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  1. Bug report for Twilight Diadem (2-players; Marie Lambeau & William Yorrick): The Diadem is grabbed from the Vault immediately after the vault is opened from the alley, even though the bank teller later opens the vault on his own. Almost no chance to grab diadem, and the continuity doesn’t make sense. The Old Journal spell to stop the parade is still an active action option during the ball. The Veiled King’s float moves and triggers horror after that phase of the investigation is complete and also after he’s been unmasked. If you have the Diadem at the ball: The scenario ends summarily, saying Mary Ann is crowned, no fighting or discovery of the diadem’s theft occurs. The scenario can be “continued” at that point during the last turn. The Diadem can’t be broken without first showing it to Mary Ann, but there isn’t much indication of what will let you interact with it. (This isn’t a bug exactly, but feels super obtuse). If you have both the rope & the diadem when you interact with Mary Ann, you only have the option to show her the diadem, not the rope; the rope option appears only after showing her the diadem.
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