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  1. When it comes to a double ghost list I wouldn't even bother taking an attack shuttle. It's much more effective to just load up on the ghosts. My current double ghost build is; Kanan Jarrus: FCS, extra munitions, plasma torps, dorsal turret, Rey, recon specialist, guidance chips lothal rebel: FCS, dorsal turret, extra munitions, flechette torps, Hera, Bistan, guidance chips And to defeat it; any swarm style list will rip them apart.
  2. Honestly, I take the gyro so I can PTL for focus + target lock because I roll incredibly poorly and need as much modifying as possible. I'm going to start trying Asajj with EU in the near future though. Ill try your suggestion of the rigged cargo next time though, sounds fun. Or annoying if your my opponent
  3. This could be fun Dash: PTL, HLC, title, EU, Kanan Jarrus Cassian: rage, sensor jammer, hotshot co pilot, Hera, stealth device, title, flechette torp. 100pts This makes the U wing up to a 3 agility ship with sensor jammer for extra defense and hotshot to hopefully strip focus from enemies. You could also ditch rage for veteran instincts to make Cassian shoot first more reliably but you miss out on the focus and rerolls while atracking.
  4. I have fun with a phantom/mini-swarm list from time to time. Whisper - VI, FCS, intel agent, ACD (40 points) black squadron - crack shot x4 (15 pts each)
  5. If I'm running Asajj: defensively; PTL, Latts, Title, Gyro Offensively; PTL, Dengar, Title Gyro Combination/Fun; PTL, Recon specialist, Title, Gyro They're all pretty similar because with PTL and Gyro the action economy on the Shadowcaster is amazing, and I add illicit upgrades if I have the points remaining. I'm also a huge fan of running Asajj with the Quadjumper to block and for additional tractor beam shenanigans My usual list (6-1): Asajj - PTL, Latts, Title, Gyro Unkar Plutt - Ketsu Onyo, Pattern analyzer, BMST, Spacetug tractor array Old Teroch - Fearlessness, Title, Autothrusters
  6. Has anyone had any luck with using Sensor Jammer and Hotshot Co-pilot? I've been struggling recently with Whisper myself, I thought maybe the defensive upgrades might help save her from near auto-death in certain match ups.
  7. If you want a modification for staying at range 2-3 I would actually recommend vectored thrusters for barrel rolls rather than engine upgrades for the boost action. It's also 2 points as opposed to 4 points so you still save some points for other things. List looks fun though. When Fenn gets his shot it's essentially one ship straight off the board.
  8. I have a similar list but the SF's in my list have pattern analyzers for action after sloops and Tomax has crackshot so he can make his 2 red dice a little more effective.
  9. Despite his lack of use by most I quite enjoy using him. His ability won't come up that often but I figure his price increase is more for the higher pilot skill, at least for me anyway. I generally Sarco with this build; Quadjumper (Sarco Plank) Ketsu Onyo Pattern Anaylzer Spacetug tractor array Adaptability (ept is usually points dependent though. If I can afford better I go for it) And I almost always run the Quad with the Shadowcaster for extra fun stress and tractor beam mechanics.
  10. I've used everything from Dengar to Ketsu, K4 droid, Gonk, Latts. They all work well as long as you build the list and the ship around it. Some obviously better than others though. I want to try my hand with Asajj and recon specialist next. I pretty much always run her with PTL so it'll essentially give me target lock and 2 focus a turn for offensive and defensive rerolls, and gyros for mobile arc movement.
  11. It's not a bad idea, just know that it will have bad match ups against other turret and aux firing arc lists, which unfortunately are pretty plentiful in the current state of the game. I definitely recommend trying it though and reporting back with how it goes. It looks fun enough I might have to take it for a test drive myself... There's nothing better than the look on someone's face when you gingerly walk their ship off the board for them. My best ion experience ever was (ironically) moving an otherwise untouched Miranda with Conner Net's off the mat while using a Brobots list.
  12. It's not one of the most popular builds but I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Outmaneuver and Tail Gunner combo. It's fun but situational, it does however still let you take R2-D2 which as far as I'm concerned is an auto include on my Arc 170's.
  13. I may be all alone on this one but I actually like Kad Solus. By far Teroch and Fenn are better but Kad with stay on target for easy red maneuvers and the double focus a turn is fun.
  14. My only concern for the VCX would be not having a turret or torpedoes to really open up your other firing arcs but if you're 6-1 I guess you've got a pretty good handle on it. With that said maybe drop Luke down to gunner to toss an autoblaster on the VCX just in case of arc dodging aces. Other than that if it's working for you as is, I'd just keep it that way. Nice list.
  15. Thanks for the responses guys! That helps a lot.
  16. I'm interested in using RAC w/kylo and Whisper but I'm not sure how to optimize it. My best guess at running it would be; RAC: VI, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Tactician, APL's Whisper: VI, FCS, Rebel Captive, ACD I know the Whisper build that I have is solid and I have quite a bit of experience with using it, I'm just not sure about the Decimator build. Is there something I should switch to make it run any better? Thanks for any help.
  17. Rebels: Arvel Crynyd, Eaden Vrill Imperials: redline, Kath Scarlett Scum: Dace Bonearm, Xizor, Graz the Hunter
  18. This ^ As thespaceinvader wrote the popular way to go about it now is with a "bumpmaster" build to design one of the scouts specifically for blocking/jamming so the other two can get their shots
  19. Three torpedo scouts is still a thing. Most people gave up on them after the deadeye nerf but I still have a blast with them. You just have to play them a little safer then before.
  20. I agree give QD a score to settle, and I would also if you have 3 points left in your list personally put rebel captive on Whisper to deter your opponent from firing at her.
  21. Another option with Corran is to sacrifice hitting power and regen for ridiculously high defense on the turns that he can't shoot. I refer to it as turtling up. Corran: PTL, FCS, R2-F2, stealth device This still allows plenty of points for Dash in the Dash/Corran builds. To be completely honest the amount of defensive tech is probably already overkill but you could also swap FCS for a sensor jammer to be even more ridiculous.
  22. I am so far 4-0 with this; Asajj: PTL, Latts, shadowcaster, gyroscopic targeting Old Teroch: Fearlessness, concord dawn, autothrusters Unkar: Ketsu onyo, spacetug tractor array, pattern analyzer, BMST I'm going to change it slightly though to try this: Asajj: PTL, Latts, shadowcaster, gyroscopic targeting 4-Lom: adaptability, collision detector, mist hunter, tractor beam, tactician Sarco Plank: Ketsu onyo, pattern analyzer, spacetug tractor array. Hands out lots of stress, lots of tractor beams and then hopefully lots of damage.
  23. I use the same Corran build but I've used; Chewbacca: PTL, C3PO, Lando, MF (evade title) 52 points Corran: PTL, FCS, EU, R2D2 48 points it keeps Corran arc dodgey with potential regen as long as he doesn't get dogpiled and This Chewy build can ignore all kinds of damage albeit Lando isn't the most reliable upgrade in the world.
  24. I am surprisingly 4-0 with Asajj: PTL, Latts, shadowcaster, gyroscopic targeting Old Teroch: fearlessness, concord dawn, autothrusters Unkar Plutt: Ketsu onyo, spacetug tractor array, pattern analyzer, black market slicer tools. Its surprising fun and effective to throw around all that stress and tractor beam tokens (that with luck don't go away thanks to Ketsu) I've been tinkering with a similar build replacing Teroch with 4-Lom and upgrading Unkar to Sarco Plank. I have yet to test it though.
  25. My favorite upgrades are probably PTL and EU, but my more outside the box favorites would be; 1: stay on target for ships that can ignore or deal with stress efficiently and 2: Lando + experimental interface, which come to think of it also needs to be a ship with efficient stress management. They're both very fun to fly with though
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