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  1. That's really interesting. I wonder why they did it that way instead of making it opposed. Is it considered that ships often or always have active augs on or just when they are specifically hunting or looking at things?
  2. So out of the *many* rolls that depends on beating the number of degrees of success the opposition has this is not one of them? So if you get 4 degrees of success hiding and later when someone is trying to detect you it can just get 3 degrees and win?
  3. So couple questions on 2 components 1. Cypra Pattern Drive (Koronus) 2. Shadow Field. (Hostile) They each mention a +15 and a +20 to silent running rolls but -15 and -20 "to detect" Just to be totally clear, does it mean on a contested roll you get +15 and your enemy get -15 giving you 3 degrees of success almost right off the bat? Or is it if you're using it you get +15 to silent but suffer -15 to your augur readings? The first seems insanely powerful while the second would seem to make sense, I mean if you're running a shadow field it should probably scatter your sensors as well. Thoughts?
  4. Ta Ral! What are the purpose of these 'Action Cards' I keep seeing about? Are they just reminders of specific actions you can do or status effects? And to Sum up from previous replies. The CORE box seems to have all the info from GM Guide, Player Guide and Creature guide? I've also read description from the "Vault" packages that the "Vaults" basically supplement the Guides to make them more like the CORE box?
  5. Huh, what would you say is the largest differences with 2nd ed and 3rd ed? Besides the dice? Was it mostly the rolling aspect of the rules that changed or did a whole lot of stats and things change as well so that a small conversion would not be able to do a percentile style thing?
  6. 1. Thanks K7e9 ! 2. Yeah all the 40k stuff is out of print XD. I've just managed to get all the Rogue Trader books (Except Into the Storm of course) to fill up my collection so I'm ready for the search. But ... as for the special dice. I could have *sworn* when I played a game of WH fantasy that we just used d10s for a percentile system.... is that an old edition? Am I just crazy?
  7. Right ok that clears things up a little ta! The groups I run with tend to go for the classic dice and character sheet style so might try to find the hard backs on ebay and everything So just a couple more questions. 1. The information in the Core box and The GM+Player+Creature guide is about the same than? And 2. I've been told by someone that Warhammer fantasy world in a recent edition has been changed a lot. Like they turned it more space marine like with sigmar? Is this accurate? If so what edition did this get made into? I would prefer the previous edition myself.
  8. This makes SO much more sense now re reading it. I always knew there were methods for Void Ships to be made into squadrons. I mean the rules as they are make it basically impossible for a dozen Raiders to take down a single Grand Cruiser and that doesn't really make any sense. Cool. It definitely would be something I would use for NPCs attacking a large PC ship. Ta!
  9. So what exactly does https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/warhammer-fantasy-roleplay/products/warhammer-fantasy-roleplay/ Include? Is the *whole* thing just the core rule book or does it include the player or gm guide books? They also look like soft cover books but I had thought they were hard covers.
  10. So I really like the idea of small craft combat and I think in any game we get involved with we're going to keep it more of a narrative flow rather grid mapping this. But holy crap. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN. Koronus p.113 Squadron Shooting: MaSSed Fire Squadrons fire in a different manner than lone ships, representing their ability to fill space with shots. This ability is called Massed Fire. When a squadron performs Massed Fire, select any number of either macrobatteries or lances; the two may not be combined for this purpose. Then select a single one of those Components. Roll to hit with that Component as normal. Every additional Component after the first grants an additional +10 to hit and +1 to the Strength of the Component for that shot only (effectively increasing the number of maximum shots by one). The damage, range and Crit Rating are all determined by the Component for which the attack roll is being made— however, all Weapon Components being used must be in range of the target. In addition, as only a single attack roll is being made only one Critical Hit can be scored. Squadrons can combine macrobatteries or lances into multiple groups for purposes of Massed Fire–for example, a squadron with eight macrobatteries could fire make one Massed Fire with all eight weapons, two with four each, or any other combination. This is intended to speed up combat involving squadrons of NPC starships, as well as give smaller ships an ability to work together to take out larger vessels
  11. It would change the style of the game completely I think. Maybe just assume that because they are such small vessels they can't fight enough fuel/powerful engines on such small ships? I think they wanted the fighting style to be more 18th century ship of the line.
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