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  1. Krysmo

    Expansion Guide

    Excellent summary by @NICOLIAN and I think you'll find most people will rank the expansions accordingly (at least those I've seen on these boards and boardgamegeek). Only comment for me again is to snipe at Masks which is a blown opportunity IMO. Don't waste your money unless like many of us you already bought in and have everything else:) and even then think about it! Personal stories are interesting and if they had those as a separate expansion I'd be happy. That felt good but I think that's the last time I'll complain about that expansion...other things to do lol.
  2. Krysmo


    I tried to get through the first one (Ghosts of the Miskatonic?) and couldn't finish it - it read like online fanfic. To be honest though I wasn't expecting much - I'd bought the books for the mail-in coupons to get the order-only cards for Arkham Horror (I gave the Elder Sign cards to a friend of mine). And then last year I sold my whole AH collection including the cards, so all that effort for a few games of joy lol.... I was loving Eldritch Horror but the Masks expansion is such a letdown I'm going to throw the rest into storage until my brain reboots!
  3. Krysmo

    Arkham Horror Toolkit Alternative?

    yeah this doesn't bode well for support of the Mansions of Madness apps in future??
  4. Krysmo

    Which to buy next?

    I'd agree 100% with this. Strange Remnants is a lot of fun and it's a small investment. A handful of people I've met detest the idea of a sideboard, but everyone I play with loves the content and variety you get with the big box expansions. Like most on these boards I'd pick the big box theme that you like best. However even though Mountains of Madness is my fave theme-wise, it's probably my least favourite big box expansion as it seems FFG hadn't worked out maximizing the side boards yet. My order, yours may be different: 1) Under the Pyramids: great AOs, both of them. Fun investigators. Solid use of sideboard if you decide to have it as part of your game. 2) Dreamlands: Probably best use of sideboard IMO. AOs are good, investigators and cards fun but a little below UtP for me. 3) Mountains of Madness: great investigators, middling execution otherwise. 4) Masks of Nyarlathotep: I think adding another thing like Resources was quite dumb, and some of the cards and investigators are a hodgepodge. But you do get useful things like more Mystic Ruins cards, and both AOs are pretty fun. Still, you'll be leaving half of what you get in this box, in the box, unless you have at least 2 more big box expansions. Way overpriced for what it gives you IMO.
  5. Krysmo

    Masks Review - such potential...but...

    Huh didn't notice! I haven't been on the boards a lot, but log in separately on my phone and laptop. Maybe that's the diff! At least it looks like I'm the same image... I'd be curious to hear your impressions when you buy it and look through it. I was certainly looking forward to it, but when I bought it and played a few games it was "Overwhelming 1" to use an AH term. Way too much bloat. BTW RE: having the same number of subclasses of Spells, I don't think that was EH's biggest problem, but I appreciate differing opinions!
  6. OK I played through it twice and I can safely say that IMHO, FFG crapped the bed on this one. What a way to wrap up a series, if that's what's happening. There's a few good things - Calvin Wright is great, the Corruption condition is fun and nice to have more in the Mystic Ruins deck. But there's 2 big problems here for me: 1) Resources. So you can spend a turn getting one, hold a maximum of 2, and each resource can either give you +1 during an Acquire Assets action or +1 Health OR +1 Sanity during a Rest action. We already have mechanics that cover this. The Bank Loan gives you +2, with the cool penalty of going into Debt. You also have a lot of Investigators (Charlie, Jenny, the Millionaire, Bob, George, need I go on) that have good INF and can either distribute goods or wipe out debts. Similarly, there are lots of cards that give you a bonus on Resting, or that save you Health or Sanity loss (e.g. certain Talents). So why you'd want to clutter a game with another bunch of tokens there is beyond me. So if you decide to forget about Resources, you'll have to house rule new abilities for half the new Investigators in this expansion. I really like the way Resources are handled in the AH LCG, and if they'd planned for them like that at the beginning (e.g. ammunition for weapons), it would have been fine. But here it's like FFG said "hey, we've got Resources in other games. How can we maximize our reuse of the art department and include them in EH??". 2) Personal Stories. I was really, really looking forward to this one. But this is "The Bloated Woman" all over again...emphasis on "Bloat", and it could be a man too for that matter! The stories in AH are a lot of fun and I use them regularly. Here, in the games I played, if I focus on winning the stories I ended up with, and I crap you not, at least 10 (but usually more) cards for each Investigator. And poor Leo, the new guy I brought in, has to gain 5 allies (easy enough) to win his story...which gives him another ally, and the bonus of him not losing allies. Seriously the amount of cards on the table were out of control. 3) and a bonus one, yeah - Campaign mode is really nothing special, I've heard better examples of this on these boards. There's more not to like, but with this expansion FFG has successfully turned a nice, lean fun game into a card-display monster. A real shame, as especially after CiR which I loved, I was hoping they'd knock it out of the park with a loose adaptation of my favourite CoC module. But nope, it's like tripping at the finish line. That's my 2 cents, happy to hear yours.
  7. Krysmo

    Masks of Nyarlathotep

    I kinda wish the Nyarlathotep AO would have more than 2 Mysteries to solve though...the point of the original module is that it was epic and you're going all over the place to many cults...just doing 2 (even with Adventures for each cult) is defeating the purpose. I'd rather have 4 Mysteries to solve (4 cults to stop) and each set of Adventures would be shorter to deal with...or even start the Doom Track at 20, to make it really epic!
  8. Maybe, but I think that's more trouble than it's worth!
  9. This is the problem with how they've set up EH though (even though it's my favourite game): the "Arkham" encounters in the green encounter cards ALREADY include references to Dunwich, Kingsport, etc. Not every one, but a decent number of them. Add that to things like "put the Dunwich Horror epic monster on Arkham" and it leads me to believe FFG either didn't have its act together in planning (doubtful) or had no plan to make a Lovecraft Country expansion (more likely, especially as they've doubled down on this move with every expansion after the base game). I would like to see at least another small expansion with some more AOs and maybe 1 more female Investigator, but we'll see how it goes.
  10. Krysmo

    Mask's of Nyarlathotep sideboard

    The big expansions seem a little less vital than the big expansions for Arkham Horror, but I do like the investigators they include and a bunch of the stuff inside. The boards don't get used often in my experience but the Dreamlands one in particular is a lot of fun. Pyramids is interesting but the poor Antarctica board didn't do a great job with my favourite Lovecraft story.
  11. Krysmo

    Mask's of Nyarlathotep sideboard

    The original RPG campaign of Masks took place in Shanghai, Australia, New York, London, Cairo/Pyramids, Kenya and the "secret location". All of these locations can be accessed on the main board, but you'd have to be creative about where you put Kenya. I guess Heart of Africa is closest even though it's not entirely accurate. Like others have said there are so many cards in here it's got to be a board-less expansion. I would be curious if campaign mode would include using other boards from time to time (maybe as dictated by Prelude cards), but we'll see shortly...
  12. Krysmo

    Custom AOs - Generators?

    Hey on another note, I was using Strange Aeons just fine for AH custom characters etc... but since a couple of OS upgrades ago I can't run it on my mac. Does a new program work for AH and EH?
  13. Krysmo

    It's on the Boat!

    awesome me too - it feels like almost a year since the last expansion. KBlum, I remember reading something from you saying you were at the Arkham Nights this year, and that one of the FFG staffers implied there might be more after Masks? It sure feels like FFG has their hands full with the card games and MoM2e, but and maybe they're going to let this one fade away after Masks...that's part hope yes (for my wallet), and part hope no ('cos I like new stuff for the game).
  14. Krysmo

    My review of Genesys rpg

    I play GURPS fast and light anyway, but if I want a rule it's there.
  15. Krysmo

    My review of Genesys rpg

    How is this better and more adaptable than GURPS? Or is it?