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  1. I haven't been super active, but I think Unicorn has been trending this way for a while: swarmy, reactive, and versatile, with a few power swings. I too like to keep the majority of my conflict deck cheap (lion splash helps), so that I can load up fate on 3F+ dudes when they show, or for cav reserves, so I Am Ready. Not a big fan of FFG. I still think Unicorn needs to focus on winning conflicts first, rather than snowball post win.
  2. This is a good point - cards will have to be carefully designed, so as to help struggling clans, while not further boosting the top tier. Although you misunderstood me a little (or perhaps I miscommunicated). My point was that there is plenty of room for strong, targeted events to be designed/printed, potentially shaking up the power dynamic. We've seen it already. Lion was #1 out of the gate, and now you're already talking about them being bottom tier. So who knows what could happen? Speculation is fine, and good, and fun, but anticipating the outcome after 6 more unknown packs seems a little...out there. I agree that Unicorn needs some OP cards to be widely competitive, although in all fairness, OP is a subjective term. Basically, they need some bad*** s***. But who would begrudge them that? They've been limping along, on four hooves no less, since release. Maybe they'll get something really sweet, with no influence, or 4+ influence, which totally alters their place in the environment. It's as reasonable as anything else. Perhaps my faith in FFG is exaggerated, but I can't imagine them watching a single clan suffer, without taking eventual action. Granted, this game is still new, and I'm a patient man.
  3. I don't believe that every single card and clan is balanced, and certainly not in a vacuum. It's more of an evolving meta, where cards and clans fall in and out of favor. Power creep is part of that. Otherwise, mechanics become needlessly complex. This is coming from a player who tends to represent Unicorn at local tournaments.
  4. Do you have inside information? Because that sounds like serious conjecture. What if there is a military equivalent to Policy Debate, in the Elemental Cycle, or something better? You say that you "don't think that FFG wants to (do) that," but they did, in some respects, so why not others?
  5. "...the meta is not favoring the going wide strategy..." No? I personally think it's a viable option, considering FWTD, Feast or Famine, and the Favor, among other things. Granted, I'm not an all-star.
  6. In all fairness, the deck limit for conflict characters is only moderately inhibiting. I mean, I like my hand to include viable actions beyond just warm bodies. Especially free. I love zero cost events and attachments. I'm guessing that the limit was designed to exclude combo rush/swarm, but because of the restriction, I haven't even considered potential alternatives.
  7. While I agree, I'm happy to see Scorpion have any problems at all. My preference is for all the clans to be fair and balanced, but barring that, let's at least shake things up.
  8. Derp. Well, in this day and age, one never knows. Pronouns are loaded. Also, late night postings after one has had a couple, are dangerous. Wake up *wait* what did I post?
  9. I'm of the opinion that Shono is a nice compliment to Unicorn's other working components. She's not an answer, in and of herself, but she builds upon Juro, Nergui, and the 1 & 2 drops. Unicorn's strength lies in the bluff, the mind game, and the switcheroo. Where you think I'm going may be where I'm going, or it may be elsewhere. ? This conflict, the next, and the next turn - that's what you need to worry about. I know, Unicorn isn't there yet. But we're getting some tools, and are darn fun to play. My favorite (latest) build is Juro, Nergui, and cheap guys with Lion splash (Ready For Battle, Legion of One). Shono slots in by replacing Utaku Mediator probably. Then again, there'll be 6 in 6 at the time, so who the heck knows.
  10. You beat me to it. Tadaka is sort of a soft counter, but Scorpion still ruffles those feathers, for sure.
  11. Wow, mIRC. That brings me back to elementary school.
  12. Nah. If you wait long enough, obsolescence comes back into fashion.
  13. In all fairness to the DT, neutral characters are much more touchy than clan characters. Clan characters are always balanced by the splash/influence requirement, and in-clan dynamics, while neutrals have to be considered in a much broader spectrum. I think they're wise to be cautious in that regard. Also, we did get the Kami in Disciples of the Void, which are pretty nasty. And we've yet to see how they shake things up, environmentally, if at all. But I think they represent a solid neutral - universally applicable - not favoring a ring, clan, or particular strategy. Satoshi falls into that category too. Sure, he seems to benefit Crab and Phoenix most, given holdings and magistrates, but can flesh out any Courtier/Political/Imperial deck beautifully. Back on topic: I think Shosuro Sadako is a really well designed card. Not only does he/she/it prop up the Shinobi sub-theme, but competes with many other cards in the dominant Scorpion decks. It does seem strange that Scorpion are getting so many conflict characters, but because of exactly that (and the deck-building limit), they have to make hard choices. Personally, I'm glad to see Scorpion growing laterally rather than vertically.
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