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  1. I think the game sold reasonably well and it was well reviewed overall, plus it had a very attractive price. I don't know how well it sold, but I think it did ok. While I would have hoped for an expansion by now, let's not forget games like Game of Thrones 2nd edition just got an expansion and that's been out for a while now, so I'm still hoping. I think Fallout didn't do as well (specially reviews) and still got an expansion pack, so who knows! I had a game last night of Civilization A New Dawn and I still think it's a great game, but it could do with more Focus cards, wonders, tiles and so on.
  2. Every scenario has currently a few variations (if any) available, and I'd say for play testing and balance, and for the amount of work on the back end that it would mean, scenarios will never have hundreds of variations. Most maps have between 2 and 4 layouts, based on the content you own (and I must admit I like it that way, means better thought layouts and and avoids inconsistent or buggy maps). The article below lists quite well the current variations: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1900305/complete-list-all-scenario-map-variants-potential With those variations in mind, I think it'd be nice to be able to have an option to choose a layout (without giving details away).
  3. Am I the only one? Surely we all have thought about it. Open the app, select a scenario and then the app lets you select like: Map layout A Map layout B Map Layout C Random Layout And so on, depending on the scenario. If you played the layout A the first time around, you can select option B the second, etc, even a random option if you have played them all and you want to be surprised. Man, they can even use it to tempt people to buy expansions, for example: Map layout A Map layout B Map Layout C (locked) Map Layout D (locked) Random Layout Anyone else ever wanted this? I have several expansions, I want to feel I'm making the most of the tiles!
  4. The original Civilization board game from FFG came out in November and in September the year after an expansion was out, so I'm hoping they will announce an expansion this summer or Gen Con for example for New Dawn.
  5. Juan4aigle

    Q. Focus 3 card error?

    It's just the name on the card really, no gameplay affected. Military III still does attacks and Industry III builds cities and whatnot. It's just that Nationalism should have been the name for the Military card, and Mass Production the name for the Industry card.
  6. Juan4aigle

    Q. Focus 3 card error?

    Just out of curiosity I contacted FFG about this and, after a couple of emails they said "We apologize for any disappointment that this may have caused and unfortunately we do not have any replacement cards being printed for this issue. We have changed this on the future printings of the game and I have forwarded your e-mail to the appropriate people/persons involved to start an internal discussion." I'm not sure how true this is, but I felt it was rather disappointing that they may have changed this now for reprints but won't process it as a "replacement parts" query.
  7. Juan4aigle

    Mansions of Madness: The Video Game....

    So... coming to Steam only? Not other platforms?
  8. Juan4aigle

    Captured City State defence value

    If you conquer a city-state you replace it with one of your cities, I'd say then the normal rules that apply to any of your cities will affect this one (so no 8 defence value).
  9. Juan4aigle

    Q. Focus 3 card error?

    I think you are right! Does FFG have like an official errata section anywhere? Couldn't find anything.
  10. Juan4aigle

    Nuclear Power Focus card

    I'd say your lawyer is wrong. The card has two steps: first, a condition that you may meet or not (if in the 5th slot, then X happens). Then, whether that step and its requirements were met or not, advance your tech dial a number of spaces equal to this slot's number. If you could only use the card in the last slot, it wouldn't say "equal to this slot's number", it would simply say 5 spaces. Also I'm sure the card would be more specific as in "use only on the 5th slot".
  11. Juan4aigle

    Range and Combat

    You know what, as I typed it I was wondering about it. I had a look in the manual and I couldn't find it, just like you said, but I have the feeling I have read somewhere that range cannot be calculated bending corners and so on. Maybe I imagined it, or I thought it just made sense :S In any case, I wonder if anyone has seen anything about it as well or I'm just crazy (or shall I say insane condition).
  12. Juan4aigle

    Range and Combat

    No dumb questions here (maybe dumb answers from me though). Close combat weapons like blunt and bladed are used in the same space, ranged weapons and ranged spells (the gun symbol), can be used up to 3 spaces in line of sight if I remember correctly. It's described always as "within range" so same space counts too, as it's within range. No shooting bending corners or through doors and walls, unless a specific effect allows it.
  13. Juan4aigle

    Overall Variety in MoM

    The only thing missing is an option to choose a map at the start of a scenario
  14. Juan4aigle

    Barbarians in capital city?

    Yeah we had the same issue and we simply did as above, the Barbarians wouldn't enter the space and remain instead where they were. Next time they move hopefully they'd go somewhere else, or at least it gives the player a chance to defeat them.
  15. Juan4aigle

    Overall Variety in MoM

    It's likely one of the best board games I have ever played. If you play the same scenario twice in a row, fine, it can get repetitive and the surprise factor goes away a bit. However the base game comes with four fantastic scenarios, two of them with map variations. There are two scenarios as DLC for the app too, with different maps, and there are two major expansions (without counting the tiles collections and their scenarios) that also include 5 scenarios in total between them. Given their duration and variations, not once have I found the game unsurprising or interesting. Look, simply put, it's a really good game that appeals to the vast majority of players, give it a try and forget for a minute about the expansions. If you don't like it for some reason, I doubt you'd struggle to resell it to someone else given its popularity.