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  1. Not only that, but The Dunwich Campain Guide has been updated as well, to include the Essex County Express! Thank you guys from FFG. YOU ROCK!!!!
  2. I understand. It's not a very good reason, since as Hedgehobbit pointed out, you'd need all cards from the Core set spoiled, and at that point I guess you'd be able to find a scanned version of NofZ. I just hope they'll publish it at some point, since a digital backup is always a plus in these kinda games. And it would be nice to maybe have some sort of official confirm/deny. Anyways, thanks guys.
  3. But they published the Campaign Guide for Dunwich. Even updated it, when the first Mythos Pack came out. So I don't understand why they don't do the same for Night of the Zealot???
  4. Is there a reason for this? Do they need to change something or other?
  5. Quick Question: would it be possible to get the Campaign Guide (not the Campaign Log) of the "Night of the Zealot" Campaign as an official PDF download? Or maybe I didn't look in the right place?