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  1. 2 minutes ago, drail14me said:

    How would a Lothal Rebel work in this situation? Instead of two Y wings with TLTs, what about a Lothal Rebel with TLT and gunner. Get it in range one of any target and 5 attack dice would be nice!

    If you're going that route I would take engine upgrade and the attack shuttle with titles so you have the primary and special arcs with 4-5 dice firing instead of just the one. 

    the lothal rebel will still give you access to fire control system and torpedoes if desired, as well as crew for combos like Hera and Ezra which makes the lothal a great jousting ship 

  2. You'd be surprised with Nera. If you can get her into range 1 with an advanced proton torpedo she can lay damage down on whisper really quickly. 

    Even cloaked rolling 4 defense dice your opponent is still at the mercy of luck on the dice while if you build it properly there's no reason why your torpedo shouldn't  be a solid 5 damage when you fire it. It's almost perfect that you have Garven to pass her focus too. Good luck! 

  3. 2 hours ago, Gold_SquadronPilot said:

    I know the jumpmasters are solid, but i was thinking of just small ship for now, how is the protectorate starfighter and khirazx?

    If you're looking for small ships only then I would say for sure pick up the Protectorate, Kihraxz and Starviper.  Once Guns for Hire comes out I'd pick that up too to make the Starviper and Kihraxz even better.

    If you have money left after that I absolutely love flying the Quadjumper.  It may not in itself be a crazy competitive ship but it can really frustrate opponents and set up the rest of your ships to lay down serious damage.

  4. Are you looking to play more casual or competitive? 


    I would highly recommend picking up the ShadowCaster and the Jumpmaster regardless, they're both very strong scum ships.  The Starviper is another good purchase even if it's only to get the autothruster upgrades.  

  5. I was thinking something very similar but with scavenger crane on Sabine instead of inertial dampener.  If it all goes to plan you would essentially always have a gliterstim to use when you needed it.

  6. 42 minutes ago, LUKEOUT said:

    Ah, I didn't know that B-Wings couldn't clear a large base ship.  Yes, I love B-Wings too and they definitely got me into the game.

    I was thinking having a lot of health could help me out with some bad rolls or tricky maneuvering.


    Oh, interesting.  Do you have any recommendations?  Should a YT-2400 be in my future?

    Yes to the YT 2400. It's one of my favorite ships and the reason I started playing x wing.  It's also remained fairly competitive since its release. 

  7. I think it heavily depends what the rest of your list looks like. The nice thing about Guri is you can make just about anything work with her; predator, lone wolf, atanni, PTL. It just depends on what you bring to back her up. 

    Its even not that crazy to load her up for one incredibly powerful adv proton torpedo shot, especially now that scavenger crane can get her more shots. 

    If you do end up using sensor jammer I like taking a ship that can take hot shot co pilot and/or Palob to strip focus off enemy ships so the jammer really does its job. 

    What other ships are you planning to run with her? 


  8. 4 hours ago, Sonikgav said:

    Zuvio - Bombadier, Stay on Target, Tractor Array, Scavenger Crane, Cluster Mines, Pattern Analyser.

    Reveal reverse, throw bomb 2 forward at opponent ship. SoT to 1 hard turn to avoid the bomb then tractor opponent through the rest of the bombs.

    I'm definitely trying this. 

  9. Your second list is pretty spot on to what I use when I do Dengar + Lancer. Although I try to make room for the Title for Asajj when I can. 

    The double rigged cargo chute is a lot of fun though. It can really frustrate aces that want to move all over the place, and limit there options for boosting/barrel rolling away. 

  10. Cheap(ish) version:  Unkar Plutt: Spacetug Tractor Array, Pattern Analyzer, Ketsu Onyo (22 points)

    Expensive version: Constable Zuvio:  Spacetug Tractor Array, Pattern Analyzer, Ketsu Onyo, Cluster mines, Scavenger Crane

    Personally I like to go with the cheaper Unkar Plutt build and use him to jam up enemy ships and throw them around while dropping enemy ships defenses for my other ships to pick apart.  The Zuvio build does have its merits though if you can destroy something within range to get a second cluster mine to drop.

  11. 7 hours ago, wurms said:

    FCS and K4 are a bit redundant. Dengar crew is available, and works when stressed aka kturning. Drop both for Dengar crew, frees up 2pts. Take VI from Gands and that is 3 pts available. Congrats, you just upgraded to Zuckuss or 4-Lom.

    Zuckuss (28)
    Adaptability (0)
    Dengar (3)
    Collision Detector (0)
    Tractor Beam (1)
    Mist Hunter (0)

    N'Dru Suhlak (17)
    Crack Shot (1)
    Concussion Missiles (4)
    Glitterstim (2)
    Guidance Chips (0)

    Zealous Recruit (20)
    Autothrusters (2)

    Zealous Recruit (20)
    Autothrusters (2)

    Total: 100

    View in Yet Another Squad Builder

    If you go 4-lom, you have a point available for BMST. 4-lom can pass the stress to a higher PS enemy at the end phase. Then move before them and BMST. Nice trick if someone like Fenn is sitting on 1 HP left.

    This ^  I would also personally change the glitterstim in N'dru to scavenger crane so you can get multiple missile shots.

    I would also consider switching his missile to a cluster missile because his ability works on both shots from it, which will almost definitely lead to a dead ship when using crackshot, in turn getting you your cluster missile back immediately. 

  12. 4 hours ago, Last_Red_Ninja said:

    I use the proton torpedos cuz at long range she can do more. For me it's to cover better ground for pushing 5 at range 1 and range 2-3 I can do 4. It's just used as my backup really,cuz I don't plan to be far. But like I said you change it if you have more than one ship. But to Max out Nora I use that one. Honestly it has saved me quite a few rounds.



    Also tail Gunner would be really good for her aux. It depends do you want more manuvers for Regen shield? Or more offense for your back

    I like the idea of having a Torpedo of some kind on Nora.  I guess it depends on your meta but if Biggs is prevalent it allows Nora to target lock and fire at what she wants instead of wasting shots into a usually regen Biggs.  My personal preference is the plasma torp though, but it's because I like to use it for more of an alpha at longer range to shave shields off.

  13. I'm trying to make a list running Whisper and Vessery but I'm not sure how to complete the list...  So far I have;

    Whisper: VI, FCS, Agent Kallus, ACD  (41)

    Colonel Vessery: VI, Tractor Beam, TIE/D, Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (38)


    This leaves me with 21 points left to use.  I thought about taking Mauler Mithel with predator and Twin Ion Engine but I'm open to any suggestions or tips that anyone might be able to give me.  



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