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  1. It's worth noting that the next wave of expansions includes a card specific to IG-88 (one of the worst offenders of the early overcosting) that brings his value more in line with his cost in skirmish. Presumably they'll be doing the same thing at some point for other figures like Han and Vader. It's also worth noting that there's a difference between "not competitive" and "completely worthless". If you're going to your regional tournament then, no, you're probably not going to win many games with Han and Chewie against the competitive players and competitive lists that you'll find there. But if you're playing at home with your friends? None of the movie characters are bad enough to be unplayable in that setting. They're all perfectly usable and fun, they're just not optimal when put up against lists that are built to be as strong as possible.
  2. The campaign's a little bit of a mixed bag as there are two ways to play a villain: as one of the starting/reserved groups or as one of the open groups. For the open groups I think that the new version would probably work just fine in the campaign. If you're paying 12 threat to bring him out you're getting a lot more bang for your buck with the new version - it probably wasn't ever worth taking the old version at that cost and so people rarely did it. However if IG-88 is one of the initial/reserved groups in the mission then adding in the new version might throw balance out of whack. Think that Fly Solo is tough now? Wait until Iggy gets an extra 2 bonus movement points and starts throwing focused attacks left and right. If I were bringing the new version in to a campaign I would probably house-rule that the new version only applies if he is purchased for threat as one of the open groups.
  3. You may be right. From the sounds of it there have been a fair number of people who are having trouble with the same piece, so it's possible that they've got a bit of a shortage.
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