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  1. I would love to play an Arkham Horror like Star Wars LCG. I would be in 100% from launch. As for playing with nameless rebels and imperials, I’m 100% fine with that. Create new heroes on missions to spy, slice, steal data, and even fight and escape all with a similar encounter card and threat token mechanics!
  2. 5 stores within 1 hour to 1.5 hours of me, zero pre-order events. I talked to 2 store owners who said yes the pre-order buzz was way down, but they had zero posters or artwork, and they still didn't the week after Xmas. There was nothing in the store to say hey STAR WARS card game! These stores mainline MTG. 20/10/10/5/2 tables. Finally, what pre-orders they did put in, which was for more than what individuals order, they didn't get 100% filled. People want to keep acting like FFG either A under reacted to the market or B failed to meet their own numbers bc of production issues. When in reality it seems that they are happy with their numbers. This game has almost zero traction in a city with 5 brick and mortar stores that you can get a game of MTG 5-6 days a week. Last time I was in the store I use to frequent for MTG they still had no posters or product. Tweeted 2 stores about Spirit events, zero response. IF this game has taken off where you live, great be happy. But FFG has got to be 100% happy with what they're pushing, because it is easy to see room for growth that they're not willing to risk venturing in.
  3. Exactly. What I end up with is ppl who feel like they're pretty good card players, enjoy the first and second game, begin to do some research during the week, return and say meh I would like to try this or that, I might get in when I can buy my own cards. The other ppl play a hand bc it is Star Wars, and they are fans, or because it's new and rare, and they're like wow you have every card! And then they go back to MTG. This idea that competitive CCG guys are just going to line up and get deep into the meta with my card set is just wishful thinking. I did it in hopes that more pre orders would open, and we'd have a lot of new players, but they never came.
  4. I do. I've talked to two store owners, and shown up to show off the game. Your city is actually bigger than mine, and we have 5 stores here! The reaction is, hey that looks cool I might play if I could ever even buy a single starter! Lol Followed by then trying to get my to play MGT, which I use to play.
  5. I own at least 2 of every card. No stores within 1.5 hours of me plays with any regularity yet. That's the thing, it's not just dependent on some getting product, it has to have a big community, or it'll just be a side thing for most places. To my local stores it looks like a side game, GOT like. A situation where they don't run events, don't have regular nights. X-wing, Armada, now Arkham Horror has more followers at these stores than SWD. As a result, I considering moving on and finding something else to play. I have pre order for set of SOR too.
  6. 5 stores within 1 hour and a 1/2 of me. Table sizes 40/20/20/5/2 virtually no SWD. All of these stores tell me they got very little product. Talking to the owner of the 40 table store. The pre orders were small, but he received them all, as well as 2 boxes and a handful of starters, not equal to his total order. Then they got one box of boosters right before Xmas. He doesn't blame FFG for print run, exactly. What he said was FFG does a poor job of estimating period. He attributed this one to FFG making starters that people regularly bought multiple of. For example, Arkham Horror LCG, and SWD. Then FFG has no real good idea how many individuals bought one, or two, or even three. Look at SWD. They chose to put the light saber in the starter only. This pushes ppl to buy more than one starter. The second thing he said was FFG failed to provide ANY flare for his store. No posters, banners, etc. basically ppl his hand made sign said check out SWD on YouTube. Third he hated the roll out. This is a store that plays magic 5 days a week, with pickup games everyday. As well as a weekly X wing night. He said if the roll out boxed event had been a reasonably priced, with some exclusive artwork, some door prize, he wagered he could have gotten 25-30 people to do the event. As it was, no event. And virtually zero regular SWD players. This was similar to a talk I had with one of the 20 table stores. He said he personally loves destiny, but runs zero events or schedules at his store!?!? ALL of these stores run MTG everyday.
  7. I would like to see the bin close and lock full loaded to see some of its actual functionality as a solution.
  8. If rubbing alcohol didn't work, I'd step up to denatured alcohol. I would try denatured alcohol on a test infantry granades. 6-7 bucks at Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot.
  9. I'm honestly not crazy about the controls for TTS, but it is my only real way to play where I don't bring all the cards and teach. ATM However, I would point out 5 stores in my area (anywhere from 25 min to 1:25 min away) table sizes 40,20,20,10, and 2. Zero destiny at 40,20,20, and 2. Nothing on the schedule. Owners, staff, and players all tell me virtually no one comes in for pick up games, but people did ask about product. 2 table store said there is two guys that come in from time-to-time. MTG at all of these stores. Daily pick up games, scheduled drafts, modern, commander, etc, schedule is full. This, to me, is super disheartening. I wish FFG would build a digital platform for their games, bc no one plays GoT, Star Wars LCG, and now Destiny, near me, with a solid gaming community, 5 stores! When I ask these hardcore "" mtg fans what is it about SWD, the answer is availablity. I played MTG for years, came back to it 2012, played many drafts at these stores for a year. But these CCG guys want more than what FFG gives. They want a constant feed of packs, and retail access to every card. Does anyone have faith that FFG can do this? Not just based on SWD's current supply issues, just their overall shipping model. Look it works for them, obviously. But this is a CCG. Are they trying to create new CCG buyers? Convert current? The majority of people I talk too wished FFG went big with Destiny and carved out some MTG market. But I think it hasn't happened yet, maybe we'll see a slow build to that yes, but I don't know that I believe that at this point. Otherwise I would love a digital solution, that I would pay for. Dispite the fact that I love physical cards. As a side note, I own a full play set, 2x, and I've preordered a Spirit of Rebellion set.
  10. Miniature Market has a few in stock, just ordered mine.
  11. A few copies of Dunwich Legacy Expansion are in stock at Miniature Market. I just got mine, so you guys better hurry. I think they had 8 left!
  12. The more I play, the more I watch it played, I think dice tower. One where you can just pick it up and leave the dice where they've landed. And I am not a dice tower guy. But dice are going everywhere. I just give them a small roll off to the side, but people are trying this flick-of-the-wrist thing for the single die. It is, annoying. Lol
  13. "I have friends who won't touch it because it's star wars." That's a pretty ridiculous bias. Especially if these friends play table top games? That's some serious irony, as table top players are at the end of too many bad discriminatory jokes just to have gamers themselves do it too.
  14. "The game broke down to who can activate, fix and resolve before opponent can cancel dice." I think many card games similar to this have this in common: as removal goes, so goes the game. As far as is destiny good? Yea I think it's really good.
  15. Crabbok, love your YouTube content! I think the game mechanics are great, and I could see it as other IPs. Avengers content would be great.. I can imagine Spider-man's special as being able to steal an opponent's die and use it. You know, webshooters and all.
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