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  1. Give us info! We won't tell anyone, promise, we'll keep it a secret. It's not like you are in a public forum or something...
  2. Hello! Sorry if this has been asked before. I saw a thread about it as well in bgg but most answers were "there are plenty of ways" but no detail. I understand food rations can help get rid of face up fear / damage and so can the musician class (but it seems only the high xp cards). I don't have the food rations in my current campaign and seems to late to multiclass to a musician, so what other ways are there to get rid of horrid face up damage / fear cards? Last game I got a card that stopped me from putting cards back on top of the deck when scouting which was extremely frustrating. Thanks in advance!
  3. 85 CAD is like 60 euros or 65 USD, which is about the normal price for big expansions for FFG for games like Mansions of Madness, or Imperial Assault like mentioned above (which tend to retail at 59.95 usd or so?). In any case, I think this is exciting news and I look forward to hearing more, hopefully FFG will announce something soon.
  4. Is Civilization A New Dawn abandoned or will we ever see a much needed expansion? There's quite a community still supporting this game and the game would benefit from an expansion. With Doom Eternal coming out, any plans for an expansion? The main game is a few years old but we recently saw an expansion for Game of Thrones the board game second edition, so anything's possible. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for sharing your experience! I found this rather helpful. I had a rocky beginning with the game but things are looking up now, I think it took me a while to understand how to make the most of the characters and decks, but five adventures in now, I feel scenarios are slowly getting easier. It's nice to hear that, in a way, you had a slightly similar experience (perhaps not as rocky as mine). In five adventures, I have only found one trinket, so perhaps I need to explore more often. In any case, thanks for describing your experience, I look forward to the rest of my campaign!
  6. I played another quest now (Aragorn and Bilbo, changed Aragorn to pathfinder) and for some reason things went much better this time, but I feel I was lucky. And, after all, that is the feeling with the game, that I think it's poorly balanced. And I don't mean on paper, I mean that if you are lucky and also make good decisions all the time, then the game will go your way but when something goes wrong, the game will pile on you, and it's terribly hard to recover from that. One bad Fear card that remains face up, and your inspiration economy goes downhill, one threat token too many that you failed to remove, you reach the threshold and two more enemies show up, fail to kill an enemy and the inspiration you saved will be needed in the counterattack or you are out, etc. I almost never prepare cards with successes because you need them so badly, but it still means you have 4 successes in 14 cards. Inspiration goes out as easily as it comes, and preparing skills has so much luck involved that it pains me, as I very rarely scout cards I want or can truly benefit from (and some are useful in only particular cases, for a specific type of test for example). I added a new card with my Experience in the last quest, and never had the chance to scout it as it never came up. All in all, I like the idea of the game, I may house rule something for my first campaign while I get used to the mechanics, but having played a lot of games from FFG (MoM, Descent, IA, Doom, Fallout...) this is by far the most unfair and punishing of them all. Thanks everyone for the help and advice, I appreciate you all chipped in your thoughts and experiences, hopefully they will help in next adventures!
  7. Thank you everyone for the feedback and input, it's much appreciated (and helpful!). I still disagree with the game being easy, and I find it far more punishing than Imperial Assault or Mansions of Madness (which I find challenging but doable, and when I lost a scenario I always felt it was my fault). I don't feel Scouting cards compensates for having four successes in a deck of 15 cards, and although I read your advice I don't seem to live those situations. "Remember you can only prepare 4 skills...": I don't think a round goes by with me not having to use the prepared skill, situations always require that extra help. Inspiration doesn't come by as often and, with only 4 successes in your deck, I end up having to use inspiration in almost every single test (when I have it). A lot of the tests are notoriously hard like test "Might: 3" when having three successes in 2-4 cards is just against the odds. Yesterday I tested to remove a threat token and had a difficulty of three, which I didn't pass. I gained fear and of course it was to keep face up, explaining that I needed to discard one inspiration from now on every time I wanted to interact with a threat token. Bad luck? This type of problem seems to come across all the time for me. Also, it seems that all damage and fear seems to be face up for me 3 out of 4 times and it just makes things worse. "Don't reveal or explore areas before you are ready": Yesterday the game literally deployed 4 areas, 3 remained unexplored and the central piece had then 2 threat tokens (which again I genuinely failed to remove). It's just unbalanced to me I'm sorry. I truly want to like the game, and I'm thankful for the advice above which I take with me. Maybe I have to start over again and plan better.
  8. So I'm struggling to, being honest, have fun with the game. I find it extremely difficult and unforgiving, to a point of desperation. Having played around 6 times (and only up to four quests, as I'm trying two campaigns simultaneously), I have lost at least half those times. It feels like a race with no pacing, with no time to check or investigate in this continuous race to remove threat and explore tiles to avoid higher threat ranking up in the shadow phase. In the meantime, the game keeps popping enemies left and right that cannot be quickly defeated. Both campaigns are with only two characters (Bilbo and Aragorn, and Bilbo and Legolas), so I wonder, has anyone experimented with higher player counts and felt it was a better balance? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  9. I came to the forums just to start a thread about this, I have finished the second scenario (the first battlemap) and I also felt it was far more challenging than expected. I felt there were too many enemies and they are increasingly harder to kill (but I think I didn't use the scenery/terrain in the battle map to my advantage as much as I should have). I'm playing with Bilbo and Aragorn, and I have another campaign with my wife with Legolas and Bilbo. Any advice on combat moving forward in the Campaign? I find enemies counterattacks overwhelming and a lot of the damage/fear cards seem to stay up and pile on.
  10. I didn't want to start a new thread since my question I feel is sort of connected to this. But I had this Fear card the other day, that it said to keep face up and (I'm paraphrasing) that you suffer a new Fear damage at the end of your turn, basically meaning you get one fear every turn and you cannot get rid of the card (not through a last stand or a Rest action). Isn't that a bit overwhelming? I felt it was a bit too much since some characters have like 3-4 fear tolerance (and there is no shortage of suffering Fear as it is through the game). did I read it wrong? Anyone else have seen this card?
  11. Has anyone played the campaign? Any thoughts?
  12. I think the game sold reasonably well and it was well reviewed overall, plus it had a very attractive price. I don't know how well it sold, but I think it did ok. While I would have hoped for an expansion by now, let's not forget games like Game of Thrones 2nd edition just got an expansion and that's been out for a while now, so I'm still hoping. I think Fallout didn't do as well (specially reviews) and still got an expansion pack, so who knows! I had a game last night of Civilization A New Dawn and I still think it's a great game, but it could do with more Focus cards, wonders, tiles and so on.
  13. Every scenario has currently a few variations (if any) available, and I'd say for play testing and balance, and for the amount of work on the back end that it would mean, scenarios will never have hundreds of variations. Most maps have between 2 and 4 layouts, based on the content you own (and I must admit I like it that way, means better thought layouts and and avoids inconsistent or buggy maps). The article below lists quite well the current variations: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1900305/complete-list-all-scenario-map-variants-potential With those variations in mind, I think it'd be nice to be able to have an option to choose a layout (without giving details away).
  14. Am I the only one? Surely we all have thought about it. Open the app, select a scenario and then the app lets you select like: Map layout A Map layout B Map Layout C Random Layout And so on, depending on the scenario. If you played the layout A the first time around, you can select option B the second, etc, even a random option if you have played them all and you want to be surprised. Man, they can even use it to tempt people to buy expansions, for example: Map layout A Map layout B Map Layout C (locked) Map Layout D (locked) Random Layout Anyone else ever wanted this? I have several expansions, I want to feel I'm making the most of the tiles!
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