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  1. So, I'm still curious about what ships and vehicles that appears in Rise of the Seperatists. Do we have a list of this yet? I'm currently setting up a campaign for this time period, and I'm having a bit of trouble finding a suitable Silhouette 4 ship that really fits into the era (no one likes the Rigger in my group)
  2. I would love to know what kind of ships that are included in the book.
  3. How about starting skill points for Jedi? Are these like with Force & Destiny, where they start with one fewer point? (3 Career and 2 Spec) How about Clone Soldier? Regular amount of starting skill points?
  4. I'd be interested in what new ship types there are in this book. I live in Norway, so it take a while for the book to come out in the stores here. ? -E.
  5. Nice. What is the price and rarity of the U-Wing? Still waiting for my book... but it might be some time yet until it arrives in Norway...
  6. I'm curious if the Retired Clone Trooper specialization has some sort of restriction or at least guide on how to use it. Or is it a free for all to make, for instance, Gand Retired Clone Troopers and such? (of course, as has been mentioned earlier, you could use it to represent some other military organization, but I'm curious about how the book presents it).
  7. The Padawan Survivor is perfect for the next campaign I'm going to run. So happy that they included a spec like this.
  8. The +1 Padawan Survivor gets, is this the same as, say, Force Sensitive Exile, or will it actually add 1 to the Force Rating of a character that has Force Rating from a previous specialization or career?
  9. Yes, I would be surprised if stats for the light cruiser isn't in there. Also, the MC75 Mon Calamari Cruiser from Rogue One would be nice to have stats for.
  10. I think we'll see the U-Wing and Krennic's shuttle, at least. Personally, I'm hoping for a re-stat of the VCX-100 (aka "The Ghost") as the stats appearing in Keeping the Peace just doesn't make much sense to me. Also, at least two new Tie-variants were seen in Rogue One, so maybe we'll see those. And for some reason, they've statted the Death Star as a vehicle.
  11. Yes, I know. I'm just very eager for this particular book. But it will be mine soon enough. Very curious about how the Retired Clone Trooper spec is going to work. You can't have a, say, Rodian Retired Clone Trooper, can you? So maybe Clone will be one of those new species?
  12. Nice! I'm very curious about what new Specializations are in it, and the new species. -E.
  13. Actually, the core book (at least Age of Rebellion) suggests how to play out a "That's one **** of a pilot!" scene. The Tie Fighter Pilots are Minions, so you could easily have a bunch of Tie Fighters fly as a Minion Group. A pilot with skills on the level of Poe Dameron (the best pilot in the Resistance) could the Gain the Advantage on the whole Minion Group and blast them to bits in one round (if he's very good, that is).
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