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  1. I like the dice mechanic for Genesys (and Star Wars and WHFRP 3e, where it began). The issue I have is that dice rolling can last a bit long, simply because of the way you build your pool, cancel dice, read the results, etc. For most checks, a simple succeed/fail is all I want. Do you have any suggestions for those instances? I was thinking of just using a simple success metric, as used most dice pool games. For example, you need X successes from your roll to succeed. Just roll your own dice without worrying about challenge dice. I'm not sure what to do with boons. Maybe ignore them or say that 2 boons = 1 success. More important scenes would use the RAW mechanics. ADDENDUM: I'm not looking for "play another game." I enjoy hacking system mechanics, so I'm looking for ideas to do that here.
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