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  1. I'm really curious why they don't. It's not like they have a policy against posting on their own forums, they do it for other games just fine.
  2. I need more likes for this. It's really obvious how true this is down here in Texas right now.
  3. Darn, there goes the plans to take control of FFG and bring back the best product ever for Descent, Sea of Blood.
  4. Ah ok, I was confusing inactive with monster groups in a normal quest that simply haven't appeared yet. Despite owning Lair I never actually got to let it's quests hit the table. Forgot all about that mechanic.
  5. Aren't inactive groups not yet on the board Aren't inactive groups not yet on the board? How would that work?
  6. No, he means this app.
  7. I'm was never trying to say not to question you. The impression I got from that earlier post was OP was looking for a better answer. My opinion was there isn't one short of submitting it to FFG. I also agree with Sadgit, the forums are here to get answers from everyone in the community, not just official responses or a single right answer. (goes back to praying at his Zaltyre altar )
  8. If that's the case then the TL;DR is you can't combine Sleight of Hand and Delver, since SoH does not cause the Treasure Hunter to draw a card, only to take it.
  9. Zaltyre is one of the most prolific posters on the forum, and an actual playtester for the game. Unless you see something that contradicts him, it's pretty safe to accept his answer. If you want an actual official answer then submit your question here. FFG employees do not post on these forums.
  10. Huh. I don't have that monster, I was spit balling an idea off the top of my head based on how a bulette acts in D&D. Guess FFG already had the idea.
  11. Choose any space within 3 spaces of Land Shark. Remove Land Shark from the board and place in chosen space. Place any figure in chosen space in nearest empty space. That figure and any figure now adjacent to Land Shark suffers 1 heart (or fatigue, if it's too harsh).
  12. "We here at FFG have heard your concerns about the balance of classes. You'll be pleased to hear the next expansion will include 2 more scout classes. We feel this will balance out the game in favor of the classes that people use most." (I do not work for FFG)
  13. There is no form of cloud save or cross platform compatibility. If you could possibly locate the actual save data and transfer it manually yourself then maybe. I don't know how though and I've never heard of someone else pulling it off.
  14. Problem is they stoically refuse to actually confirm there are any plans at all, while more than happy to do the same for other product lines.