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  1. Is there a Tie/D option with the cannon/primary double tap?
  2. That sounds amazingly awesome....could they at least do it 3rd class mail with absolutely no tracking numbers too? Ooohhh, I know they could send them COD....you want your earned prizes? That'll be $19.95 for the shipping. ?
  3. I see, but if they do in fact start in June a mere 18 days away for June, then the more vision we have on them the better people can make plans.
  4. Would be nice. Esp. If the person posting it is correct that 2.0 swag would be prizes.
  5. I read this in the organized play section, and wondered if anyone else had more info about it... On 5/10/2018 at 12:26 PM, skotothalamos said: They said in their Hyperspace Report that Store Championships this Summer would start in June and would have 2.0 compatible prizes. I, for one, would like to make further plans with actual information.
  6. Can you link this please?
  7. Hystarr

    2.0 Upgrades

    I would hazard to guess that it might be a combination of that, plus what ship is it on, how many are in your list, and how has it performed in recent sponsored tournaments.
  8. Hystarr

    2.0 Upgrades

    The optimist in me wants to believe this.... Unfortunately it has been beaten, drugged, and shoved in a hole by the pessimist. The pessimist is now screaming in the hole "they said "shut up we'll take your money and you WILL like it!"". And as an afterthought walking away it says "oh, and you will put the lotion on..."
  9. Hystarr

    2.0 Upgrades

    Yeah, was more focused on official tournaments in this case. A specific meta seems to be spammed (like 40%+ of competitive lists) and the adjust the cost mid-season so that the list has to "evolve" to a more diversified type. As a business model it would make sense to them to prod people towards new purchases... Guess it would depend on how Orwellian about "big brother" type of conspiracy theories you subscribe to.
  10. Hystarr

    2.0 Upgrades

    Yeah, thing that I am specifically wondering is the way the APP will display things, as in will it show a line item cost or just a sum for the list. I would guess for scoring purposes it would have to break it down by ship. But imagine if it didn't calculate ship totals for a list until it can compare to all other items in list. Something like expertise (if it survives the purge) on 1 ship is this much, you put it on 3 ships multiply cost by 1.5 (again arbitrary number) each and if on high quality ship with ace pilot man the expense is brutal.... I can imagine the saltiness already.
  11. Hystarr

    2.0 Upgrades

    I just had a thought, and was wanting to know if anyone else had thought it. With point costs being figured behind the scenes with the FFG APP, what are the chances that upgrades become fluid? Meaning that a specific upgrade on a Tie Fighter is X points, but if the same upgrade is on a Scurrg H-6 Bomber it is X+Y. Or perhaps it is X on the Academy Pilot Tie, but X+Z for Howlrunner in the Tie. If the APP just calculates an end point total it would be difficult to track these things. Also in a lot of ways this lets FFG be able to do stealth tweaks and adjust things behind the scenes. I am not advocating this style, just hypothesizing a possibility and looking to see if anyone else got the sense that this might actually be a thing.
  12. Anyone heard when this will be released so that we could at least start trying to plan out our squads with the new point costs?
  13. I ran this at South Bend CAC: TIE Adv. Proto. Inquisitor with title and PTL, TIE Silencer Blackout with primed thrusters/advanced sensors/trick shot, and Countess Ryad TIE-D/tractor beam/VI. I had fun with this list going 3-3 (Should have went 4-2 but got greedy and paid for it). Most memorable match for me that day was going against a Decimator/Upsilon shuttle combo. Poor kid flying the Deci took a crit from my secondary shot from Ryad on Turn 4 Major Hull Breach. I followed up with Blackout with 3 more damage to him both being face up from the Breach crit. Poor unlucky kid drew both Console fires, and major explosion (rolled a hit turned to crit - direct hit) Next turn he bumped and could not get an action to flip a console fire, ended up with 2 more dmg from them and since the Breach they were face up. He ended that turn with 9 active crits and 1 hull remaining. He took it in stride.
  14. Nice, I like the easy way. ?
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