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  1. I won't get a chance to test it until next week but I just changed my Nym EPT to stay on target as well. It looks good on paper though... I'll have to report back with how it goes. Let me know if you have success!
  2. If you're going that route I would take engine upgrade and the attack shuttle with titles so you have the primary and special arcs with 4-5 dice firing instead of just the one. the lothal rebel will still give you access to fire control system and torpedoes if desired, as well as crew for combos like Hera and Ezra which makes the lothal a great jousting ship
  3. You'd be surprised with Nera. If you can get her into range 1 with an advanced proton torpedo she can lay damage down on whisper really quickly. Even cloaked rolling 4 defense dice your opponent is still at the mercy of luck on the dice while if you build it properly there's no reason why your torpedo shouldn't be a solid 5 damage when you fire it. It's almost perfect that you have Garven to pass her focus too. Good luck!
  4. If you're looking for small ships only then I would say for sure pick up the Protectorate, Kihraxz and Starviper. Once Guns for Hire comes out I'd pick that up too to make the Starviper and Kihraxz even better. If you have money left after that I absolutely love flying the Quadjumper. It may not in itself be a crazy competitive ship but it can really frustrate opponents and set up the rest of your ships to lay down serious damage.
  5. Are you looking to play more casual or competitive? I would highly recommend picking up the ShadowCaster and the Jumpmaster regardless, they're both very strong scum ships. The Starviper is another good purchase even if it's only to get the autothruster upgrades.
  6. What about Han and load the rest of the list with snap shot A-wings. First turn have all the A-wings do a 5 ahead, then boost and voila! Your entire squad is essentially in your opponents deployment.
  7. Touche'. I think I was confusing it with modifications...
  8. I was thinking something very similar but with scavenger crane on Sabine instead of inertial dampener. If it all goes to plan you would essentially always have a gliterstim to use when you needed it.
  9. If you're looking for strictly competitive definitely go with the jumpmaster. My two favorite ships to fly for scum though are the shadowcaster and the quadjumper.
  10. Good job sir, and awesome battle report!! Reading this definitely rekindled my love of the firespray. I might have to break them out for some upcoming tournaments and see how I fair.
  11. Yes to the YT 2400. It's one of my favorite ships and the reason I started playing x wing. It's also remained fairly competitive since its release.
  12. There are always double Lancers, Ketsu/Asajj, I'd recommend if you're going to use the YV to go with a named pilot such as Bossk. Will they be necessarily as competitive as Attani or Jumps probably not, but there are definitely competitive lists that don't need either one.
  13. I think it heavily depends what the rest of your list looks like. The nice thing about Guri is you can make just about anything work with her; predator, lone wolf, atanni, PTL. It just depends on what you bring to back her up. Its even not that crazy to load her up for one incredibly powerful adv proton torpedo shot, especially now that scavenger crane can get her more shots. If you do end up using sensor jammer I like taking a ship that can take hot shot co pilot and/or Palob to strip focus off enemy ships so the jammer really does its job. What other ships are you planning to run with her?
  14. Also, I've used BBBBZ list and a Cassian Andor UBBB list and they were man-handled by decked out ships and higher pilot skill. I think the amount of red dice and rerolls in the current meta is just too much for low pilot skill naked ships to handle.
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