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  1. My two cents here is that, for factions outside of Scum, they might follow a release schedule that generally follows the movies, with a random here or there. Why do I think that? Rebels and Empire have access to ships only from Rogue One and A New Hope (hence the Striker). Resistance is getting the only two snub fighters they have atm (Res Falcon would have been conflicting being back to back with Lando and giving the Bomber would have been excesive) and the FO got their TIE/fo (very surprised they didn't get their SF). With that in mind, here are my predictions, assuming each faction gets a release. Rebels: OT Falcon or A-Wing. It's been enough time between waves for another falcon to drop, unless Resistance get's theirs. Empire: TIE Bomber, TIE Brute, or Lambda Class Shuttle. The bomber was in EP 5, the Lambda in Rogue One, and the Brute can replace the SF for the Empire. Lambda is least likely since the Reaper provides support. Resistance: Rey's Falcon, if the Rebels don't get it. I find it unlikely the Bomber will come out this wave, but next instead. First Order: TIE Silencer or TIE/sf. Next wave would be the Upsilon, the First Order needs more snub fighter in my opinion. Republic: BTL-B Y-Wing or one of their shuttles. The BTL-B featured heavily early on in the show and the Republic could use some support. Separatists: Hyena Bomber or Sheathipede. Either of these to fill a role they don't have atm. Scum: I don't know, they have so many ships at this moment. Maybe this time they skip. Otherwise, Khiraxz or Lancer would be what I want.
  2. Aside from the obvious fact that you probably can't fly all 8 at once (but you could repaint some for preference), why did you order from 2 different stores?
  3. Discounts and deals at your local game store I mean. It would be nice if we got it now but for those that didnt pre-order because they were on the fence...
  4. Well how about that. If that's any indication, that's just in time for Black Friday.
  5. You're probably right, but you could have phrased this a bit differently. The passive aggressiveness is strong with one.
  6. Sadly no. These are from Mel's Miniatures on Shapeways and are based off their appearance from the first episode of Star Wars: Resistance. But I will be all over the official release of the T-85 if/when that happens.
  7. Resistance could have Black One alongside 2 Red RZ-2 A-Wings, as well as 2 boxes for all the Aces from the show as someone mentioned earlier. Blue Squadron for the Rebels, or maybe Phoenix Squadron, would be great ideas. Not sure about the other factions though.
  8. @Captain Lackwit's paintjob for the T-85. I know it says Red-3 in English but honestly I'm so happy with how the rest of the job turned out I don't even care. (Paint job thanks to Model Magician on Etsy).
  9. Probably at least one of each of the Republic expansions. I'd also buy into the CIS, but right now I'm imposing a 3 faction limit to save money (my others are Resistance and FO). But maybe later down the line I'll pick em up.
  10. What I like about the Squadron packs is that they are great to build up swarms of ships. The Vulture droids in the Servants of Strife are probably the paint job (imo) people would want for their CIS Vulture swarms, as compared to the Trade Federation brown. And for Guardians of the Republic, that's great for grabbing multiple Delta-7s and V-19's. Chances are people will only grab one Delta-7 expansion since there only Anakin had that yellow Delta-7.
  11. Kaz from the show would probably be a pilot. Poe on this ship, all stats depending, has the potential to be INSANE. His cost would be crazy.
  12. It is big, but why not? With the New Republic downsizing their fleet, they need a capable multi-role fighter. May as well throw money at it since they weren't a Rebellion anymore. Also, bigger is better. ?
  13. Rebels: The Raven's Claw. I like Jan and Kyle, but the Moldy Crow to me looks as bad as the name sounds. Imps: TIE Defender Elite sculpt, for that extra bit of oomph. Could be treated as a configuration for older Defender models maybe. Scum: Hondo's pirate ships. They may be flying saucers, but its Hondo. I mean, come on... its Hondo. Resistance: B-Wing Mark II's. I want it to be the king of heavy jousters. First Order: First Order TIE Bombers. They lack any kind of bombing potential atm. Even the Republic and CIS have/will get the BTL-B and Hyena, respectively.
  14. I already ordered one of Mel's T-85s. It's currently being sent to get painted in @Captain Lackwit's paint scheme. Hopefully should be less painful to the eyes than New Republic Colors.
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