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  1. I have a deck with 3 Grabber Jammer as well, quite fun when all three are out on the board at the same time. Add in Squawker, "John Smyth", and Ulyq Magamouth and I am hitting the 6 time limit per round.
  2. You do not draw and keep the two chains. If you had 5 cards in your hand you would not draw and lose one chain.
  3. gwaynebarber

    The app?

    Make sure you add the dashes is as well.
  4. Omni abilities could still be used as they are not restricted to the selected house.
  5. Might be a good idea to look over the Saw's Renegades T-65 model, there was a gun missing from one of the wings. It appears the renegades are doing quite a bit of cannibalizing of their ships.
  6. gwaynebarber

    Precise 1 ?

    Precise can only be used when spending an aim token.
  7. I have a question about resolving an action, when the damage card "Action" to flip the card down requires rolling a hit or crit. In rolling the hit or crit to turn the card down does this also count as a hit or crit to the ships hull? Thanks for helping a new guy.
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