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  1. I have installed the latest MoM version 1.3.1 app on both my iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 10.2 and Android tablet with Android version 5.0. I have played the Cycle of Eternity module on both. Unfortunately, both the iPhone and Android tablet apps exhibit the same problem of not being able to properly load the last saved game. Upon loading a saved game, all map tiles appear to be stacked on top of each other instead of being laid out adjacent to one another. I can see search, sight, explore, and bookshelf tokens that seem to be located in areas outside of these stacked tiles in black empty space which I presume might be their correct locations if the map tiles were laid out properly instead of being stacked. The app is still responsive and I’m able to zoom in and out and pan around in all directions but I just can't play the game without the map tiles being drawn properly. I’ve attached a screenshot of the app taken on my iPhone and a picture of the app running on the Android tablet showing the same problem. I tried a couple of things to get the app to layout the tiles again but nothing helped: Restarting the app and reloading Ending the Investigator’s Phase, and hoping the game would fix itself Reciting incantations that suddenly formed in my mind Is there any workaround for this issue? Otherwise, this really will be a Mansion of Madness for me because it's borderline insanity to play for 2 hours and expect your save game to work and then find it doesn't. Will a fix be issued to resolve the saved game issue so that I can play my saved game? Or, should I expect that my saved game will never work again and start a new game?
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