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  1. Done! You can find all the decks here: Look for those with "[Balanced Legacy Lists]" in the title, by user "perthling".
  2. I was in a similar boat. Loved the game. Limited people to play with. I just made a list suggesting deck builds so this can be produced as "out of the box" to hook up with friends, like you would for any standard board game. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.
  3. So, this living card game is dead... but I write this post as a commentary and quasi-recommendation for those who might be in a similar situation as me. A friend and I played Warhammer Invasion a couple of times in 2015 and I was immediately hooked. The rules are relatively simple, and the game-play is dynamic. A single strategy can't be employed for every game, meaning you have to think outside the box. Balance your resources. Work out how to best defend your zones. Aware the game was being discontinued, I secured myself a copy of everything, and two years later I'm getting around to deck-building. I've trawled through these forums and other websites for deck-building tips, endured the arguments about deck-size (Magic mindsets and probabilities) and have come up with the following. Remember: this isn't a guide to create the most highly competitive decks, but rather multiple balanced decks across the 10 factions (main 6 plus the 4 from Hidden Kingdoms) that you can consider "pre-built" to bring out at game days with mates. 60 cards per deck (to start with) Exclusively use common clan cards, not the neutral cards (again, to start with) and not mixed clans Choose quest and legend(s) cards that share some alignment with regard to strategy 3x same quest 3x same legend, or 2 pairs of 2 legends Units, Supports and Tactics to directly support a small array (2-3) of structure/strategy from the legend/quest 50% (~30 cards) units, comprising: 7 pairs of "first turn cards" (cards that can be played with just 3 resources) 6 pairs of other units 3-4 cards being legends 25% (~15 cards) supports, comprising: 50-75% (6-12) of these being "first turn cards" 75% (10-12) being non-attachments, and ones that provide power Again, mostly pairs of cards 25% (~15 cards) being tactics / quest 3x same quest 6 pairs of tactics (again, consider balance high and low cost cards) Pairs of cards gives some degree of consistency (more than elusive single copies), but also provides more variety for casual play (rather than a competitive trimmed down 50-card deck with the max 3 copies of most effective cards). It will enable employing different strategies / game-play with the one deck. As I've been looking through the cards with all of the above in mind, I'm identifying 2-3 straight-forward synergies between the cards within the clans to focus on, while avoiding situational cards and very specific combos. The above is just a starting point and, as the flavour of the deck dictates, may justify deviating from. e.g. a really crucial card that you might want to max to 3 copies. Or, in the case of Skaven, going with 3s instead of pairs because of the action letting you play for free copies of units already in play. Or increasing deck size to 75 in a high-mill deck. Furthermore, once I get these decks in play (I plan to will host some sessions at our local gaming shop), if I discover any are lacking or significantly weaker than the rest, then I'll drop in the neutral cards to beef them up and/or directly complement the strategy of certain clans' decks. If there's anyone still out there, would love your feedback and any other tips. And I will likely follow up to post the preliminary and then final lists up here for the benefit of others.
  4. Yes, it's a single figure. Not the whole group. (If that's what you were asking?)
  5. Interesting. Rules as written, you're probably right. It's inevitable that as the game expands there will be some curious and unintended issues like this. I wouldn't hold out for an FAQ. Common sense should prevail. Ie treat Vinto's ability as "may perform up to two attacks". Just my thoughts. An aside... has anyone not realised Greedo's mission cards are printed upside down? Poor Greedo. Just can't seem to do anything right. At least he's cheap!
  6. New FAQ... can't put those holocams on the blocking terrain square no more. Not even mobile figures.
  7. Check the new FAQ. Card has received an errata so that it"Of No Importance" does still retain some Importance.
  8. How do you bring in Imperial Deployment groups into a Merc army??
  9. Well, we have a ruling... "Hi Luke, The second part of Fly-By only awards the bonus movement points after an attack that qualifies to trigger the first part of the ability (within 2 spaces). This relationship between the two effects and the overall ability could definitely be clearer, and I’m looking to get it into the FAQ (though I don’t think it’ll make it into the next release). Thanks for the question. I hope that helps! Todd Michlitsch Game Developer Fantasy Flight Games"
  10. I've asked FFG today (before i even knew about this thread). I'm definitely in agreement with the 2 movement points regardless of 2 spaces for blue die. Different conditions, different effects. The card reads: "When you declare an attack," (timing window) "if" (conditional) "the target space is within 2 spaces" (condition), "add 1 blue die to your attack pool" (effect) (full stop, new sentence). "After the attack resolves," (new timing window, and not contingent on the "if" statement in the previous sentence), "gain 2 movement points" (effect).
  11. It's called "Zombicide". A great game! You could always blend the two - use Zombicide rules (which are well established, functioning mechanics), sub in Star Wars figures and item cards to get the theme. It's probably more droid swarm ala Attack of the Clones, than stormtroopers. But yeah, might be fun.
  12. Have finished producing the league booklets. I can't upload anything else here (have hit my 0.5mb limit) so I've put a link to a drop box folder to this and my other resources if you want to use any of them:
  13. All systems are go! Finalising the list of achievements (and bingo card) now, utilising more Star Wars quotes and themes (pinched a bunch from the old Decipher CCG I used to play). First cycle will be featuring the following 6 figures / groups and their corresponding maps and missions: General Weiss or AT-ST Agent Blaise IG-88 Dengar Luke Skywalker (Hero of the Rebellion) eWookiee Warriors
  14. Hey! Thanks for the ideas! We're starting up a fortnightly league too. Want it semi-competitive, but to build into the scoring things that give newer / weaker players a good chance to pick up some prizes. What I've got so (subject to the co-organiser's and store's approval) is this: Fortnightly league (6 session / 3 month cycles) $5 registration per cycle (includes one entry into prize draw) $5 per session - Swiss style tournament, 3x 50-minute rounds Each session: 1st place $10 store credit, 2nd place $5 (if 6+ players, 3rd place $5) 3 points for a win, 2 for bye/forfeit/participation Bonus points for challenges and achievements* Convert 10 points to a chance in the prize draw At the end of each cycle, 1 (or 2?) prizes drawn (ally/villain packs) and overall league champion takes jackpot as store credit (i.e. balance of rego / entrance fee over 6 weeks less cost of 1-2 prizes) With the bonus points, I'm thinking to restrict them to standalone events / outcomes, and not "most number of dodges" etc where you'll have to track them and compare against others. Also, if I stick with 16 (or go to 25?) we can draw them up as bingo cards, to score yet another point scored for getting a row on the achievement bingo card. Yes, I have shamelessly stolen ideas from this thread... Roll 5 surges in a single attack Deal 8 damage in a single attack Roll 3 consecutive dodges Control / capture all missions’ objectives Win with 30+ VPs from mission objectives Entirely wipe out opponent’s army Win after being 15+ VPs behind One-shot kill a 5+ hit point figure Dodge a 5+ damage attack Defeat 2+ figures in one activation Defeat 5+ figures in one round Deal damage to a figure 8+ spaces away Defeat a figure with yours carrying 2+ harmful conditions Win with no command cards left in deck and hand Defeat a figure in the first round Field an army of entirely painted figures Lastly, each week we would nominate under-utilised units or combinations of units for people to score a bonus two points, e.g. Han Solo, Chewbacca, etc. What do you think?