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    Krysmo reacted to Soakman in Cycle V: The Dream-Eaters   
    It will be a great cycle to run Guardians of the Abyss as a side-scenario on the 'waking' investigator's side. I wonder how the experience will work. Will we be seeing like 10 xp per scenario on average since there will only be 3 opportunities to spend xp per group?
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    Krysmo got a reaction from Carthoris in Cycle V: The Dream-Eaters   
    looks great, and I love the idea of mini-campaigns of 4 scenarios if you choose.
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    Krysmo got a reaction from Duciris in Cycle V: The Dream-Eaters   
    looks great, and I love the idea of mini-campaigns of 4 scenarios if you choose.
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    Krysmo reacted to rsdockery in Shipping Now   
    *flips card*
    "The last thing you hear is Nyarlathotep's laughter. You are devoured. No further effect."
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    Krysmo reacted to Soakman in Shipping Now   
    When I think of this phrase, I think of this card from Eldritch Horror:

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    Krysmo reacted to Allonym in Calling in Favours vs. an extra Ally   
    In decks with multiple level 0 unique allies, I usually run Calling in Favours at the beginning before I have enough copies of Charisma. And if these allies are mandatory for the build, I'll keep it in throughout because it's a way of getting them out. Otherwise...it's a card that's relatively easy to cut as you gain exp, since it can sometimes be useful, sometimes be great, but often be a useless draw. But then I haven't played a proper Academic Army build...
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    Krysmo got a reaction from Foxstone71 in Timing on Reprints   
    I'm assuming FFG won't keep reprints in play forever, and with new cycles coming out I noticed Dunwich Legacy and one of its first mythos packs are out of print (this after Return to Dunwich Legacy was released a while ago, completing the story). Anyone hear of them reprinting it down the line? 
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    Krysmo reacted to Duciris in Return to the Path to Carcosa   
    The first gun with a "reload" option!
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    Krysmo got a reaction from bern1106 in Where should the next expansion cycle go?   
    This was totally on my mind too. Take advantage of the LCG's flexible 'board', start on Earth, drink some space mead and get flown by Mi-Go to Yuggoth for an extended stay. 
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    Krysmo got a reaction from Carthoris in Where should the next expansion cycle go?   
    This was totally on my mind too. Take advantage of the LCG's flexible 'board', start on Earth, drink some space mead and get flown by Mi-Go to Yuggoth for an extended stay. 
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    Krysmo got a reaction from Jobu in Where should the next expansion cycle go?   
    This was totally on my mind too. Take advantage of the LCG's flexible 'board', start on Earth, drink some space mead and get flown by Mi-Go to Yuggoth for an extended stay. 
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    Krysmo got a reaction from phillos in Where should the next expansion cycle go?   
    This was totally on my mind too. Take advantage of the LCG's flexible 'board', start on Earth, drink some space mead and get flown by Mi-Go to Yuggoth for an extended stay. 
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    Krysmo reacted to Carthoris in Where should the next expansion cycle go?   
    I'm rooting for Mi-Go plus conspiratorial cults of Shub-Niggurath and a brain-cylinder excursion to Yuggoth.
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    Krysmo reacted to Allonym in Where should the next expansion cycle go?   
    I'm still holding out hope for a LOTR Saga-style Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign...
    Otherwise, I could certainly see us going a bit further afield, to contrast with the Arkham-centric setting of TCU. Africa is an obvious choice, whether Kenya or Egypt. I would absolutely love a campaign dealing with Shudde M'ell where cities start getting destroyed and things really get completely desperate from the very beginning.
    Antarctica for the Elder Things might be a bit too similar to The Forgotten Age to be next, but Ithaqua in the Arctic could be possible, whether in Canada or Russia. 
    Cthulhu is an obvious possibility that is inevitably going to happen at some point; personally I'd want one campaign in Innsmouth dealing with the Deep Ones and a separate campaign on the seas dealing with Cthulhu, since I'd love to see what they do with boats as a mechanic. 
    Dreamlands is certainly likely at some point with several investigators tied to it; would be another possibility for really pushing the design space of the game and making a unique experience. 
    There's 55 investigators in Eldritch Horror, and so far we've seen 27 of them; assuming that current rates of 5 or 6 per expansion hold steady, that'll be another 5 cycles before we run out...assuming they don't simply make up more of them... 
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    Krysmo reacted to Faranim in Enchanted Blade   
    Okay, so why doesn't Meat Cleaver just say:
    So the cleaver works exactly the same way with this wording, which is how the Enchanted Blade (0) is worded.
    Or, for example Roland's .38 Special:
    But, none of the other cards in the game are worded that way.  They always said "Your get +X [STAT].  But If [CONDITION] you get +Y [STAT] instead."  Or I guess in the case of Lupara, it says "If Lupara entered play this turn, this attack gains an additional +1 [COMBAT] and deals +1 damage"
    I don't really have a problem with any of the way the cards are worded, but in my opinion it is inconsistent.  I fully understand why someone might argue that when you spend a Charge from Enchanted Blade (0) it only gets +1 COMBAT And +1 damage, and not +2 COMBAT bonus in total.  Because no other weapon in the game is worded that way, and implies that if you spend the charge, you use some alternate version of the ability and the original bonus is ignored.
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    Krysmo reacted to Faranim in Enchanted Blade   
    It is a bit odd though.  Prior to TCU, all of these such cards would use a quantifier such as:
    If you do...you get +2 [COMBAT] instead... If you do...you get an additional +1 [COMBAT].... Enchanted Blade is the first card to not use the word instead or additional and I guess the word additional is implied.
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    Krysmo reacted to Khudzlin in Enchanted Blade   
    Modifiers are cumulative. I'd expect the charge use text to omit the fight bonus entirely if it didn't change.
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    Krysmo reacted to tsuma534 in Blister Packs   
    Yup, there's quite a few.
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    Krysmo reacted to Spearstyle in [Future] Mask's of Nyarlathotep will be the last expansion ?   
    After playing a few games with all the expansions, I feel like a last small expansion would be great. It could contains 3 last AO (Dagon, Ubbo Sathla, Nodens, etc...), and also more Disaster and Ruined city cards (those decks seems too small compared with the rest). Maybe more generic (not themed) Adventure cards, an alternative story card for every investigator and more cards for the 4 main encounter decks, which are the most used. No more tokens or investigators are needed. I think that would wrap a perfect full game for years.

    I know this won't ever happen, but It would be the perfect end for this product line. 
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    Krysmo reacted to neosmagus in What expansion should I get first   
    The first expansion I would recommend would be Forsaken Lore - it adds cards to the existing decks, including the Ancient Ones, adding more variation.
    After that it would purely depend on what themes you like and what you want from the game.
    Masks of Nyarlathotep can be left for last.
    I personally really enjoyed the Cities in Ruin expansion and the Under the Pyramids expansion.
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    Krysmo got a reaction from NICOLIAN in Expansion Guide   
    Excellent summary by @NICOLIAN and I think you'll find most people will rank the expansions accordingly (at least those I've seen on these boards and boardgamegeek). Only comment for me again is to snipe at Masks which is a blown opportunity IMO. Don't waste your money unless like many of us you already bought in and have everything else:) and even then think about it! Personal stories are interesting and if they had those as a separate expansion I'd be happy.
    That felt good but I think that's the last time I'll complain about that expansion...other things to do lol.
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    Krysmo reacted to Julia in Novels   
    Yeah, that's the point. I imagine they went with promo cards to boost the sales (and it's something they are still doing with the new books having exclusive cards for the LCG). Had the books been good, they'd not have needed these tricks.
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    Krysmo reacted to NICOLIAN in Expansion Guide   
    Here's the Nicolian Expansion Guide:
    All Big Boxes
    • 8 investigators
    • 2 Ancient Ones
    • Sideboard (except Masks, which has backstories instead)
    • Twice the overall content of small boxes, twice the overall cost
    All Small Boxes
    • 4 investigators
    • 1 Ancient One
    • Half the overall content of small boxes, half the overall cost
    Forsaken Lore
    • Fixes the base game; don't even play the game until you have this expansion.
    • Mandatory. All other expansions expand the game; this one fixes it.
    • Makes the game much harder
    Mountains of Madness
    • Adds focus
    • Antarctica sideboard ~ More like an expedition or a treasure hunt turned into a side-board. Fun to play, but I like the other boards better.
    • Adds the base for all the other expansions ~ unique assets, tasks, preludes, etc. Future expansions will not add any new mechanics (except disasters and resources), but will expand upon these.
    • Very organic way to expand your game—but if you're only looking for one or two other expansions, the other big boxes are better.
    Flavor: a lot of content adds a great deal of depth to the game. But so will other expansions. Get this one if you're planning to get them all—and make it one of the first so the game organically develops for you. But if you're only planning to get a few, don't get this one at all.
    • Makes the game easier
    Strange Remnants
    • Focus
    • Relics (One of the best things they've ever added to this game)
    • Glamours
    • Mystic ruins (control the omen)
    Flavor: Allows you to control the omen and makes rest actions more impactful. Spells become more difficult to spam, as glamours could kill you. The AO is one of the hardest in the game and super fun to play.
    • Doesn't change difficulty
    Under the Pyramids
    • The best big box. Get this. Now.
    • Flavor is amazing; the descriptions and atmosphere put you right in the game
    • Egypt is the best sideboard; amazingly well integrated, feels like part of the board
    • More Relics! And implemented even better than in Strange Remnants
    • More glamours (all expansions except masks will have them from here on out)
    • Impairment tokens (not very well implemented until the next expansion, though)
    • The two coolest AOs ever (Nephren-Ka and Abhoth)
    Flavor: Eldritch horror at its finest. Mystery, treasure and danger. This is everything a big box expansion should be. It's just plain good.
    • Makes the game harder
    Signs of Carcosa
    • Impairments (well implemented)
    • Hardest AO (Hastur)
    Flavor: Someone in the design room said, "This game isn't hard enough!" And this was the response. It feels like a gut punch followed by a kick in the teeth. If you want the game to be much harder, this expansion is for you. Otherwise, you will be frustrated. It's a tough one (but I like it a lot).
    • Makes the game much harder
    • Focus
    • Dreamlands Sideboard ~ Very creative, and interacts with the board in amazingly diverse ways. Brilliant. Love Dreamquests too.
    • Two of the most fun AOs ever (Hypnos and Atlach-Nacha)
    • Introduces the concept of gate-stacking (major strategy!)
    Flavor: Next to Cities in Ruin and Under the Pyramids, this is the best one. It has all the imagination and creativity you could ask for, plus some fun challenges and opportunities to really strategize. If you're only getting three expansions after Forsaken Lore, this is the third.
    • Makes the game slightly harder
    Cities in Ruin
    • The best expansion. Period.
    • Shudde M'ell is so much fun
    Flavor: This is everything an Eldritch Horror expansion should be. It adds to the game without creating any bloat, it brings just the right amount of challenge and chaos to keep you interested without frustrating you—and most of all, it's actually fun to lose with this expansion. You get to watch the world end.
    • Makes the game harder
    Masks of Nyarlathotep
    • Capstone Expansion
    • Focus
    • Introduces Resources
    • Introduces backstories (these are awesome)
    • No sideboard
    • Nyarlathotep is a blast, and Antediluvium has a suprise flip effect
    Flavor: Good as a capstone. Fleshes out previous expansions a bit more. If you want a good final expansion, this is it. Not worth your money if you don't have the other expansions, as a lot of the content is reliant upon previous expansions. Pretty cool if you have the others though. Love those backstories.
    • Doesn't change difficulty
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    Krysmo reacted to neosmagus in Expansion Guide   
    I would definitely get Forsaken Lore, since it improves the existing Ancient Ones and all the other decks. In fact I wouldn't even play the game at all without it.
    After that I would get Cities in Ruin because its the most fun mechanic, and then Strange Remnants for having an interesting AO.
    Those would also be the cheapest expansions.
    Then I would consider the larger ones. I got Mountains if Madness first because I love stories set in Antarctica, but I didn't enjoy it as much as Under the Pyramids or Dreamlands.
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    Krysmo reacted to Matt620 in Mystic Ruins and Masks of Nyarlathotep   
    To clarify: You use them all if you are using those expansions. If you're like me and you keep expansions separate, you aren't required to mix in the other ones. But if you're using both, yes, you only make one deck. 
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