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  1. Lol OP saying the game is flawed in every way before the game is even out. This has to be the same people that say some sort of combo is broken before it even played and then released its it's not. And point 3. You face against a better deck. Oh my really, could this be why there is sidedeck in mtg or three deck elimination in headstone. I am sure there will be decks that counter each other out. Yes will expensive getting them but all hobbies are expensive. All I hear is problem problem problem instead of finding good solutions.
  2. Yeah at tournaments it wouldn't be smart to allow player made cards. That could lead to so much strange stuff and confusion. Image cards made in Windows Paint, Its my kids Luke drawing hehe. Any way does anyone have images of the alt art cards ? Or are they so limited that they aren't online...
  3. Seeing more and more alt-cards on youtube. Would love to print them out and play them as proxy to the real ones. So does anyone know where to get a good resolution of those alt-cards?
  4. Is there such a thing. App that tracks all the events coming up in an area.
  5. Hmm **** too late to try this game then. Hopefully some new 40k game will be made.
  6. Land cards that gives resources Haha kidding. But yeah there are plenty of ideas and I am sure they are coming. But what will be first up hmm "Do dmg, gain a life"
  7. Nice to see someone from Europe speak up. Can't say I have seen much of that, yes there are plenty of Us related threads about this topic Mr. fanboy ^^ Nevertheless I agree with the OP. I manage to get 15 boosters. Can't even make a deck with that. Not that it matter much because I don't even have a starter, So I have an online pdf of the rules and home made tokens. Doesn't get more amateur than that And now people are saying there won't be any more of that set. Great so perhaps on the next set I get 15 boosters again and I have a half decent deck This is starting to seem like a bad game to get into unless your are from the US where there are loads of supply... Hopefully that's wrong and ffg or tuning on the production. Either way noone know so gotta relax and wait but at the same time not buying more of this game, until they say something more about product availability.
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