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  1. On 1/25/2019 at 7:09 AM, amazingmrdonut said:

    Shades has an effect that reads: "If a hero tests awareness and fails, each other hero in line of sight of that hero is Terrified."  The first action in the action list reads: "Use Flicker on a hero within 3 spaces of this monster who is Terrified."  Shades do not have any method of causing Terrify outside of the combination of this turn effect and Flicker.  As it reads now, it is impossible to cause Terrify during this turn unless any hero is already Terrified by some other effect.  If you change the wording of the first action to read: "...closest hero," it allows the turn effect to work.  I assume this was an oversight and wanted to bring it to your attention.

    Maybe they meant that using flicker on a hero would make the hero terrified.

  2. 54 minutes ago, rugal said:

    I've made a Reanimate using Hero Forge

    and for the geomancer stones, I'm using this one : https://www.shapeways.com/product/PQPLHMR6X/summoned-stone-tokens-3-pcs?optionId=56341630&li=marketplace

    this guy has done many tokens for the game too to replace the one on the box so they don't use anymore

    Oh those are some nice resources.


  3. -Sort of, trading is a free action that can be done on your turn anytime after declaring a move action, but the only action that can generally be interrupted is a move action. Interrupting an action has a specific connotation in Descent.

       -No, to trade you must be able to stop in the space to perform trading.

       -Also no, actions can only be interrupted by abilities that can trigger during another action. "At any time" abilities generally can not interrupt other actions.

  4. 1 hour ago, Nozlen said:

    The last part of the sentence says it all:

    Would not be interested in a (DJ03) because I am completely happy with Sword and Sorcery from Ares Games, but I would buy a conversion kit for all of my Descent 2 collection.

    If I had to bet, I would about guarantee the greedy people at Fantasy Card Games would put all the missing Heroes and monsters from (DJ02) as the base game of (DJ03) to try and get people who own the complete collection from (DJ02) to buy (DJ03).

    Actually DJ01 is the Second Edition base set. DJ02 was the Conversion Kit, DJ03 was Lair of the Wyrm. Descent First Edition used completely different product codes.

    If they make a Descent Third Edition it will probably use a new set of SKUs  to separate it from Second Edition.

  5. In your theoretical example (I can't think of any monsters in the game that attempt to engage after attempting to spot mind you) The monster would move as close to the hero as needed with action `1 to get in LoS.

    For example, let's say a monster has 4 speed and is using your list of actions. So first action he can't get LoS from 3 spaces away, but he can if he moves closer. In this example the monster would move all four spaces and be within 2 spaces of the hero, then attack and be stuck since he's not able to make a second move action.

    Second example, say the hero is further away and even when moving all four spaces the monster still doesn't have LoS. So he would skip action 2, and proceed to action 3, moving adjacent to the hero and then sitting there like an idiot.

    Spot really just means move the monster to at most 3 spaces from a hero with LoS to that hero. If a monster has to move close than that to get a shot it will. If it for some reason still can't get LoS then it moves as close as it can, and moves on down the action list.

  6. 1. Yes, they are already engaged, so no it does not count as an action. 

    2. Depends. Is it a case of they didn't have enough movement points to get into LoS? If so they move as far as they can and will probably end up taking another spot action. Some more details on this question would be helpful. 

  7. 16 minutes ago, Taear said:

    My assumption is that the same coders work on the RTL app and the Imperial Assault app. So if they're making something for one they can't be making it for the other.

    Perhaps now Jabba's realm is out it means we'll get something new? I'm reminded of the people datamining the app and finding new heroes in there, I still don't understand why they exist if there's nothing new coming for it at any point in time.

    Programmers often have spare time where they are waiting for something to finish, such as compiling an .exe. They often fill that time working ahead on things they don't plan to finish implementing for a long time if they are simple.

  8. 3 hours ago, Bucho said:

    I'm real skeptical of that. The current quest vault never seemed to do very well and that's before we're talking about writing for an app... Furthermore the shadow rune project doesn't seem to be going anywhere particularly fast.

    The Shadow Rune project hinges on the volunteered free time of a single programmer. These things get a lot more done when people put some money behind it.

  9. Yes, heroes can perform the same actions twice in one turn. It's what makes fatigue movement dangerous for monsters since a hero can move and attack twice.

    Enemy figures however are limited to one attack action per activation, which includes any special actions that include an attack as part of them.

  10. 15 hours ago, Watercolour Dragon said:

    The 'move over to IA for a crawler' logic isn't sound logic though- if Descent dies there's no way I'd buy into IA to fill the crawler gap- I'm not into SW much let alone enough, it's not Descent in any thematic way whatsoever aside from some overlaps that aren't enough to make it similar enough. IA is I'm sure a great game, but I wouldn't switch to IA to 'replace' a killed off Descent. I don't even think you can fully accurately call IA a dungeon crawler due to its space opera-ish/SW theme- it's not going to tick the boxes of someone seeking a traditional fantasy-setting game.


    The other logic may be true but perhaps shouldn't be in the public domain anyway if it's from insider knowledge which has been doubted, (it's only ok as it's more speculative than precise, the kind of things fans have been theorizing on anyway, if it was 'hey this is the next expansion' it very much wouldn't be ok), but too much lack of info from a dev will start the rumour mills turning.


    The other logic flaw is IA is always at risk from IP rights anyway- IP non-renewals have harmed a lot of computer and physical games recently, if they're not renewed it's (punnage, sorry) game over for the devs, company and fans. So IA doesn't have a guaranteed future either (no game does, IP or no IP, unfortunately great titles can and do go out of print).


    The other point is FFG's thoughts on their games are probably in constant flux- depending on the game's current performance, the ideas of their creatives etc etc, so such dubiously shared 'info' is likely to be quickly out of date anyway- the biggest reason we don't get that much wanted heads up on what's next is it can be as unpredictable for a dev as for the players, even though the dev will be more in the future plans knowledge loop.


    The dev might be thinking we'll scrap game A then suddenly something gives it a surge in sales, planning an expansion for game B but people aren't buying what's already available for it all of a sudden, planning something for game C and you lose the IP rights, ....... so the table changes.


    The only time it's really disheartening if it's purely a dev lacking faith in a product (such as we'll scrap it, but not realizing it still has loads of potential).

    I agree with just about everything you say here. None of it really matters now though, since the decisions have definitely been made at this point. They have bet on the Star Wars horse, for good or ill. Time will tell if it was the right call.

  11. I think 1st ed base game did not capture the narrative experience. Every quest was a complete restart from scratch, despite the story that tied them all together acting like there was continuity  from one quest to the next. The Road to Legend expansion for 1st ed however did create that epic narrative experience. It also made the game epically long to finish (60 hours-ish in my opinion).

    All of the things 1st ed got wrong can be summed up as "it took too much time".

  12. All of the monsters and most of the heroes have been released in the Hero and Monster collections. A good list is here, but I'm not sure why you're asking for it.

    What do you mean by missing bits? The conversion kit includes cards for every monster and hero that ever had a card in 1st ed, including promo heroes and heroes from the game Dungeonquest. It expects you to have the plastic figures from 1st ed though.

  13. It's worded slightly vague, but the ", without performing an attack," part is implied in the original wording. I'm not sure it needs to be made clearer than that. There should be no question really about if Ignite counts as an attack, it says to perform one in the very ability.

    That said I think your copy of the CRRG is out of date. The newest version, 1.11, does not have the wording you're concerned about.

  14. 1 hour ago, topper30 said:

    Yes. I can see that... BUT why take that pleasure away from the players, the pleasure of an overlord crushing the players.

    It could have more than one mode of playing I guess. Why lose potential players by only implementing co-op? We should make a poll in the community... Unless they have already something for us all. :D



    Well, from their perspective they'd be be gaining many more possible players by going all in on a good co-op experience. There's only so much time and resources to go around on a project. Where companies are concerned trying to make something for everyone usually means it's not that great at anything.

  15. 4 hours ago, subtleknife84 said:

    Are you serious? C'mon. If you are willing to proxy minis and tiles you will surely print the cards too, so why buy the game anyways? Never said all the content just some referencing stuff. 


    Because the referencing stuff is everything short of figures. Anything on cards is only there to be a reference for while you play so you can do the math yourself.

    If the app is rolling the dice for you most people will demand it to do the math for you too. That means it needs a database of cards and their effects, especially hero equipment. Then you need to account for the hero's effects on rolls, so now the hero cards go in there too.

    At that point the only calculation the app isn't doing is range. Though if it's doing all the math anyways it's only logical the app should calculate that too, right? So now figure positions go in there. That just means the app has the ability to figure Line of Sight for you too, because why not? And at this point we have a digital version of Decent, invalidating the need for a physical game at all.

    Look, I think I get where you're coming from. You want to lessen the amount of items you have to lug around and deal with at the table. Thing is all you're doing is trading one interaction for another. Cards and dice on the app aren't going to make the game smoother or go faster. I have a Descent dice roller on my phone already. It's not an improvement over just using the real thing and it doesn't really save any time. If the reference materials are a problem for you the issue isn't the items, it's your organization system or your play space. The more realistic solution for everyone is to improve one or both of those factors yourself.

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