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  1. Proto Persona

    Road to Legend Feedback

    I think they have different goals for the app. I see the app as a way to sell the physical edition of the game. What you're suggesting runs pretty close to a complete digital version of the game. I mean why would you need the physical product if all the important information is handled by the app?
  2. Is there a reason you feel that way? It's been my experience the only thing official apps have is more money for polishing. I doubt that's something the Gloomhaven guys would invest in.
  3. What, you mean this search could lead to something like this or this?
  4. Proto Persona

    Some painted Descent minis

    Images are broken again. Don't know what you're using to host these on but it sucks.
  5. Those extra steps are built into the rules on purpose. It's the reason that large monsters have such small amounts of movement points. The designers accounted for this and it's not as broken as your group thinks it is.
  6. I think the odds of having more games with a 1 vs many aspect are low. My experience is that most people hate the OL role, and it's not just about playing it. These are all my opinions based on how I have seen people play 1 vs Many games. When the game is designed so that the 1 has a fighting chance against the Many, then you often get the most experienced and knowledgeable player beating up everyone at the table. Often you end up with the Many feeling miserable and not wanting to continue playing. Morale loss sets in and the game gets shelved for something where the whole group gets to have fun. The 1 could pull his punches, but then you end up in the same place as games where the heroes have a built in advantage. You either decide to take on the role of facilitating everyone else having a good time, or you just feel like the game's punching bag. Morale loss sets in again, though now it's often the 1 getting outvoted and coming off as a selfish jerk. 1 vs Many is a neat concept, it just doesn't mesh well with human psychology. People want to feel like they are on equal standing and that everyone has a fair chance. That's really hard to deliver in an asymmetric setup like this. People often come away from these games with the opinion that 1 vs Many games are inherently bad and broken. I think it's why the most successful competitive board games are either an every man for himself experience or sets of even teams.
  7. Proto Persona

    Descent speculation

    Probably throwing good money after bad. Some executive so invested in his decision to green light the game that they think they can create an audience for the product if they just keep pushing it out.
  8. Proto Persona

    Some painted Descent minis

    Some of them are working again. Jain, Widow, Grisban and the original group photo are not still.
  9. Proto Persona

    Some painted Descent minis

    None of your images are working anymore, even the new ones you just posted. Throws up an error saying access denied.
  10. Proto Persona

    Some painted Descent minis

    Your images are starting to break. Might need to use an image hosting site. Could always use the Descent 2nd ed site on BGG. That way some of the larger gaming community can see your work. I think they'd be impressed too.
  11. Proto Persona

    Descent speculation

    This. This right here is all I really want.
  12. Proto Persona

    Some painted Descent minis

    For somebody "still learning" you have mastered some really good techniques.
  13. Proto Persona

    Worn Down plot card

    The card says you activate it after the hero has used a skill. Descent doesn't like interrupts inside of actions. You generally completely resolve an action before moving on to the next. I think it's pretty clear you increase the cost of the skill after they have already paid for and used it. Why do you think it doesn't work this way?
  14. Proto Persona

    Descent speculation

    Tough question to answer for me. The LoS changes definitely made cover a lot less important. I'm not really sure how much that contributes to things for me. Mostly I'm a function over form person, though aesthetics such as nice miniatures definitely draw me in. In the end I care more about the tactical aspects of the game. Pretty pictures on the tiles don't interest me as much as interesting puzzles that require actual tactical thinking. Having the tiles always in set formations limits how creative anyone can be. I preferred the possibilities all those bits and bobs could be used for.
  15. Proto Persona

    Descent speculation

    Depends on what the community sees as more important, form or function. I certainly like the artwork in 2nd ed. I'm not happy with how often the layout of dungeons feel samey. It doesn't feel like you have to adjust your tactics for room layouts as often in 2nd ed.