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  1. My interpretation of this is Jorem can't be targeted by the OL by anything while he has fatigue. Abilities weren't specifically listed, but I doubt it was intended that you could still use them. Short of submitting this question to FFG you're not going to get a better answer.
  2. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    Well, the claim has been made in the past that FFG devs are reading these forums, but I have yet to see even a single official post from anyone working at FFG on these boards.
  3. To me this is the key difference. In an RPG a good DM is going to adjust the game to cater to his heroes. It's not necessarily making it easy, but it never feels like the goal of the DM is to make the heroes lose. If they fail or die it was usually because the player purposely made bad choices, often against the DM's recommendations. To me that is not a competition because it almost feels like plot armor for the heroes. Unless the GM is a sadist the heroes are meant to to succeed, and it kinda sucks out the suspense for me. The OL should be trying to decimate the heroes with every tool he has. In Descent the heroes aren't meant to win, they have to earn it. I prefer that mentality. It makes a victory actually mean something because it wasn't just supposed to happen.
  4. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    I can understand the "complete" part, but what do you want to see fixed?
  5. Pathfinder and other RPGs aren't a competition though. The DM can't win the game even if he's a jerk causing TPKs as often as he can. Descent however has always been a competition. It's the first dungeon crawl I've ever played that was. In every other game I've played the power of the OL player was nerfed to the point that he had no real hope of winning. In Descent the OL is out to win the game. Holding back isn't playing fair, it's nerfing yourself to ensure you might lose. That is why hidden information was a problem in Descent 1st edition. It made situations where the heroes could play poorly because they couldn't know what the right play was. Descent 2nd edition fixed that problem, and it's a better game for it. Do you intentionally make bad plays in other games just so your opponents can beat you? Would you play chess where you intentionally sacrifice a power piece early for no good reason? Give your opponent more cards in Catan just because you want it to be fair? Descent is not different from other competitive games, it just has more narrative. To me a win that you didn't earn is a hollow accomplishment. I didn't win, I was handed a participation trophy. I'm usually the one running games, so I'm often in the OL type role. I'm tired of playing games where the OL is meant to be the intelligent punching bag to make hero players happy. I'm tired of being told to not play seriously because my fun isn't what's important. Descent is one of the only games out there where I'm not only allowed to win, but I'm intentionally given the means to. You call it cheap for the OL to play to win. That the OL has an obligation to give the heroes a chance. I say Descent has never been that game, you just played it that way.
  6. I'm not sure how you played 1st edition, but I know the game did not tell the OL player to take it easy or that he isn't there to win. If you can find such a passage I'd like to know where it is. My copy of 1st edition says the OL's job is to kill the heroes and stop them from completing the quest. If you interpreted that another way I'd say your expectations of "what a dungeon crawl should be" have given you a misunderstanding of what Descent is, and has always been. The OL was absolutely incentivised to win, and more importantly to win early and fast. Once the heroes got to a silver chest the outlook for a win was really grim, and once they got a gold chest the OL was rather screwed. It has always been a competition between the OL player and the heroes. It has always been a winner take all game where the OL should be playing as ruthlessly as possible. If that's not what someone wants from Descent, they are better off finding another game to play.
  7. Because it was one of the most complained about features of 1st edition. Descent is NOT an RPG like Dungeons and Dragons, no matter how similar it looks. In RPGs the DM is not trying to kill you, he's trying to entertain you. The group is there to tell an epic story, together. Hidden information is fine because in the end the DM is just using it for narrative twists and surprises. In the end everyone is there for the same goal, defat some evil and have fun. In Descent when played properly the Overlord player is not there to show the 1-4 hero players a good time. He's there to beat the heck out of them. Hidden information doesn't lead to fun surprises, it leads to cheap wins that you could not have seen coming unless you already knew what was going to happen. So for new players the OL got cheap wins, and for experienced players the OL got steam rolled. It seems to me like so many players are looking for a low investment RPG. Something where the DM doesn't have to do much work. Where people can just get together and play some short sessions for fun. Descent is NOT that game, nor should it be. Every dungeon crawler that I've tried that attempted to be like an RPG ended up gimping the OL player. The goal wasn't for the bad guys to win, just delay the inevitable. I'm tired of games where I'm just there to be the punching bag for a group of players. One of the most refreshing aspects of Descent for me has always been that the OL is an actual competitor, not just a really good AI program. I don't want that "fixed" for the sake of telling a better story or exploration.
  8. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    My point was there is no version of Descent labeled 3rd edition. I have no idea where you got the idea.
  9. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    Doesn't matter what arbitrary numbers you set for things. Revising the packed in campaign or adding an app doesn't make it stop being 2nd edition.
  10. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    3rd edition? Where are you getting that from? Descent is only in its 2nd edition.
  11. FFG giving Terrinoth some TLC

    Well the last DLC was lazy and small. Certainly not big enough to convince me Descent is high on the list of developer priorities.
  12. Sounds like we've mostly got 2 trains of thought on this. 1st group is ready to see a new edition to address what they see as obvious shortcomings. Whether it's a brand new edition or simply a rules update to the current game they just want the flaws smoothed over. 2nd group is made of people that have invested a lot into Descent, and probably only after the release of Road to Legend. Either way the money spent still feels like a large investment that they don't want to see wasted by an incompatible new edition release just yet. I see only one realistic option here. My prediction is FFG going to let the game whither for a year or so before releasing a new 3rd edition. This will be incompatible with all existing 2nd edition content to justify the development investment. I don't think they are going to continue heavy investment in a game this old. I bet they would rather retool the line to favor a release schedule similar to Imperial Assault with lots of much smaller content packs instead of just expansions. Think more like if the Hero and Monster packs had been cut up into each hero and monster group being sold separately. Now it's possible that they could just rerelease the base game with a brand new set of base rules. All the existing players would really need is the new rulebook. I'm not sure they could do this without breaking a few things in the existing expansions. Considering the amount of rules questions we've already generated under the existing rules I'm not sure FFG would want the headache a rules revamp of this kind could bring. Still it is an option.
  13. I used to do that actually. Settings and art are just the fluff for the mechanics. Doom/Descent/Imperial Assault are all just a really complicated version of Chess to me.
  14. He means that the monsters included with second edition were a knockoff of the monsters in first edition. The second string monsters basically, poor copies of the good ones.
  15. Quest Guides

    I doubt it. The quest guides are the only part of Descent that FFG doesn't allow to be hosted online. That said there are PDFs floating around, just nobody talks about it openly.