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  1. I played Darrell Simmons once in the Dreamlands expansion and he quickly became one of my favourite investigators; he starts with the Camera asset, which means when you spend one clue, you gain one clue. And his passive ability lets you roll 1 additional die on any city space or on any Research encounter. Active ability is to surf through the asset deck super quickly, which is another bonus.
  2. the problem here is some of the general Arkham location cards already reference (as if your investigator is having an encounter there) places like Dunwich. True I guess you could just hand wave those, but it's either bad planning by FFG or declaring their intention not to have this kind of expansion.
  3. btw interesting they went for 7 investigators, weird number. I know they're bringing in essentially all the new ones from other games (plus resurrecting Calvin Wright), then giving 1 new investigator in Daniela - but why not 2? I could easily see an Anthropologist or some similar 'soft-scientist' investigator with this scenario in particular (in fact I played one in the CoC module!)
  4. hey thanks for this K! Does anyone else find it strange that Daniela, who you'd be taking your car to if it's busted as she's a mechanic, has an OBS of 1? "Don't know what the trouble is, but I spent a couple hours on it so that will be $200."
  5. I don't see a board in this expansion, but maybe I'm wrong. The original module that they're cross-promoting with it used New York, London, East Africa, Australia and Shanghai as locations as well as a 'mystery' final spot. They can use the existing board for that with Arkham subbing for NYC I suppose. Certainly with more assets (man it's getting big) and other cards plus personal stories and a campaign mode, they can fill a box with other elements, just like...dare I say it...Miskatonic Horror.
  6. yeah but still...wouldn't take much time at all to update the Toolkit and ESO in the scheme of things. Who's to say that 10 years down the line MoM2E won't be 'finished' (in the same way AH seems to be 'finished') and there's no incentive to be updating every scenario currently in print./
  7. Hey all, won't be at AN this year (partly due to late notice of exact dates) but had a couple of questions for the FFG that I'm hoping someone can answer: iOS 11 just came out and after installing, I can no longer run the Arkham Horror Toolkit on my iPhone. There had been warnings this might happen in iOS10, but it not working now means no one's touched it in almost 2 years. A) will it be updated? B) Doesn't really give much confidence in shelling out big money for an app-based game like MoM2e, so are there plans to make an analog version of that game? If not, how do they give customers assurance that the app will continue to be updated indefinitely? C) finally, same sort of question for Elder Sign: Omens. Will this be updated and expanded? thanks
  8. Forgive me if it's been posted in other areas (I know it's buried in a few threads on this forum) - but any news on AN2017? It seems past the due date for an announcement. With the focus on MoM2e and AH LCG, feels like they'd be the focal points for AN this year if it's coming...and here I am again wondering if we're wrapping up EH too:) Lots of Star Wars, GoT and the yucky-looking RPG system based on FFG's dice (just get GURPS, really!).
  9. An apt question for the American population these days:)
  10. Echoing the call for AO packs. Maybe a Lovecraft Country big board expansion is in the offing, maybe not (with the text on a lot of the existing cards I doubt it, but would like to be surprised). And yeah, when is Arkham Nights generally announced? Would think it's in the next few weeks to allow people to buy passage there. With MoM2 and AH LCG going strong, I'd think it's a possibility?
  11. I just have a feeling Eldritch is going to start wrapping up soon. the AH LCG is doing great and so much cheaper to make (plus it just started). I played through the Dunwich Legacy and loved it, but the replayability isn't that great IMO. I'm giving the game away to a friend of mine. Add to that that Mansions of Madness is still going strong, and I wonder if FFG is doing the old AH boardgame thing of not oversaturating the market - just leaving it as MoM2nd ed. and AH LCG.
  12. Yes the RotET is actually a pretty easy AO. A bit disappointing in my view as Mountains of Madness is my favourite Lovecraft least the theme is pretty cool, but it was a bit anticlimactic!
  13. hey there, I think I'm playing this correctly but just in case - I've only been playing Roland so far, but put him through the Core campaign and just finished the Dunwich Legacy. He's at 3 physical trauma and 4 mental trauma now, meaning he's pretty close to retirement:) - tempted to try for the Carnivale one-shot with him starting at 1 SAN, but we'll see... anyway, I've been starting with Roland's character gun shuffled into his draw deck, not starting with it already in play. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't, although it's more often I do than not. I think that's right, but know that Pete starts with Duke in play (I think it says so on the card), so just wanted to make sure.