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  1. I won an RPQ and plan on making as many as I can. I'll take jank and if I did well I would play my opponent proper and then give them the spot, seen it done several times in armada! As far taking your SO, my fiance has attended Novaopen three times and now my other friends wife comes. My lady doesn't play any games! They do fun lady things in DC, and we all go to dinner and maybe a drink after I'm all done. She gets to do stuff and have her own fun. They come to the big nerd dinners with everyone and we all chat about normal adult stuff. Reading this thread made think how lucky I'am thanks!
  2. Hi, I'll be the first to try this out. Have:Day 1A - Want:Day 1B Please feel free to hit me up on discord @ HustlenFett, I'm on the armada discord groups. Thanks!!!!
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to order the ultra coin capsules. I looked on lighthouses site and couldn't find them. I found them on the German site but can't read German. Any help is much appreciated. The Fett
  4. Are those the markers from Euro/North American markers?
  5. It has been a pleasure to playtest with you on vassal and to team up at worlds. I started playing in January of this year. You and DT have taught me a ton. I'm no were the caliber of writer or note taker, to write up such battle reports. I will make note that vassal or no vassal seemed to be a huge factor. I had great games, against great opponents. I was surprised how nice everyone was and I really enjoyed going out. Thank you all! If you make it to Nationals. I look forward to showing you my favorite Korean BBQ and a great oyster bar. Good luck in all you games. Please ask me to play on discord.
  6. I talked to FFG at Celebration they said end of May earliest.
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone is gonna be playing any armada at Pax? I'll be visiting and would love to get some games in.
  8. Hi, I'm new to the community. I'm based in Richmond, VA and I'm headed to the Cary regionals this weekend at the Gamer's Armory. Anyone else heading there? I really want to say I love this game and have taken the full plunge!
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