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  1. Some of the insanity cards have the same impact on the game as a "you die" injury card would have. Lets say your intrepid gang snoops around for a few turns, then investigator X gets a mythos event which causes one damage. "No problem" one might say. But then lets say the card drawn said; "Your investigator dies. The investigation is over, but due to your investigator being a good person, he/she goes to heaven which means you win!" Would you have a problem with this sort of win condition? The rules are clear, the investigation is over and the player that drew the "you die" card won. Fun for all? Because this is essentially what happens. There is zero player interaction, and suddenly the game is over. I can only agree that the problem seems to be that the game does not have any mechanism for restraining or effectively hindering an insane investigator, even if it is entirely obvious what they are up to. You can't even shoot or try to knock someone out! And on top of that, the game action-economy is so tight that the loss of even a turn or two due to having to try and deal with an insane investigator probably means the game is over anyway.
  2. Agent Mole-Dan and Agent Scurvy. But you are absolutely correct, there are already lots of great models out there to count-as for all these. I know Hasslefree does a sort-of Hellboy which looks amazing (I own the model!)
  3. Yeah the Lovecraft-specific stuff should be fine (I have sculpted some on that theme myself), but the Hellboy, X-files and Evil Dead are certainly not,and could, if someone is a killjoy, cause you some grief. Perhaps. Or not.
  4. Sure thing! But remember that if you wanna sell them, there might be copyright issues and such. 😕
  5. These are really good, pleasantly surprised! They almost made me wanna try and sculp the models myself! Love Lovecrafts "drawback", made me lol! 😛
  6. totgeboren

    1st Edition Gators Only?

    One of the bags in the base game contains investigator cards and monster card for the investigator figures and monster figures that came with the first edition of the game. If you own the first edition of the game, you would have a bunch of monster figures, investigator figures, and tiles, and the conversion kit contains everything you need to use those old components with second edition straight away! If you have clicked in stuff you don't own (i.e. stuff from first edition) in the "My Collection" part of the App, many scenarios will ask you to use tiles and monster that you don't physically own. So if the app is asking for stuff you don't own, I suggest you unclick the expansions you don't own from the App (or use count-as or something). However, if you want to use those investigators and monsters that are described on the cards from the conversion kit, they are available in the Suppressed Memories and Recurring Nightmares "Figure and Tile collection", which, as the name implies only contains the figures and tiles. Those component are the same as was included in the previous first edition base game and expansions.
  7. Oh, cool! Will keep the model close by when I play the next time!
  8. Bottom post of the previous page.
  9. Got paint on my Hast... King in Yellow! *** *** (Odd, the two censured words above was the written form of the sound Zoidberg does when he flees. Has that turned into some something offensive as of late? )
  10. totgeboren

    Quests auto failing upon a character's death.

    I guess the answer has been given, but in RtL is really important too keep each other alive. For example, playing a party without a healer will probably be really difficult. Playing with a Dungeon Master means you win or lose depending on who achieves their objective first (The DM or the players), and the only thing death does is make it easier for the DM to achieve their objective. I RtL the app always has the same objective, kill the number of players +1. As soon as that is done, the app wins.
  11. Thanks guys! And now I'm finally done (again!) All that is left is to put some clear varnish on the edge of the bases to make them a bit more transparent (I sanded down some cheap plastic to make the bases. Much cheaper than buying them directly!) Halfway done with my King in Yellow too, some one more update on its way at least.
  12. totgeboren

    "Fire spreads" direction dice?

    I think fire is in part balanced by the group getting to decide where it goes. This means you often have a few turns to react before the fire becomes a big problem, or you can use it to to aid you a bit against monsters and so on. Rolling it randomly is of course fine too, but it does make the game a bit harder than intended. If you think the game is a bit too easy as it is, rolling randomly is probably a good idea. If you want to play super-hard-mode, place the fire where it would hurt the group the most instead. 😛
  13. We (or I) have rewritten the rules for the traitor cards and for death (the game doesn't end because someone died), but these cards are still essentially a 'you lose' card for the investigation. Though, in the one game we had where someone drew a crad like that, (4-player game) we had the traitor kill one other investigator, but the last two managed to secure the win two rounds after, which was actually super-fun all things considered. The backstabbed player was all like "Avenge meeeeeeeeglaghgalgh..." But if someone draws one of those halfway through the game, the session is probably over there and then. I agree that situations like that are not really good game design.
  14. The new investigators are ready to be sprayed, but I got to thinking that my latest project might be kinda fun to show you guys. It's a "Chaos Spawn" for a game called Necromunda, but I got inspired to sculpt it drawing some massive inspiration from Hast... The King in Yellow. No use in MoM, but a kinda fun sculpt anyway. Hope you enjoy it!
  15. totgeboren

    Sanctum of Twilight: Got it!

    Great to hear, looking forward to painting the figures!