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  1. I really like the concept of forced missions but imho investing 4 influence for a mission you might not win is a bit too much. So I thought about how I could make these missions viable: - We are playing the frequently used house rule, draw two side missions, play one, discard the other, draw two new ones. - When creating the side mission deck, in addition to the other cards, the imperial player may add one forced mission card of his choosing. - When the forced mission is drawn, you play this mission directly and ignore the second card. One thing I am not sure about is what to do after the mission. Should we ... 1.) ... play the second card in addition as regular side mission? (thus played the forced mission as a "real" forced mission) 2.) ... discard the second card and go on with the next story mission? (thus basically substituting the regular side mission with the forced mission) 3.) ... discard the second card and go on with the next story mission but grant the "standard side mission rewards" in the forced mission? (the option I like most at the moment) This way the forced mission serves as a kind of nasty suprise in the side mission deck for the imperial player and fits thematically very well as the rebels can never be sure when the empire catches up with them. What do you guys think?
  2. Thank you for all the great advice! After giving it some thought I will stick with the core campaign and hope the group will stay on board. If we have to play "A new threat" or "Fly Solo" I will definitely try the suggested fixes in the other thread. Another question: Are there any particulary badly balanced or boring side missions? As I would like to make the campaign as balanced as possible , I would just leave these missions out of the side mission deck.
  3. As the title says. I don't know if I can motivate my gaming group for a full 10 missions campaign therefore I would like to shorten it by maybe 2 missions. Are all story missions are mandatory? (I have never played a full campaign before). Probably yes, so I would have to decease the number of side missions. Would this lead to balancing issues?
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