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  1. I really hope FFG does a proper Masks of Nyarly campaign for this LCG. The expansion for Eldritch Horror was an almost total missed opportunity - too chunky and superfluous.
  2. looks great, and I love the idea of mini-campaigns of 4 scenarios if you choose.
  3. Hey all, I posted this in BGG but just in case...we're in the middle of the Greater Good scenario, and... Can you get locked out of rooms no matter what? Currently we have 2 keys and need 2 keys. The 2 keys we need (Cultist, Elder Thing) are the keys we need to enter the locked rooms (i.e. a Cultist key is locked away, and an Elder Thing key is locked away). So we think we simply might not be able to get in these rooms at all. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Interesting...I favour some variety in my decks so tend to only have one of any Ally...so pulling Leo DeLuca early is pretty useful, as is switching out a low-sanity Esprit and bringing her back full next turn.
  5. Curious as to folks' strategy...I'm playing Leo Anderson in a campaign now, and with Adaptable (great as I'm still a pretty green player in creative deck-building), I'm getting ready to adjust my deck again. With no real need for Venturer anymore (only firearm is the BAR, no Flashlights anymore and one First Aid), I was going to swap it out for either a 2nd Beat Cop or a 2nd Calling in Favours. I have a bunch of useful Allies - DeLuca and Lady Esprit among them - and like using all my Charisma slots so a 2nd Calling in Favours is tempting. But the consistent +1 Fight is pretty good from the Beat Cop too. What do you all think?
  6. yes word is it was just temporarily out of print.
  7. I'm assuming FFG won't keep reprints in play forever, and with new cycles coming out I noticed Dunwich Legacy and one of its first mythos packs are out of print (this after Return to Dunwich Legacy was released a while ago, completing the story). Anyone hear of them reprinting it down the line?
  8. This was totally on my mind too. Take advantage of the LCG's flexible 'board', start on Earth, drink some space mead and get flown by Mi-Go to Yuggoth for an extended stay.
  9. Hey there, is there an official ruling on this in the FAQ? I'm just geared to read FFG's text as non-favourable to the player:) The text says you get +1 to hit, and if you use a charge, you get +1 to hit and +1 Damage. If it gives a total of +2 to hit from using a charge, I'd expect it to explicitly say you get +2 to hit and +1 damage (it didn't say "an extra +1 to hit" etc. etc..)
  10. Hey a question...the way the text is on the card, it looks like it does +1 to hit, then regular 1 Damage without using a charge. If you use a charge, it looks like it does +1 to hit, +1 Damage - otherwise it might say something like "if you use a charge, you do +2 to hit and +1 Damage". But a lot of folks are saying that one charge = +2 to hit, +1 damage. Am I missing something?
  11. I haven't seen as much fan-generated content on this as in AH2ed, anyone know if there are some custom AOs, related AO Clue encounters and related Mysteries out there? Those would be pretty easy to integrate into a game, even if you print them yourself on standard paper and cut 'em up.
  12. As someone else pointed out 2 more improvement tokens would help for those who play with 8, and I still like the idea of a 'conclusion' card to each AO, with sections to be read if you win or if you fail.
  13. You can always use pennies or some other markers for them, and download the rules for them from another expansion.
  14. good points Tsuma thanks...it looks like we're going to Final Battle so I might make the case anyway!
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