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  1. And another question came up: -On a Complex Encounter we need to make Will-test to decide if we need to do the PASS or FAIL test next. The same question if we need to make any test on a location encounter card (Arkham/London or perhaps a Wilderness encounter). Let's say we go the Asset: Vatican Missionary Ally-card " Gain +1 Will. You may reroll 1 die when resolving a will-test" - Can we + the none-combat encounter(s) assets to that test?
  2. Nevermind my last statement:) There is alot of Talents and other stuff inflicting the die rolled. Pretty sure we got that right. And I gotta agree with you that the number is fixed from the start. So it's stil a Toughness 7 AO even if to players/investigators are Eliminated. Well - we'll get it next time!:-)
  3. If that's the case we win!! Else we fail by 1 single die roll not being a success:-(
  4. Another question: The Ancient One is up and we're on the Final Mystery to kill the AO. We player with 4 investigators. 2 investigators dies to the AO. One is in a adjacent space and can't attack the AO. 4th one in melee and attacking AO. AO's chip says: Toughness equals Investigators+3 so T=7. Since two are dead and there by Elminated (and according to Rulebook p. 16, Eliminated paragraph, "... can no longer participate in the game." is the AO's toughness now 5?
  5. Excellent! Thank you, tsuma534:-)
  6. Hi guys - some questions came up during play the other day: 1: Will the upcomming Mask-Expansion require former expansions to be playable? 2: Focus action: In the Action phase. Can we do it twice in a row or only once (as the other actions)? 3: Unique assets: A card says, "gain a unique relic." Does that include unique Magical relics? 4: Can a Investigator Discard an item as an Action (or is it only when forced to)? Have a nice day out there:)
  7. Thanks gran_oroco! 1 - Good good! If we can decied, then "kiting" is now way more effective. 2- Yeah okey - seems to make sense it stays put and attacks. Put later we got a, "Move toward the space with the most investigators" So it left the single one and attacked the larger party. So it seems monster can move around even after the have engaged in melee combat ...
  8. Monster activations says: " the cultist moves 2 spaces towards the nearest investigator". We got 4 investigators in 2 x 2 groups. Both 2-man teams are 2 spaces away. Question 1: What's the rule used when we need to find out what team the cultist moves to? (random by die roll or do we get to decied as per the conflict rule in RR p. 2) Question 2: " the cultist moves 2 spaces towards the nearest investigator". Will the cultist move to another investigator if it is allready in space/melee range with another investigator? I guess it stays put and attack since NEAREST is defined as, ... "fewest number of spaces away" including the space from which an effect originates (RR p. 13)? have a nice day & happy monster hunting out there:-)
  9. - Investigators are placed in the hotel room. A Hybrid spawns and wants to attack but we barricaded the door. - the App says nothing about the Hybrid needs to break down the door but according to the rules it has to, right? Now 4 turns into the game it is still standing there banging on the door (brawn=2 and it needs 2 x succes to breach the door/barricade). Not happening. - Would it maybe choose another route through unexplored areas (guess not) or just keep banging on the door/barricade?
  10. - So my Investigator has a WOUNDED condition and has lost no more health. - Investigator phase: I can heal my self using an Item, Spell etc. (lets say heal 2 damage) but what happens? Will I remove the WOUNDED card and place some new facedown wound- cards?
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