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    Proto Persona reacted to any2cards in Andira Runehand Hero Ability   
    And yet, it is virtually always the case with the majority of board games that:
    Rules/Game Mechanics >> (are far greater than/outweigh) Perceived Fluff
    EDIT: It is never a good idea, especially with FFG games, to read "intent" into the game, its rules, etc.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from becauseofyou in Andira Runehand Hero Ability   
    Looks clear to me. Are we sure that the attack or ability won't continue to resolve? It's not like we have a check for if the attacker is defeated in the middle of their attack. It also feels like one event (being defeated) would be interrupting another (an attack action), which we generally only do if the event specifically allows you to. My gut feeling is the attack resolves completely for all affected figures, then the attacker resolves being defeated.
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    Proto Persona reacted to Psymia in Large monster movement clarification   
    Take a look at the pages 26/27 and 85 for examples of the CRRG at http://crrg.descent-community.org
    Regarding your second question: You can't arbitrarily interrupt your movement.
    You may only expand for a valid interruption reason.
    Using your second action as movement is a valid interrupt reason.
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    Proto Persona reacted to Suhawk75 in Transitioning to 3rd Edition   
    That’s the most polite disagreement I’ve ever had on the internet 👍🏻😁🤯
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    Proto Persona reacted to Helvwin in Transitioning to 3rd Edition   
    I guess it's a matter of taste but I'm not so hot on a lot of the changes for Imperial Assault.
    The new line of sight rule is definitely better to my mind, but the others?
    I really don't like the wound mechanic. It may be more thematic than the knocked out/revive merry-go-round of Descent but I don't like the fact that I feel punished for being 'flipped'. I lose stats, speed and one of my core abilities, which automatically makes the game less enjoyable for me. No thanks. Plus the heroic feats in Descent are cool (well some of them at least... when I remember to use them!). 
    Unlike many others I've never had a problem with the miss roll on the attack die in Descent either. Sure it sucks to miss, but no more than being dodged in IA, and there are ways to mitigate it in the game: abilities, Overlord cards, fortune tokens and at least one item.
    And the IA reinforcement rules? Well, they could probably work for Descent but I really don't like the reality that almost every mission in IA seems to end up with about 500 imperial figures on the board. Sure, sometimes it's fine to feel like you're facing impossible odds but on every single mission? True, it doesn't often prevent you from winning the scenario as the Rebel players but it can get a bit, well, tiring.
    But the one thing I really, really don't like in IA is the fact that you don't know how a mission is going to progress when you first step into it. I guess some people clamoured for a bit of a return to the dungeon delving aspect of Descent 1st Edition but for me it only detracts from the enjoyment for me as a Rebel player, purely because it feels like it gives the Imperial player an unfair advantage. A gradual revelation may be more thematic but I do prefer the quest structure in Decent where both sides know the exact parameters for winning and losing right from the start.
    None of this is to knock your perspective I hasten to add. Your views are perfectly valid and shared with a lot of others I'm sure. I'm guess I'm just trying to say that there are other perspectives out there... and that change isn't always necessarily better.
    A few months ago I was excited to see what Descent 3rd Edition would bring to the table. I came into Descent on the back of the app and only played co-op for a good few months. Now I've had the chance to play the 'traditional' Overlord v Heroes way and I have to say I'm having a blast! I like the storytelling aspect of the app but Descent 2 as it was originally designed just seems way more fun. So, count me in for not wanting the one v many aspect to go away when they do eventually get around to releasing Descent 3.
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    Proto Persona reacted to Taear in I guess some box expansions got canned   
    I like playing the app because then there's no loser. That's the most important part of it I'd say.
    When I'm playing the overlord it makes me feel like a huge jerk when I win, it's not fun for 4 people then because they've got smashed. And because this game snowballs it often means it stays not fun for them as we go on. The app totally removes that problem.
    And yea it means I can play it two player without it being....rubbish.
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    Proto Persona reacted to Xyphistor in Large monster movement clarification   
    All correct. A large monster expands when its movement is interrupted, and performing an attack counts as interrupting the movement.
    Yes, that's how large monster movement is designed to work, it's compensated by them typically having relatively low speeds.
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    Proto Persona reacted to any2cards in I guess some box expansions got canned   
    Well, to be honest, I could live with them simply releasing the 12 heroes that exist in D1e but do not exist in D2e.  After all, they assuaged my OCD completeness issues by releasing the missing classes.  We are half way home ... now just release the heroes, and I can stop twitching in the middle of the night ... 😝
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    Proto Persona reacted to tomkat364 in I guess some box expansions got canned   
    Better than nothing. I wasn't expecting ANYTHING, so I'm not gonna lament the loss of a boxed expansion that was never suggested to exist. Would have been cool to get some additional heroes, though. Especially the ones missing from 1st Edition. Wouldn't necessarily assume all is lost.
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    Proto Persona reacted to Brutalien in Custom Hybrid - Scout/Mage - Summoner   
    First off, I REALLY like your ideas and I think this would be a very good support class with interesting strategic options.
    What I mention below is either re-wording of what you already have and just a couple of proposals. So, not a critique, but more of how I would have tried to make it *if* I had the same cool idea.
    Helping Hand:
    - I would have it as a 2 fatigue skill card
    (because it can help a lot with Conditions and Quest objectives - otherwise nerf it down to only +1 to skill and no fatigue cost, as it is now)
    - ...during a hero's activation. 
    - ...3 spaces of your Elemental,
    (specifying which familiar)
    - ...to an attribute (to a maximum of 6) based on the Elemental's type until the end of his activation.
    (Otherwise, it could imply the skill works until refreshed)
    Elemental Aura:
    - ...adjacent to your Elemental
    (specifying which familiar)
    - ...gains (based on the Elemental's type):
    - Earth: Add one grey die to your defense pool
    (otherwise it could imply adding it to the Earth Elemental's pool)
    - Water: Recover 1 [fatigue] at the end of your activation
    (it's a bit strong to have an unkillable source of healing fatigue at start of turn)
    AIR elemental:
    - The Air Elemental treats any special terrain (other than obstacles) as normal spaces.
    (a recommendation, only proposing this for its "air" nature)
    - I would nerf down the 3 spaces to 2 spaces
    - ... 1 Search action during its activation as if it were you
    (to imply that you get to keep any search item card and any Overlord Trap cards are directed to you)
    EARTH elemental:
    - I would have its normal attack back to a Blue + Red dice
    (to make it a competent choice vs any other Rune weapon)
    - Maybe a health of 6 is better balanced
    - This familiar is treated as a figure but cannot recover any amount of [heart].
    - A proposal: Have instead its attack dice as Blue + Green + Green and change its last sentence in text:
    ...It can use the surge abilities of a Magic weapon you have equipped.
    (Magic, so that it allows for a wider choice of weapons)
    FIRE elemental:
    - A speed of 3 is better balanced; it has a Ranged attack anyways
    - A defense of 1 grey die will hopefully make it last longer on the battlefield
    - This familiar is treated as a figure but cannot recover any amount of [heart].
    - The Fire Elemental is immune to the Burning Condition and treats any Lava space as a normal space.
    (a recommendation, only proposing this for its "fire" nature)
    - A proposal: Change its last sentence in text:
    ...This attack gains 1 [surge] and may use any abilities of a Magic weapon you have equipped as if it were you and additionally:
    [surge]: Burn
    (Magic, so that it allows for a wider choice of weapons)
    WATER elemental:
    - "carry" can be unclear, so maybe mention something along the lines:
    At the start of this familiar's activation choose a hero adjacent to it. At the end of its activation, place that hero on an empty space adjacent to it.
    >>> I would really consider adding health & defense and treat it as a figure or change its movement to 2 instead. Having an unkillable familiar that gives a free move action to a hero every turn (following along with them) is a bit too helpful I think. 
    Otherwise, consider instead something like:
    If this familiar is adjacent to a hero, it may spend a number of movement points to move that hero immediately an equal amount of spaces (respecting terrain rules).
    (this is helpful without abusing its movement speed and can also affect multiple heroes)
    - At the end of this familiar's activation, choose a monster adjacent to it and test your [Might]. If you pass, that monster is Immobilized.
    >>> I also find this powerful, especially for lieutenants' movement. I would propose to remove it altogether or mention the monster as a minion monster.

    Sorry if the wordings are too lengthy, I could not think of shorter versions at the moment.
    Cheers and good luck!
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    Proto Persona reacted to any2cards in Looks like FFG is getting us a new Road to Legend campaign   
    So, we get another piece of digital content for RTL.  And it is free.  All good.
    I sincerely hope, however, that this does not start another round of thread after thread positing what is coming next for physical content.
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    Proto Persona reacted to rugal in [noob] What Purpose(s) do Lt & Hero/Monster Packs Serve?   
    I've made a Reanimate using Hero Forge
    and for the geomancer stones, I'm using this one : https://www.shapeways.com/product/PQPLHMR6X/summoned-stone-tokens-3-pcs?optionId=56341630&li=marketplace
    this guy has done many tokens for the game too to replace the one on the box so they don't use anymore
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    Proto Persona reacted to Sorastro in Sorastro's Painting   
    It's been a while but I've finally completed the Descent base set and thought I'd share a few pics of the last few minis, along with a group shot. 
    It's taken three years to paint and "tutorialise" but has been such a rewarding journey!  Now onto some of the expansion minis... 

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    Proto Persona got a reaction from Zaltyre in Rules: Trading   
    -Sort of, trading is a free action that can be done on your turn anytime after declaring a move action, but the only action that can generally be interrupted is a move action. Interrupting an action has a specific connotation in Descent.
       -No, to trade you must be able to stop in the space to perform trading.
       -Also no, actions can only be interrupted by abilities that can trigger during another action. "At any time" abilities generally can not interrupt other actions.
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    Proto Persona reacted to Xyphistor in Community Rules Reference Guide (CRRG)   
    Hi Gleidish,
    No, only the Targeted space needs to be in Line-of-Sight (which it is automatically because it's Adjacent). The Fire Breath attack then Affects figures in a further 3 spaces (counting from the Target space), without requiring Line-of-Sight to those spaces.
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    Proto Persona reacted to Whitewing in Descent First Edition Custom Quests   
    Rugal, don't be a jerk. Other people like different things than you, and that's perfectly okay. Your outright dismissal of someone else's opinions and interests is not appreciated, nor is your argumentum ad populum to support your notion that your opinion is more valid. I too prefer second edition to first, but I'm not about to tell someone that they are wrong for having a different preference.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from Hockeyabe in My desire for 3rd Edition   
    I think the odds of having more games with a 1 vs many aspect are low. My experience is that most people hate the OL role, and it's not just about playing it. These are all my opinions based on how I have seen people play 1 vs Many games.
    When the game is designed so that the 1 has a fighting chance against the Many, then you often get the most experienced and knowledgeable player beating up everyone at the table. Often you end up with the Many feeling miserable and not wanting to continue playing. Morale loss sets in and the game gets shelved for something where the whole group gets to have fun.
    The 1 could pull his punches, but then you end up in the same place as games where the heroes have a built in advantage. You either decide to take on the role of facilitating everyone else having a good time, or you just feel like the game's punching bag. Morale loss sets in again, though now it's often the 1 getting outvoted and coming off as a selfish jerk.
    1 vs Many is a neat concept, it just doesn't mesh well with human psychology. People want to feel like they are on equal standing and that everyone has a fair chance. That's really hard to deliver in an asymmetric setup like this. People often come away from these games with the opinion that 1 vs Many games are inherently bad and broken. I think it's why the most successful competitive board games are either an every man for himself experience or sets of even teams.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from becauseofyou in FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(   
    It surprises me how many people here feel the game is only "complete" when the numbers all even up. For me the game was complete when I got all the expansions that interested me. I don't like the idea of the hobby being reduced to a checklist of products to buy.
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    Proto Persona reacted to DerDelphi in The Shadow Rune Project   
    Hello everybody,
    I just uploaded the next update, which will allow the save/load system to work with our campaign.
    Please note: You will need to install the latest version of Valkyrie Brynhildr to run the campaign. Sadly it is not compatible with the last official Valkyrie release.
    You can find Valkyrie Brynhildr here: https://github.com/BenRQ/valkyrie/releases
    - Reworked campaign structure to work with the Valkyrie Brynhildr release (This allows saving and loading to work as intended)
    - Added an "End Campaign" button to the travel phase (This will work after the next Brynhildr bugfix release and allow rating the campaign)
    As always, the update can be downloaded in Valkyrie.
    Sorry it took so long to get this sorted out.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from becauseofyou in Descent speculation   
    This. This right here is all I really want.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from becauseofyou in Descent speculation   
    Depends on what the community sees as more important, form or function. I certainly like the artwork in 2nd ed. I'm not happy with how often the layout of dungeons feel samey. It doesn't feel like you have to adjust your tactics for room layouts as often in 2nd ed.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from baconace in Issue completing "Rise of all Goblins"   
    I can't remember exactly what displays at the end of the campaign, but going back to the menu, win or lose, is normal. The save file being before the last encounter is because of how the autosave works. There's no spot where it saves after the campaign ends, and not much point to having one anyways.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from Grubby12345 in The future of Descent or is Descent going into 3e?   
    I'm not holding my breath.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from Zaltyre in The future of Descent or is Descent going into 3e?   
    I'm not holding my breath.
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    Proto Persona got a reaction from Charmy in The future of Descent or is Descent going into 3e?   
    I'm not holding my breath.
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