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  1. Totally agree. Rebels need to understand that a wounded hero is a target and need to protect them. Wounded heroes are not to be treated as if they are now invincible for the rest of the mission Besides just the caution factor, it is more effective for the Imperial to withdraw a hero than to wound 2 (same amount of damage usually). They are costing the rebels 2 actions per round and usually can stall them out then. Now if there are already 2 wounded Rebels, I don't know if it is better to withdraw one or wound a 3rd and go for wound victory. Depends on the situation As for play experience, yes it can suck to lose your character. This is one reason I favor playing with only 2 or 3 rebels and having them control 4 heroes (3p, each person has 1 with a floater one by group. 2p, each gets 2). Also helps with organization logistics when there are less players
  2. Here is my take on why Luke works and Chewie doesn't. Luke is using an ability called HEROIC to perform an attack (that doesn't count as an action) Chewie is getting a cost modification to an existing special action, it doesn't change that fact that it is a special action. Because it is a special action still (that now doesn't cost an action to perform), it is restricted by the "can't perform the same special action twice during an activation" A way that Chewie would have been able to double slam is if his Wookiee Avenger Card gave him a new ability.. let's call it HEROIC TOSS. This ability allows you to perform a Slam and doesn't count as an action. In this situation, Chewie would be able to use HEROIC Toss and Slam because they are different abilities. Similar to how Biv in campaign can perform Close and Personal and then use Last Stand (which performs a close and personal among other things)
  3. Yes you can use end of round threat gains from events (or normal threat gain at beginning of status phase) The usefulness of the card varies depending on which heroes the Rebels have and what abilities/weapons. Just the fact that it's on the board will force the Rebels to reconsider how they position and use their abilities (otherwise you could take advantage of it). Also almost any attack ability that causes strain will make them suffer more. And if a Rebels gets a stun weapon, you can use it to stun them 2 threat is high but 1 threat would have been too cheap for the card. A riot trooper would be the best use case for 2 threat but most of the time you are just getting 4hp worth of figure that will die before it gets to go late in the campaign. Of course this can depend on the situation. Also you can always use the top part of this card to move a Rebel away or out of position
  4. No, I haven't gotten that far yet in my HotE. I was thinking more that Embrace Suffering would be the better 4xp pick. The guys at BoardWars seemed to have been gushing over this card after using it in both their campaigns and I see a lot of potential in it late game. Turning the Rebel's own T3 weapons against themselves, using their abilities and spending their strain/focus.
  5. Embrace Anger is the better 2xp card I'd say. Trade your figure damage for extra damage on the Rebels if you are trying to go for a wound Surprised at your evaluation of Power of Passion. With only unnatural abilities and starting card to give tokens, seems hard for you to get more than +1 surge out of the card a round (rebels killing the figures you put tokens on, unnatural abilities doesn't kick in for a full round)
  6. True And I hope Nal Hutta rotates out sooner than later
  7. No need, it's going to be Mos Eisley Back Alleys (Jawa Scavenger)
  8. Seems like Clipper came to the opposite conclusion https://boardgamegeek.com/article/21700358#21700358 Any updated thoughts?
  9. Actually you probably played it fine Most of the Hutt Merc class cards add symbols/dice to the attack and the companion does not directly use them. There is a distinction between a figure using a card and the Imperial Player using a card. The only thing the Junk Droid couldn't use are the surge abilities granted by Guild Hunters (because those would get added to the Junk droid's abilities, aka Junk droid using the card) One very defensive hero seems like a good plan. Also just killing IP faster since this class offers no defensive abilities. MHD is really good against it because of the off turn healing and also getting pain killers. If you can cut down the number of figures activating at any one point, all the class cards add about 4-5 damage, which is equal to 1 good rest. Just have to be careful about protecting Heroes that have activated already in a round and not push up too fast. That or just trade damage, wounded heroes only lose 1 speed/endurance for the most part. As long as you don't lose, you are fine
  10. Awesome report! Love the extra details with pictures retelling the story. One of the best reports yet
  11. Shyla's Core 9xp skills and strong starting weapon makes her Soooooooooo good. Along with her tankyness from Deadly grace, she is the best new character since the core box. I'd probably put her at #1-2, her mobility and whip allow her to dismantle most IP attempts at playing toward the objective I would take Sword Dance if I could since every Rebel team will look to outfit her with Electrostaff. Otherwise Proximity Strike and even All out attack aren't bad. Before Electrostaff, you could stick with just Balanced Hilt & Starting weapon. Or get something cheap like Gaffi Stick/Vibroknife. T2 has a lot of options now too with Poleaxe, Double Vibrosword (really strong with whip and she doesn't use much strain on other stuff) and the class Vibroaxe. Energy hilt is also good on her starting weapon or T1
  12. MM is a top 3 class deck (imo #1). I would only use it against Veteran Rebels or if they pick an OP team (Gideon, Shyla, etc). From what you've listed, I would hesitate to pick MM. HotE also has some new good troopers so those are bound to be in the campaign and allow you even more uses from your trooper attachments
  13. I've been working on adjusting certain heroes to bring them up to stuff. Also lowering the potential of some of the S-tier heroes I think everyone would agree Biv/Saska are the weakest. I also think several characters have very 1 dimensional build paths because the other abilities aren't worth it. Finally there are some S-tier heroes that are oppressive to the IP player and stand above other heroes As for your changes, any buffs to Biv/Saska are welcomed. for the other heroes, I think the Hoth ones are fine but tend to have 1 build path. Bespin ones have good options, I'm not of the opinion they need tinkering Working changes here if anyone wants to discuss futher https://boardgamegeek.com/article/25505055#25505055 I have some ideas for Agenda/IP class buffing but I think that isn't as needed since IP can choose their class after seeing rebel makeup and there are a lot of choices.
  14. Armored Onslaught would be below avg if not for Mortar. That card makes the class and since it is only 3xp, rushing it can help you turn the early missions in your favor. I haven't seen it listed but I think the 2nd best card in the class is Explosive Entry. At least in Hoth, it's very easy to chain some figures to deploy and hit at least 1 rebel about every other round. Hired Guns and Nexu are perfect for this because of how you can deploy them. Even if you don't get any damage off, the weaken is actually the best part of the explosive since it lows the damage output of the Rebels Following that, Reactive Armor was something that was Ok during hoth. eProid or HK benefited from it. But now that you have eJets and Sentry Droids, this card's value goes up quite a bit. It's Assault armor for droids/vechicle groups and getting +4 hp to a group and turning an evade into a 2block + evade face is very strong defensive attachment. Everything else is just soso. The 1xp is something you can get late game to use up points. Power to the Shields can also be good but it depends on the Rebel group. Denying Fenn Blast 2 or Mak Pierce 2/Jedi weapons seem to be the best uses
  15. Ah ok. Still Targeting Sensor at some point would have been good but yea there are situation reasons to pick things up in different orders As long as the Rebels can't kill 88-Z in 1 activation before you could use it, I don't think I would as worried. I'm more concerned with Focus Beam attachment that can remove a dodge than stuff that does 1 AOE damage. You can deploy 88-Z every round if it dies during optional deployment in Status phase
  16. Very surprised you didn't go for Targeting Sensor That into Infrared for Positioning and Threat would be my first two pickups
  17. Overclock seems fun but the effect of it is too minor imo for a 4xp. Basically you would get 2 activation of it with 3 actions. Move + Attack + X (or Attack + X + Y). Usually need to gain a power token to do damage or use another ability like Mechanical Protocol/Infrared Scanners. 88-Z attacks do 1 damage or 1 strain on avg. Rebels will ignore it all game Top part of Infrared would have been better if it just straight gave 1 threat but the insight test is something rebels can pass at least 50% of the time on most characters. Sure you try ot use it on a focused character.. then they decide if they want to keep focus or almost certainly prevent you from getting 1 threat. Also you need LOS with 88-Z for it The bottom part of the card is great tho 88-Z's attacks are too weak in general. Surprised it didn't get an auto focus attack skill like J4X. It's actions seem better used to activate it's cards and not move forward & attack.
  18. I would say, go for the cards that buff your figures over 88-Z itself. Targeting Sensor - This seems like the best card. It acts a lot like Ring Leader or the 4xp from Inspiriting leadership. 2 spaces is pretty good coverage and 88-Z is harder to take out. If 2 figures get this bonus a round, that's +2 damage and +1 from exhausting the card, which is a good amount (compare to the Hutt card which does +3 to bounty target, or 2 to regular). Opportunity here to get even more out of this card I also like Mechanical Protocol and Infrared Sensor. 2 surges from Mechanical Protocol is like giving 2 figures hidden and +1 damage if you manage a 88-Z attack. Infrared Sensor for the 1mp extra to all your figures is pretty big, having played with Prepare the Ambush, the reach this gives your figures is awesome. 1 threat is not bad as an activation . Not sure which I would go for You'll probably want Shielded too at some point to give your troopers better LOS cover from the energy shield to give them a chance to get attacks off with buffs. This deck would function similarly to Inspired Leadership, it takes good positioning and planning to make use of the attack buffs since you need to have figures in position and have them stay ALIVE
  19. Not in IRL. They pick skills they think work well and don't usually plan as much for the long term (but we play with house rule of respecing xp). It helps keep the pace of the game going In PBF they sure do
  20. Those are the only good cards for Precision Training, with Find the Weakness being the best. But then you are pretty much playing with just those class cards all campaign. The class can be solid mid game if you rush the 4xp but falls apart late game when Rebels steam roll figures toward the end. It's good when you can get a whole squad to attack but very bad when you are usually left with 1-2 single figures left in an activation after the starting Rebel activation of a round. The I think someone started a poll the other day on BGG and results are coming in. I agree that Precision Training is the weakest followed by Inspired Leadership. Everything else is avg or very good and the Core 3 classes are still the best (tech sup & MM are getting better with more figure options, sub is always strong since it just targets the Rebels)
  21. Attack once, sure but 2x attacks is a lot. Also I pretty much exclusively play IP and I'm saying it is probably too strong of a figure unless your Rebels are also min/maxing
  22. Also in this situation, I think it's the combination of Unnatural abilities and ATDP that will make it hard to handle in the campaign. I agreed with Jeppe on that unnatural abilities should have also had a "non-massive" clause to it's restriction. Perhaps that could be a way to handle your particular situation
  23. I'm also similar and it can be hard to "Sandbag" your play, lest it makes it less fun for you. The way I've done it in my IRL Group is by implementing house rules that help the losing side. Also possibly picking weaker class decks that I'm still interested in, not playing all my agenda cards, bringing some good open groups but not all. It can be a fun challenge to do well with some off the wall open groups (as long as they aren't ridiculous overpriced) At least on PBF, I can go more all out knowing the players are good/have a lot more time and resources to analyze the situation. I still have several house rules that generally favor the Rebels but also create a more fun/varied campaign experience
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