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  1. I've been trying to decide on some wingmen for Whisper. My build for whisper is pretty standard Whisper: VI, FCS, gunner, ACD For wingmen I was either thinking of taking: 4x Black squadron pilots + crackshot, this one is pretty straight forward tactically a basic mini crack swarm Or a little more outside the box; 2x Tie S/F Zeta specialist + accuracy corrector, Title, LWF The idea for this set up is to try to obtain shots from both S/F pilots out the primary and aux arc each turn with the accuracy correctors for higher potential of damage. I've already tested the black squadron pilots and I know they work. I guess my question is whether or not the Zeta specialists are worth trying to take with Whisper or if I should just stick to the Tie Fighters?
  2. I'm preparing for a store tournament and I'd really like to, as the title says, run Dengar and Emon together. I've been playing x wing for a while now but I'm pretty new to playing in any kind of actually competitive environment. My list idea is as follows; Dengar: Lone wolf, K4 droid, unhinged astro, punishing one Emon: Ion cannon, prox mines x3, Andrasta title, Inertial dampener Any thoughts or feedback would be much appreciated on either ship. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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