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  1. I think that's really good. I really like the Analysis ability.
  2. Here are a couple of characters I made thanks Chewbacca Rebel atst Cost-16 Vehicle- heavy weapon Massive +3 accuracy Surge: blast 2, surge: pierce 3 Targeting computer Awkward False orders Imperial disguise: if you did not attack this round, you can not be the target of attacks Heath-15 Speed-4 Defense-black, black Attack- blue, red, red EWOK Furry monsters Cost: 6? Figures per group:3 Surge: +1 damage, surge: hidden, surge: piece 1 Action: Spear throw: preform a range attack with a red dice. The attack gains +3 accuracy and piece 1 Health: 2, movement: 4, defense: white, if hidden white+black, attack green, red
  3. Love it especially the force ghost. In a skirmish Would your opponent still get the points for killing him since he has force ghost? But I have to say he sounds awesome
  4. I finished my Captain Terro and Dewback Rider. Man, they were fun to paint Thanks for viewing
  5. Dog0987, could you upload a picture of your storm troopers. I would love to see how they look.
  6. Here are the imperial officers. Fairly happy with them, and thanks to Sorastro's tutorial on them it really helped And here is the elite officer.
  7. I am thinking about trying some of the rebels soon any ideas which one would be a good one to start out with? Was thinking about MHD-19.
  8. Here are my elite snow troopers. I based them of the galactic marines from the battle of mygeeto.
  9. Snow troopers over all I am happy with them and really like the way the cloth parts came out. And their backs
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