions... 1) Why can't a stressed Xwing use FAA? The card has four conditions...none of which are stress related. 2) Can a T-65 use FAA? It doesn't have boost or barrel roll actions. Appreciate any insights, because I'm struggling with some of the logic I've seen. Most people agree that the T-65 can use FAA, even though it doesn't have a native ability to boost or barrel roll. Some however think that being stressed precludes doing that same non-native action. I interpreted FAA as a free action that occurs in Step 2 of the Activation Phase (Execute Maneuver)...and per the FAQ: Q: If a ship is required to skip its “Perform Action” step (for example, if its final position overlapped another ship), is it still allowed to perform free actions outside of the “Perform Action” step? A: Yes ...it can trigger, regardless of stress, if the four conditions of the card are satisfied.
  6. True. Sorry, I didn't realize it had to be 3x T70s. I'm mixing old school with new school XWing goodness.
  7. Gennataos, I started my build with this: PS 8 Poe, R5 P9, Adaptability, AutoThrusters Wedge, Predator, R2 Astromech, Integrated Astromech Braylen Stramm (Arc 170) with title, M9G8, Weapons Engineer this build is a fun one. It doesn't rely on a lot of actions to be effective. Two PS 9 aces pushing damage with abilities and rerolls is the strategy. The ARC gives 2 attack dice rerolls if you TL the Xwings on the opening move and is fairly tanky...makes everyone better (or your opponent worse if you use the TL on them -- with is great for counter "Fat" builds) for the duration. Wedge's ability plus two rerolls means he pushes damage very effectively. Poe is smooth, efficient, regens and will wreck the end game if your opponent ignores him for Wedge. Wedge just wrecks ships pretty consistently before he dies. The list can lose a ship and not have it's strategy wrecked. Meta changing? No...but if you are an Xwing guy, it can be fun. Now I'm playing with substituting the ARC for another Xwing. Playing Jess with M9 and torps. Played with Red Vet. Playing around with a stresshog build (Wes with R3A2, or Nien with same...but you have have to sub out the R5 to make some of that work). Tarn Mison with R7 & IA is a very efficient 25 pt. ship...allowing you to upgrade the aces with some additional toys (Black One, Primed Thrusters, R2D2, etc.). Bottom Line...it is a work in progress but the POE/Wedge combo with rerolls has been fun and fairly successful. I've never felt like there was a game I couldn't win. If you can fly the Xwings to R1, almost anything can go away or be crippled in the opening joust. Ship Total: 3
  8. Gennataos, I'm fighting the same battle, but I'm approaching it the other way...don't try to live long enough to do damage, but do damage at an increased rate. I'm finding that two high ps Xwings outfitted with damage pushing builds (predator, lone wolf, etc.) when paired with a lower ps support xwing (M9, torps, etc.) can be competitive. The key is to not try and fly the Xwings interchangeably...optimize them for a role and then do that. Not enough games to say definitively, but something to try.
  9. Adam.. I ran Stramm, M9-G8, Weapons Engineer, and Alliance Overhaul, Wedge with R2 Astro, IA, and Predator, and Poe with Adapatability, R5-P9, IA, and Autothrusters. Wedge gets two rerolls and reduces Agility by one. Poe gets a reroll and that oh so wonderful action efficiency. When one of the hitters dies, you can reuse the TL in a standard fashion or to make an opposing ship reroll one of their attack rolls. Currently playing with dropping AT and R5 on Poe and going R2 Astro, IA, and Predator XWing Predators...
  10. Adam, Took that exact loadout to a small local tournament last weekend. Had it in support of two XWings. I loved it. That ship, with that loadout and at that price was very worth it. Tanks enough to survive. Rear Arc. Grants a predator reroll to two friendly ships per turn...it is huge. Can't recommend it enough.
  11. Please explain how you do that...I love arcs but have no idea how you do it.
  12. AVelie


    Evening all... New player trying to come up to speed on the current meta. I have seen no mention of markmanship in the discussions about offensive upgrades (Predator, Lone Wolf, Tactician, etc.). Why is that? I get that it is an action and expensive, but no mention at all? Please advise. r/-A.
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