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  1. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when any problem that can't be solved by shooting can be solved by expensive formal dinner parties, and vice versa. You know you're playing Rogue Trader when the Navigator can tell Cardinal Ignato to 'hurry up' during the sanctification of the Trader's warrant, and get away with it. Before leaving and taking a Cherebium hostage as a souvenir. In the middle of a fully stocked Cathedral of Illumination.
  2. The 'nids were attracted to the Imperium by a Astronomican-esque psychic beacon that was activated/destroyed during the Horus Heresy, or at least its alluded to. The Tyranids aren't confirmed to have devoured any other galaxies either except back in 5th edition, where they would be the oldest species in the Galaxy by that account, and by 12 galaxies in they would probably have evolved to devour galaxies much faster than they currently are. Notably the Astronomican can reach the Halo stars, it's just incredibly faint and is constantly blocked by Warp Storms. From what I remember in the book the Tyranids are almost 'awoken' by the flare of the beacon, which would imply that they were not infact travelling and were instead dormant, and it's taken them only 10000 years to reach the Imperium, which even at 99.99% the speed of light, would put them at a distance from the Milky Way of less than 1% of the distance between us and Andromeda - meaning that they've not been that far away at all, in fact they've only been about 0.05 Milky ways away! (Which means they'll probably take 200000 years to devour the entire Galaxy, and I reckon Rowboat could get the Imperium back in order in 200000 years.) Considering the Tyranids lack of FTL travel, and their only means of travel being based on gravity wells, travelling the distances between galaxies would of taken them far too long. Especially considering the possibility of resistance by sentient species within the galaxies they devour, after all: it's entirely reasonable that a properly unified Imperium, full strength Eldar or similarly powerful race could defeat the Tyranids. I personally put my faith in the idea that the 'Nids were a creation of the Old Ones, essentially a galactic fire-break against the C'tan, similar to the way the Imperium combats the Tyranids and the way the Emepror attempted to combat Chaos, starve them to death by denying them food. This is supported by the 'nids actively avoiding the Necrons rather than just ignoring them (Not to mention the fear the Silent King has of them), and by the fact the Tyranid consumption of life actually preserves DNA, creating a huge, terrifying DNA bank of all the life they devour.There's also the fact they're guided by psychic beacons: which would be incredibly fitting for something the Old ones intended to control. Regardless, Imperial technology is currently far too flimsy to transport anything between Galaxies subluminally, and the Warp is too calm on the fringes of the Galaxy to make Warp travel worthwhile (Even if it was safe or could even be utilised on the edge of the Galaxy) Without the 'nids having gone anywhere but outside of the Galaxy and no one in 60 million years having canonically developed the technology to expand outside of the Galaxy, its safe to assume that reaching another Galaxy would be next to impossible for the Imperium, without End-times level muckery.
  3. The civilisation would not last 2.6 Million years, and in the other case, there's still that over 9000 warp encounters to deal with, and with enough people to restart a civilisation on board, you're one big meaty can of souls for the warp nasties. It's like leaving your drink unattended at a dehydration party for a century: I can guarantee you that you wont see the drink again. That's why the Imperium has to keep their warp trips relatively short, inter-sector at best, ships just don't survive long distance trips through the roiling maelstrom.
  4. Current Imperial Technology couldnt guarantee stasis for that length of time, if they did have staisis technology that could sustain life for that length of time (As well as enough hydrogen for the plasma engines to last that long, and the supplies to restart society on the other side (Very difficult considering the STCs are still lost and that was basically the entire purpose of STCs) ) they wouldn't be able to spend that length of time in the Warp. It would just be too dangerous. So that would require subliminal travel, which would take aeons. Even at 99.99% the speed of light, it would take 2.6 Million years to reach Andromeda. Saying perhaps they were dumb enough to try crossing the void in the warp: Putting a little Maths to it, its stated in the crunch that it would take several years to cross the Milky Way Galaxy in the warp. I'm going to take several as meaning 3-5, and I'll take 5 as the value as they'll likely travel slower to remain safest (This raises another question of how do you navigate with everyone in stasis?) The Milky Way is 100000 light years across, which gives a rough speed of 20000 light years per year. (Which is obscenely fast) It would still be 125 years in the warp. So you're looking at over 9000 warp encounters over this time. It's unknown if the Tyranids have devoured other galaxies or not, or if they simply exist in the endless dark of the galactic void. This largely depends on whether they were created by the Old ones or not, either way, they are incredibly weak due to their time spent in the endless black and from that, likely don't have the power to travel those distances. Which means canonically not a single race has the power to reach another galaxy as the Old Ones never did leave the Galaxy, which is why the Necrontyr and the C'tan could wipe them out. Question is, does that mean the Warp is only in our own galaxy? Could other galaxies have their own chaos gods? Could the warp still be stable there?
  5. I'll get onto that ASAP, I was waiting for a good response to turn my time over to creating a proper PDF of it.
  6. Although, vessels in space-hulks have no gellar protection, and they (sometimes) stay largely unharmed by the Warp, apart from physically smashing into other vessels. The station could be greatly affected, perhaps twisted or rent open by reefs - but it should stay in one piece - which might work as a risk table for transporting stations, adding an extra layer of challenge to it all. The 'moths' i'm not sure of, after all most space-hulks don't bring Deamons back into reality with them, just a whole lotta Boyz or more Genestealers than you can shake a Hellhound at - both of which boarded the vessel(s) in realspace. Any chaos that's brought through is typically cursed artefacts or possessed individuals. Honestly I'm most likely going to say that mass transporters (I'll do the maths for it with my cargo rules, ) can carry certain amounts of a station, and part of the initial endeavour is the transportation of all of its components to the appropriate system, where it's assembled. This would be a good way to establish the trade-route before the station is even built!
  7. One option i've considered is that they may simply leave the station unmanned. That way there's no intense threat of anyone falling prey to Warp Entities, as the creatures cannot be brought back from the Warp with the vessel and have no reason to invade an unmanned ship. This is especially evident with the Thulian Fleet's Explorator stations, which are much smaller and simply dragged behind the Capital ships of the fleet, unmanned and unprotected. After all, Gellar fields are primarily to stop all of the nasties of unreality from getting to all those snack-sized soul packets crammed into the ship. More significant warp encounters, be it Immaterial reefs or storms - pose such a threat that Gellar fields only dampen their impact, and it would largely be up to the Tug fleet to evade these dangers. This is perhaps why stations often sit on the edges of Imperial control, as they're much more likely to survive the trip in the warp when the route is safely mapped. By keeping the colonists on board the tug ships (Which I will have to create custom rules for as there's a large amount of reference to vessels tugging other ships around, yet nearly no rules regarding them.) the station is no target, and can be safely dragged to its destination. The other option is that stations are carried piece by piece to their destination. After all the Ramilies is carried in one piece specifically to keep pace with Battlefleets. Personally the modular transport method seems the most appropriate, as the warp capabilities of the Ramilies are unique, based on the STC that the Ramilies was built from on Ulthanx. It is the only Station the Imperium fields for war, stations are built in times of peace - moving them bit by bit and then never moving them out of that system again seems most likely. With tug fleets only responsible for moving it around it's home system. After all, no one expects the Navy to pack up Port Wander and send it elsewhere. With this I entirely agree, I'm thinking of bulking it up to at least 12km. Or potentially much larger, admittedly the sizes were a very last minute consideration. Although given the weapons and shields a Starfort can field, even this Ramilies could give a Grand Cruiser a run for its money.
  8. Hi Folks, I recently began running a Rogue Trader game and the ambitions of my Explorers have got me thinking on a multitude of fronts, and at the foremost of these thoughts (As it's the group's current intention) is Stations. Now in the rulebooks stations are given pitiful attention, one NPC Wayfarer with multiple new components and barely any explanation. While stations appear in the Fluff constantly as linchpins of systems and Imperial control in the Void! So, while devising ways to give the group some meat to chew on with taking control of a station, I had a thought to adopt the Colony rules from Stars of Inequity across to create orbital colonies. Satisfyingly smashing together the best parts of Starships and Colonies! What follows will be a breakdown of what I've created over the last week or so, it's yet to be playtested and is still very much in development (I have full intentions of branching these rules off to clear some space between Stations, Colonies and Voidships - rather than making it a strange 'Missing Link' between the two.) But, getting it out here for people to use will help pick out issues I've probably missed, and help fill in some blanks I've been having in regards to components and designs! So, without further ado. Bastions in the Void: Imperial Space Stations Make this in a PDF? What do you take me for, a sane person? The average space station is a humongous construction filled with tens of thousands of people, typically self sustaining and a sprawling hub of trade into the deepest heart of the Imperium and out to the bleak edges of space. They grow and shrink like any city would and are often the only bastions of civilisation within a system. To represent this, restoration, construction or even the capture of a Space Station and the running of one is now a colonial endeavour, with a number of changes made to represent the differences between the surface and the void. For the time being, it will be broken down in the same pattern as the Colonial Endeavour from 'Populating the Expanse' in Stars of Inequity. MEGA EDIT: First Iteration of this post had all of the rules and information lifted straight from my Obsidian Portal. This quickly made the post far too long, and although glorious - I was unable to post it. I have amended some sections with simple links to appropriate pages of my Obsidian portal, as mentioned at the end of the post. While not as pretty, it's much less strain on the Servers! The Station Endeavour: Station Structure: Station Upgrades: Now some of the actual stations: Wayfarer Class Space Station: Arimaspia Class Space Station: Ramilies Class Starfort: Now, key points to address: This is a massive work in progress, this represents only about a week's work on this, it has not been playtested, it has not been peer reviewed, it has barely been checked. It has a lot of work still to go into it. Secondly, I am gravely sorry for the amount presented! I had to bastardise whole sections of rulebook in making my own home brew works, which is why I've thrown this (optional) monster of reading before you. Thirdly, I make reference or use of many of my other homebrew creations, such as mass-productions, revised boarding actions and resource nebulae, to look into these I would point you towards my obsidian portal for the campaign, which will be detailed below. So, there you have it! The first stage of my rules for Station colonies, with new components, ships and rules for management. A lot of the later sections will simply be slightly altered versions of colony and ship combat rules. I would greatly appreciate anyone looking this over, in passing or in detail: and offering any criticisms. I have already found 101 flaws just reading through this recounting of the information, and I am concerned stations have become overpowered due to poor handling of statistics. I'll iron these out in coming months, but for the time being I'll thank you for reading this, and point you towards the obsidian Portal for this Campaign. I'll point out, updates are glacial. But session logs are in the works as we speak and hopefully all six backdated games will be written up and posted in good time. So, do check out A House Reborn the greatest WIP since the Golden Throne! Have a great day!
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