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  1. scoddyboy

    Has Destiny died off in your area?

    Unfortunately it has pretty much died a death in my area. No draft, quarterly support or regular weekly match ups. Its a shame as I really do enjoy this game and even though I get to play at home with my kids I miss the competitive buzz that a quarterly tournament gives. I have invested heavily in all sets released so far but feel that to have any competitive play at my FLGS I will have to sell up and start playing MtG again.
  2. scoddyboy

    For home/casual play, ONLY buying starter sets?

    For casual home play I would say this is fine. Even if you bought 1 of each starter available so far you would still get a decent amount of variety and some of those are available at a cut price. You can probably pick up a lot of commons for next to nothing on ebay to give even more variety.
  3. scoddyboy

    Old Finn

    I'm currently running an Old Finn, Hera, Rose deck which I have found to be quite competitive. It does include a couple of Seperatist landing crafts for the Battle droid shenanigans and resistance bombers as well as various other vehicles. The only upgrades it has are 2X second Chance to keep Finn alive. If I get chance I will post a full deck list on this thread later.
  4. scoddyboy

    How Are Your Dice?

    As far as I can tell the only dice I have problems with are the ones that had faults upon opening the booster pack. I wouldn't say any are showing much wear and tear on the faces and I have played on all sorts of surfaces.
  5. scoddyboy

    Formats and Rotation announced

    What formats people play will possibly be down to what kind of prize support/perks are available for each one. My FLGS has a small amount of people who play Destiny fairly regularly and quite a few more who just play it now and then on the side. Whenever the FLGS runs an event for Destiny with prizes up for grabs, everyone is all of a sudden playing destiny again. There is the potential, with what is essentially four formats as Draft needs to be included in this, for some kind of event to be held at least once a month and not just quarterly. This will hopefully get people playing again and draw some new players into the game.
  6. scoddyboy

    Is this game even Worth playing?

    I think you need to decide what you want from this game. If it is just a fun game with a small variety of deck building options then it doesn't need to cost too much. You could probably have a few nice decks just by having 1 of each of all of the starters available once Legacies is released. Plus if you can get into a gaming community you will probably find that a lot of the more hard core collectors have a ton of duplicates that they may give you for free to get more people into the game. This is something I have done and actively encouraged at my FLGS. If you want to play competitively, then that is a different story and will probably cost you considerably more as you will either need to buy a couple of boxes to get what you want or for a specific deck build buy cards individually. If you want to collect the whole set it will cost much more. There are several serious collectors at the store I go to and not one of us has a complete set of a minimum of 1 of each card. Another good idea is to maybe get into it with a friend and that way you can split the cost and will have someone you could play against regularly.
  7. scoddyboy

    New Rules Reference Guide

    The delay on the new RRG could be down to Lukas leaving for WotC. I would assume a new design team could want to take the game in their own direction, so a new RRG would possibly take more planning than usual.
  8. You also cant play them until the product is actually available and there is no point updating the rules until they are.
  9. scoddyboy

    Neutral Characters and Deck Building

    I imagine it will be something along the lines of 'if playing neutral characters you must choose an affiliation, (hero or villain), for the purpose of building a deck. I don't see why in the future players wouldn't be able to build completely neutral decks as more draft packs come out and field a neutral team.
  10. scoddyboy

    Most memorable play?

    I do like the narrative/alternate story aspect of this game. Its just a shame that games at the moment are played as quickly as possible. I play against one guy though who is a keen RPG player and we try to creep in the odd bit of story to our games. I think it is an direction the game could have taken if it hadn't been sold as a fast playing two player game.
  11. scoddyboy

    Most memorable play?

    With the amount of cards now available the synergy with the right deck builds can be a lot of fun.
  12. scoddyboy

    Most memorable play?

    The following happened at my FLGS last night. I was playing e/Qui Gon e/Kanan against a 3xFO stormtrooper + 1 TIE pilot. I had managed to kill most of his characters despite him playing Endless ranks twice and he had killed my Qui Gon and we were down to what was the last round of the game. His remaining trooper had 4 health left and Kanan had 6. He rolled out his stormtrooper with 3 upgrades on it and then I activated kanan who had 3 upgrades. My opponent didn't roll very well but then proceeded to play We have them now and turned all of his dice to sides showing ranged damage showing a total of 8 damage. I thought that was it for me then I realised that I had Force Misdirection in my hand and one of Kanan's dice was showing a focus side. I couldn't hide my delight as I used Kanan's ability to resolve his focus die turning his other to ranged damage and then using my action to play Force misdirection and removed all of his dice. He passed his next turn and then,as my final gambit I had to discard my final card (not just in hand but last card available) to re roll the rest of my dice and managed to roll 8 damage which was enough to finish him off.
  13. I cant recommend going to your FLGS enough! If the community there is as good as the one I go to then not only will there be a variety of players to go up against and teach you some of the many nuances that are part of this great game, but there will also be players with a lot of swaps which, to help get new players into the game, they may be willing to give away or at the very least sell to you for a very reasonable price.
  14. scoddyboy

    2 Player set game results

    I know this wouldn't be ideal, but what about making either Kylo or Phasma a single die instead of elite to reduce the amount of damage they dish out. Probably Phasma's as her special is dependant on dice.
  15. scoddyboy

    Empire at War Europe release.

    30th September UK confirmed by my FLGS's distributor