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  1. I'd say one the second one is more likely. At the same time though the first sentence factors into that too. Star Wars as a brand is objectively more popular the the Terrinoth setting. It absolutely brings in more impulse buys from non-board gamers. Growing your user base is usually more important than just retaining the ones you already have. We know the numbers tripled after the launch of RtL, but that doesn't mean it reached the level of profit that FFG or Asmodee want to see. Investors can make some stupid demands on your profit margins. They have another option. Let the Descent line completely die out while they maximise efforts to push the Imperial Assault line. When IA starts to taper off they can "bring back the classic experience" as just IA with a fantasy skin on it. Very little investment, tons of return.
  2. From the CRRG I'd say you can reroll as many times as you can pay for it, since the trigger is not rerolling a test or attack, but just generically rerolling your dice.
  3. Matter of opinion really. The last DLC for RtL was a lazy slapdash effort that could have been pushed out by a single bored programmer in his spare time. I don't think it disproves the poster in any meaningful way. Sure, but an IP like Star Wars can still bring in people that would never give a game with an unknown name on it a try. There's absolutely risk in using someone else's IP. Asmodee also has a history of betting on the big name IP over the independent IP they own themselves. Personally I consider the In Flight Meeting reference as PR fluff. "Yeah, you're totally still important to us! See, we put out some DLC for you. We're not just ignoring your support requests and emails for weeks and months because we don't care about your product line. We've just been super busy with other products. Products that are in no way more important to us than your's is, I promise."
  4. If the poster from BGG a while back is to be believed, this announcement would spell the official end of the Descent line. If Asmodee believes Imperial Assault to satisfy the need for a dungeon crawler, there's not much business sense in making 2 of them to compete with each other.
  5. What Sadgit is trying to say is the free attack is not a condition of Dungeoneering being exhausted, it's linked to the act of exhausting the card. Usually when the abilities are not linked there is a line break left between them to separate them.
  6. Sounds like keeping the OL token revealed and having the door's tokens be hidden is the better set up for the intended effect.
  7. You know you've been doing this for too long when you forget which thread you're in.
  8. Sadgit is probably very aware of that uFAQ, but it doesn't answer his question. Sadgit I think I remember seeing that ruling as well, but I can't find it either.
  9. I like it. The unified color scheme reinforces the idea that they are all one category of monster.
  10. It also has the common urban definition of the female lower private area, which the filter is probably catching it for.
  11. Unfortunately that experience was not liked by many. The focus of Descent 2nd Ed was removing the long play sessions and putting more focus on quest goals and campaigns instead of just killing things. So basically they purposely removed all the stuff you enjoyed about 1st Ed.
  12. I'd say rules as written the marshall chooses to use Just Reward when the group is activated, before any figures have taken an action. That said people forget things in the midst of a complicated game like this. If rolling things back doesn't change anything then play it as if he had done it at the proper time.
  13. So just endless horde mode? I'm not impressed with this. Feels out of place in a dungeon crawler.
  14. I'm really curious why they don't. It's not like they have a policy against posting on their own forums, they do it for other games just fine.
  15. I need more likes for this. It's really obvious how true this is down here in Texas right now.