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  1. I think it'll definitely be worth it if you build around it. As others have mentioned the Z-95 mini swarm probably gets the most mileage out of it, or a YV/Shadowcaster build. It'll be situational but effective. I'm sure there's some combo with it lurking in the future that'll make Jabba really shine.
  2. I run a list using Guri and Fenn together actually. I give them both PTL and autothrusters so they can, if all goes well, arc dodge and with 3 defense dice and autothrusters even if they get shot out of arc have a pretty good chance of shrugging off damage.
  3. I love that build, I use it pretty often when I fly Keyan. My other go to is; Keyan: stay on target and Hera crew for 33 points. It's not the greatest thing but it's super fun to fly.
  4. I think it's heavily dependent on how the game plays out. If you can use sloops and the reverse maneuvers to stay at range one of an enemy then the free focus can definitely pay off. Otherwise, it is a little situational. Another fun crew for Unkar is Tactician, try so bump a ship so Unkar can tractor beam it, then shoot at a second ship at Range 2 if possible to stress it, It can get real fun when pair with Asajj with the Shadowcaster title. Lots of tractor beams and stress building up.
  5. I like outlaw tech on the quad because chances are most of the maneuvering you're going to do (at least in my case) is going to be red maneuvers. You might as well get a free focus out of it. Ketsu does take some careful planning to set up properly I will give you that.
  6. I'm a fan of any Firespray taking outmaneuver and tail gunner with EU to help insure back arc. When you get your opponent to -2 defense dice it's amazing. It works particularly well with Bobas' pilot ability.
  7. Outlaw tech isn't a bad idea. I also like running Ketsu Onyo on Unkar so those tractor beams stick around and the rest of my list can finish off the target.
  8. What do you already have on Unkar?
  9. Unless it has a header in italics stating something like "rebel/imperial/scum only" or "yt-1300 only", "small/large ship only" out are free to mix modifications, pilot talents etc. as much as you want.
  10. I agree with what Wurms wrote about dropping VI for determination and adding a missile to alpha. However, I would personally keep engine upgrade for maneuvering. That's just personal preference though.
  11. I've had some pretty decent games with: Omicron Group Pilot: FCS, weapons engineer, EU Tomax Bren: Crack shot, Homing Missiles, extra munitions, Plasma Torpedoes, Guidance Chips Major Rhymer: Deadeye, Adv. Homing Missile, extra munitions, Plasma Torpedoes, Guidance Chips It's definitely a fun list to run, give it a try.
  12. My plan is to experiment with the generic Phantom ships and see if they can maybe hold their own. The list is simple: 3x Shadow Squadron Pilots w/ collision detectors, Tactician, ACD (33 points each) What I hope to accomplish with the list is, if all goes well, A huge alpha strike on the biggest threat followed by a war of attrition with the three Phantoms and my opponents remaining ships. I've flown a lot with single Phantom lists, what I like about this particular list is that if you lose one Phantom its not necessarily the end of the world. You have two more to finish the job without being out approximately 42 points (My usual Whisper cost). I also chose the Shadow squadron pilots because of the 5 pilot skill which is still not great by any stretch but offers a slight chance of advantage in instances were my opponent takes lower PS ships. So I guess my questions are; 1 Will this hold up in even remotely competitive games? (I'm not a very competitive player, it would just be nice to know) 2 Does anyone have experience flying a similar list or have any insight into improving the list? Thanks!
  13. I'm not sure about removing Tycho but I've switched PTL for Wired to add Hera and the crew mod to Keyan. That way you can keep doing red's with Stay On Target. I'm not sure if that helps at all.
  14. You can only take maneuvering fins on the YV-666.
  15. Engine upgrade is way better to have but if you find yourself short on points it can certainly be useful. If you can take burnout slam with maneuvering fins it's even better for movement options.
  16. I'm a fan of Chewbacca + rage + inspiring recruit + Kanan Jarrus + sloop title MF (48 points). It lets Chewbacca rage and clear both stress on the next turn with a green or white maneuver, it also makes the sloop essentially stress free. It does end up lacking a bit in defense without C-3PO but it more than makes up for it offensively.
  17. I've been playing a similar list but with Unkar or Zuvio without the title on the scout and just loading it out with plasma torps. I love it! Rage/inspiring recruit is starting to be in almost too many of my lists, you can set it up to be so powerful in the right circumstances.
  18. I like to run Cassian Andor: rage + inspiring recruit + Hera + collision detector+ pivot wing + anti pursuit lasers. He can help another pilot shed stress while shedding up to 2 stress from himself. It gets real fun when you mix in wingmen like Tycho and Nien who can also run hot in stress or work around it. I've met quite a few local players that like using Heff Tobber because he's cheap, and gets to take actions while blocking.
  19. He is very pricey for what he does but can work well when set up properly. I've been having fun with him using Ketsu crew, spacetug tractor array, scavenger crane and Connor net (30 points). (And whatever ept fits the rest of your list). As long as the rest of your list can kill what you fly in to block and/or drop Connor nets on you can keep getting them back and dropping them again. Again, for 30 points this is a fly for fun build not really something that would necessarily do amazing things competitively, but it does work.
  20. The only thing I noticed in the list is that you have inertial dampener on Latts who has a 0 stop maneuver. So unless that was international you have an extra point to use which I might recommend for a burnout slam. Otherwise, nice list good luck and Happy flying!
  21. I generally use some combination of maneuvering fins, burn out slam and/or engine upgrade to get into favorable positions. I agree with Izikial, I love the ship.
  22. Sometimes to fill out remaining points I'll take a Cartel Marauder + cluster missile + glitterstim + guidance chips (26 points). You can hammer in one good shot with the missile + glitterstim, then still have a decently offensive ship. (Albeit the dial and action bars are lacking)
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