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  1. You become a Biotic by having the Biotics skill as a career skill. See page 86: Therefor, any Asari is automatically biotic (because they gain it as a career skill), anyone chosing Adept is a biotic (because they have it as a career skill) and anyone taking the Emergent Biotic talent is also a biotic. However, none of them can use the skill until they have at least one rank in it.
  2. Quite simply because I'm not doing Old Republic classes =p I chose "Acolyte" because it sounds more dark and mysterious, I went for Sorcerer for the same reason. The Sith Blademaster was originally named Marauder, but I realized that it conflicts with the Hired Gun - Marauder (specialisations of the same name need to be the same, see Hired Gun - Heavy and Soldier - Heavy). "Warrior" would conflict with the career of the same name from Force and Destiny by the way. So I went for Blademaster, which is a term used in SW Legends for Sith combat specialists with a broad skillset in various kinds of weaponry ^^
  3. The Sith equivalent is "A Lesson in Pain". It has a far higher cost, but it's narratively appropriate, which leads me to my next point: I'm not completely fussed about matching the Jedi Career in terms of power level. SWRPG is already infamous for not being balanced. Each supplement adds more gear and specs, they're not always coordinated with existing content, some are flat out better than others, some are a pain in the *** to just maneuver through (looking at you, Slicer) and some abilties are broken beyond belief (Jury Rigged autofire is the most prominent example there). It's a simple fact that this system isn't balanced in all directions, and players who want to play the meta will always find a way to do that. But I've learned something in creating a content for Genesys over the past two years: Flavor trumps game mechanics. It doesn't matter if a feature is slightly less powerful. This is a narrative game system. If it's got good fluff, that can make up for it. So with that in mind, yeah the Sith career is probably less powerful and more punishing than Jedi. But honestly, that's okay, because if you want to play a Sith, you can now play a Sith. That should be the reason you choose that career. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. @Luahk Only reason I named it "Blademaster" and not "Juggernaut" is because it's not focused on defense. If it had Enduring and more ranks of Durable, that name would be appropriate =p I'm removing "Fear the Shadows" from the Lord, so I can use that free space to throw in a talent akin to "Master of the Order". Maybe I'll ditch "Enhanced Leader" for "Nobody's Fool (Improved)", since Leadership isn't in the Lord's tree anyhow. I'm also currently toying with the idea of a Cartel Dealer as a universal spec. On the one hand, it'd be a fun nod towards TOR's ingame monetization feature, on the other, it'd be a non-combat universal tree (which this book so far lacks), and it could make for fun synnergy with various EotE specs. Edit: The Acolyte gets the second step of the code, which skips having to buy it in Lord. I don't want to go any further with that.
  5. Thanks for the feedback folks, I'll do my best to work through it I used knowledge is power because it was already an existing talent. I know about the Knowledge is Strength one, but Warfare didn't feel super appropriate, Lore does. And making a talent that adds Lore when there already exists one that replaces with Lore felt like it'd cause needless confusion. Also, increasing Force rating by potentially 5 is stupidly broken, lol. As for natural mystic, it's good, but I didn't want to stuff this tree full of super good stuff. Sorcerers already get channel Agony to buff their Force Power checks, they can use Intense Focus for any force power that uses a normal skillcheck, and they have Knowledge is Power. Adding the reroll to that feels like too much for a single tree imho. Jedi Master gets the improved one, and I didn't want to copy too much from that tree. I also personally liked the idea of Smooth Talker aiding the corrupting influence of a Sith (Deception) or the Fear they exude (Coercion). Yeah I didn't make a talent for that, because for one, it's hard to find a thematically appropriate mechanic. "Victory" and "Freedom" are easy to represent with game mechanics, "Power" not so much. Secondly the words "power" and "strength" are very similar. Thirdly, that talent chain was already really long, Passion -> Strength -> Victory -> Freedom is already one more than your usual "improved/supreme" progression, so I didn't want to cram in another one. So I just took the creative liberty to shorten the Sith code there =P Yeah that's a fair point. That ablity is very potent in Jedi Masters. On the other hand Sith Lords instead gain the ability to just immediately succeed on a check, maybe that cancels it out a little bit? Once again, I didn't want to rip too much from the Jedi Master. That's a valid assessment tbh. Sith should have the easy, but conflict-laiden path. I'll definitely take another look at the progression. Oh yeah, that might be very broken. I must admit that I've not yet done enough lightsaber combat to estimate the balances on that. I'll tone it down though, it's too good. Embrace your Hate already adds damage while gaining conflict. Making another thing that adds damage for having conflict seems redundant. Also, reducing conflict by "spending" it like a resource feels a bit too much like a video game resource to me :V Oh, excellent find, thanks! I'll definitely make sure to fix that 😄
  6. Nope, sorry, I don't have any pre-made characters, this is just a raw setting. Character creation is up to the players.
  7. This is my current revised version of the Mandalorian. I managed to incorporate your ideas, putting the "rapid assault" talents in their own column and adding a new, unique talent "Eternal Glory" (or darasuum kote in Mando'a). Death Watch gets a similar functionality in Improved Sidestep, but this one requires you to actually get hit, putting more emphasis on the tankyness of TOR Mandalorians. I dropped Physical Training in favor of a second rank of Combat Veteran, adding more boosts to Brawl, given that it's not a career skill but should still be good. The tree does have very few active talents now, usually I try to get around 6 to 7 in. Also uncertain how much I like Confidence in here, given that Combat Vet already boosts Discipline. I'm debating trading it for Intimidating instead.
  8. Thanks so much for the input, you two! I'll be working through the formatting problems quickly Regarding changes to the trees: Fair! It felt flavorful, but doesn't synnergize well. Got a suggestion for a replacement? Reckless Charge is actually a talent from Genesys, found in Realms of Terrinoth. I chose to keep it unranked for an instance, powerful benefit without needing to ramp up. Embrace your Hate is an existing ranked talent from Knights of Fate (Juyo Berserker tree). It's also not a Force talent in that book despite applying conflict (which gives a precedent to other talents like that). I did not want to make changes to existing FFG talents (except for adjusting their phrasing to use gender-neutral pronouns) and use as many existing features as possible to stay within their balance. I do recognize the issue with acquiring a high amount of conflict with this tree however. On the one hand, it feel appropriate, this tree represents a Sith Lord, who should be so immersed in the dark side that conflict is irrelevant to them. On the other, you have a very good point that character should be redeemable in most cases, or should at least have the option to play one of the "nicer" Sith Lords. I think an easy way to lessen this impact would be removing the conflict from Victory from Strength and Freedom in Victory. Both of those are already behind a "barrier" of conflict, but the talents themselves aren't inherently evil. Also maybe I should look into replacing Fear the Shadows with something else. It's an unnecessary conflict generator and also more designed for a Batman-esque Sentinel than a Dark Lord of the Sith. Definite error on my part. A connection there would aid the flow and isn't too OP either. Hmm. Crusader is tough. We don't see as much Jetpack use in Old Republic as we do in CloneWars & Rebels, so I stayed away from those talents intentionally. I wanted to represent a tanky, heavy weapons specialist. I also have a bit of a personal gripe with FFG naming the Death Watch tree as they did, rather than making it a generic Mandalorian tree. Death Watch has unfortunate implications. Maybe a compromise would be encouraging maneuverability and weapon diversity? Allowing the tree to specialize in a broad set of weapons using "[blank] is now a careerskill" talents and thus highlighting the expansive combat training Mandalorians receive? I'm also open to any other suggestions of course!
  9. Greetings everybody! Over the past few months, I've invested some time into creating a document in the style of FFG's Era Books, but for the Old Republic era. [Latest Release 2020/05/03] Currently the document features 5 new species (Dashade, Echani, Miraluka, Rattataki, Sith Pureblood), an all new Sith Career (which generates a lot of conflict =P) and two universal specializations. It also features a chapter of weapons & armor (some from existing material, some newly added) and attachments (including two new lightsaber crystals). I have hopes of working on this in the future, but I didn't want to keep sitting on this, so consider it a beta release 😄 Hope you folks enjoy 😃 May the 4th be with you (soon anyway)
  10. Not really? The setting is basically feature-complete. I can't really think of anything else it needs.
  11. ~ Main Setting Version 1.0.2 Download ~ New version of the setting is out now! Just some minor fixes really, spelling errors, a wrong dice display on the Turian Spectre, and the Artificial Intelligence archetype now has their "Operating at Full Capacity" ability limited to a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5.
  12. Let's do some really vague, approximate math here, which is probably nowhere near close. The concentration of Helium-3 in lunar regolith varies between 3 and 50 parts per billion (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_resources#Helium-3) Let's assume the rough estimate of 150 tons of regolith for 1 gram of Helium-3 3 grams of Helium produce about 493 MWh of energy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helium-3#Nuclear_fuel), so 1 gram produces just over 164 MWh Global energy consumption in 2018 was about 160,000 TWh (https://ourworldindata.org/energy). Assuming that the future of Android has greatly upped our power consumption, let's take it to a hillarious estimate of 328,000 TWh (about double) So, 328,000 TWh of power consumption, at 164 MWh per gram, that's 2 billion grams of Helium-3, or 2,000 tons of Helium-3 for a year worth of power Following the quota established above, that would require 300 trillion tons of Regolith At an average density of 1.5 g/cm³ (https://curator.jsc.nasa.gov/lunar/letss/regolith.pdf), that's 200,000 km³ of Regolith The same source also lists it as a layer about 5 m thick, so we're look at 40,000,000 km² of lunar surface to excavate per year Funnily enough, the moons total surface area is 38,000,000 km², so after 1 year of burning its Helium-3, we're out. Now, this is obviously making some poor assumption on many accounts: 1) We have no idea how energy demand will look in the future of Android 2) We wouldn't power humanity on nuclear fusion alone; solar, wind and waterpower are still a thing 3) This is calculating with rough estimates, averages and data that NASA collected in the 60s For anyone curious on the full calculation that went on:
  13. Yes. You need to inflict wounds to inflict a critical injury. If an attack is fully soaked, it can't crit. See the table on page 104 of the Genesys Core Rulebook:
  14. The EPG does not have Obligation as a mechanic. SotB does not have so either. SotB instead introduces the concept of favors. They are similar to obligation, but not based around numbers. Instead you have small, medium and large favors. They indicate relations between a PC and a faction or an NPC, and you can either owe them (you have to do things for them) or be owed them (they will do things for you).
  15. I used the weapon calculation rules initially, but then decided to up the price a bit, because having short range in melee combat is such a massive advantage. It allows you to attack foes while not engaged with them, meaning your friends can still shoot them without repercussions, and you can keep your distance from them and still hit. I felt like the GCRB does not consider this, because they expect all melee weapons to use Engaged range. But yeah, I suppose even with giving it a price increase equal to Medium range we'd more likely come out to 125. I just eyeballed it =P
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