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  1. I appear to have missed this for the past few years, but where in the EotE CRB do they cover bounty hunter adversary creation? I know of three statblocks for Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Hunter, but nothing else?
  2. So basically the underbarrel grapnel launcher from Special Modifications So basically GeneLock from Dangerous Covenants. Discipline boost is interesting. What's the lore to that? In 40k it'd be some inscriptions of faith and purity seals, but it's odd for SW to feature such a boosting effect on something as banal as a blaster? Applying Cortosis to a variety of weapons is real strong. Only melee or guns too? Hope that one is pricey. Do we at least have some Geonosian adversaries that carry their unique weapons? I realize that doesn't give us price and rarity, but it'd be a start.
  3. I'd love to have some insight into the weapon attachments. I've only caught a glimpse of that Vibro-motor and its surrounding text. What else is there, and what's it do?
  4. I think at this point you are setting the Hull Thresholds a bit low. The default four-door in the CRB has 4 Hull, 5 Strain. I'd give an APC probably 8 HT and the Humvee 5. They do get a bit tougher than realistic with that (single rocket vs 2 or 3) but it also means that if your PCs are driving them, they're less likely do die to a single lucky shot.
  5. I had a recent use for it in a situation where other social skills didn't apply well. PC was carrying an illegal package (droid hidden in a suitcase) through customs and the officer's perception check failed, but with a triumph. I ruled this as the officer making a comment about noticing the repulsor fields and saying something about "must be a heavy suitcase". The PC responded with "yeah it is, fields make it easier". Now that wasn't a blatant lie, sicne the droid *is* heavy, and it wasn't really charming either. So I ruled it as Cool for the PC keeping his composure when presenting that line.
  6. Hmm, question/idea on Prepare to be Boarded! The text for it specifies that the target surrenders the ship if exceeding strain threshold. How would that extend to rivals and minions? By RAW, any strain they take is applied to wounds and they don't actually *have* a ST. So either they are immediately over threshold given that it doesn't exist (which would be hillarious, as every Rival-level captain immediately surrenders their ship) or you need to instead go over their WT. Overall, this talent seems to be pretty difficult to apply, since you're never going to roll enough success and triumph to beat an average ST of 12, or am I missing something?
  7. I think the ODM might work well as a Silhouette 1 vehicle: Use Piloting to maneuver it about, moving at much higher rangebands than a normal human can run. Should have not that great of a handling, with players having the option of picking talents to improve it, as well as adjusting the gear itself (personalized gear with the straps properly adjusted would handle better). The swords could be integrated weapons, but used with Melee(Light); and posessing either the Limited Ammo quality, or the chance to break on 2/3 threats, requiring an action to reload/attach new blades to the hilts. Titans are a bit tricky, since they are unable to die unless you hit the nape. Might require some special ruling about requiring an aim/called shot (two setbacks, as per Genesys p.98). With combat progressing at high speeds, and the speed of the ODM requiring frequent maneuvers (to turn around and back again as their speed keeps them moving past the Titans) players won't often have the luxury of two aim maneuvers, therefor making an actual kill very challenging (and keeping in the style of the show with that). Normal attacks are of course still possible, and triggering criticals for instance can be very worthwhile, crippling their movement with cut tendons or blinding them with precise strikes to the eyes.
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