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  1. Proto Persona

    Road to Legend Bug Report

    Maybe they meant that using flicker on a hero would make the hero terrified.
  2. Oh those are some nice resources. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/pmg?section=Descent&s=0
  3. Proto Persona

    Terrinoth Expanded Project (TEP)

    It would help him to know some more details in that statement. He's done a TON of work, the feedback would be useful.
  4. Proto Persona

    Rules: Trading

    -Sort of, trading is a free action that can be done on your turn anytime after declaring a move action, but the only action that can generally be interrupted is a move action. Interrupting an action has a specific connotation in Descent. -No, to trade you must be able to stop in the space to perform trading. -Also no, actions can only be interrupted by abilities that can trigger during another action. "At any time" abilities generally can not interrupt other actions.
  5. Actually DJ01 is the Second Edition base set. DJ02 was the Conversion Kit, DJ03 was Lair of the Wyrm. Descent First Edition used completely different product codes. If they make a Descent Third Edition it will probably use a new set of SKUs to separate it from Second Edition.
  6. Proto Persona

    Issue completing "Rise of all Goblins"

    I can't remember exactly what displays at the end of the campaign, but going back to the menu, win or lose, is normal. The save file being before the last encounter is because of how the autosave works. There's no spot where it saves after the campaign ends, and not much point to having one anyways.
  7. Proto Persona

    Issue completing "Rise of all Goblins"

    No, you do not carry characters over from one campaign to another.
  8. I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Proto Persona

    Monster Activation Questions

    In your theoretical example (I can't think of any monsters in the game that attempt to engage after attempting to spot mind you) The monster would move as close to the hero as needed with action `1 to get in LoS. For example, let's say a monster has 4 speed and is using your list of actions. So first action he can't get LoS from 3 spaces away, but he can if he moves closer. In this example the monster would move all four spaces and be within 2 spaces of the hero, then attack and be stuck since he's not able to make a second move action. Second example, say the hero is further away and even when moving all four spaces the monster still doesn't have LoS. So he would skip action 2, and proceed to action 3, moving adjacent to the hero and then sitting there like an idiot. Spot really just means move the monster to at most 3 spaces from a hero with LoS to that hero. If a monster has to move close than that to get a shot it will. If it for some reason still can't get LoS then it moves as close as it can, and moves on down the action list.
  10. Proto Persona

    Monster Activation Questions

    1. Yes, they are already engaged, so no it does not count as an action. 2. Depends. Is it a case of they didn't have enough movement points to get into LoS? If so they move as far as they can and will probably end up taking another spot action. Some more details on this question would be helpful.
  11. Proto Persona

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Patience is indeed a virtue. But we have been staying tuned for about a year now. At some point you have to ask yourself if you're just being led on.
  12. Proto Persona

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    Programmers often have spare time where they are waiting for something to finish, such as compiling an .exe. They often fill that time working ahead on things they don't plan to finish implementing for a long time if they are simple.
  13. Proto Persona

    FF Please stop ignoring Descent... :(

    The Shadow Rune project hinges on the volunteered free time of a single programmer. These things get a lot more done when people put some money behind it.
  14. Proto Persona

    Best Expansion?

    Shadow of Nerekhall. Good expansion, lots of new content and it unlocks a new campaign in the app. It's a bit of a no-brainer really.
  15. Proto Persona

    Using actions

    Yes, heroes can perform the same actions twice in one turn. It's what makes fatigue movement dangerous for monsters since a hero can move and attack twice. Enemy figures however are limited to one attack action per activation, which includes any special actions that include an attack as part of them.