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  1. What a dumpster fire of a thread. At Worlds: Having a wonderful time. Meeting cool people, everyone is nice and chill and just happy to be there. Amazing community. At the FFG Forums: People making bad faith arguments, especially about things they weren't there for. Why do I even come here? The in-person X-wing community is 1000x better than the online Xwing community.
  2. I agree with the above. 1.0's hyper modified dice made it so games were won at listbuilding instead of at the table. The lack of consistent access to mods makes 2.0 much more skill based. You can't just bank on Palp or Low or whoever saving your butt when you screw up. The secret is to not screw up and have dice matter in the first place. That's one of the biggest growing pains I'm seeing in switching to 2.0. I'm still struggling with it, but I think its better for the game overall.
  3. i had the most fun with Xwing Ive had in months this past weekend and I didnt even play
  4. That last bit appears to be the disagreement as the rules are unclear
  5. Man I'm already getting sick of the Extended vs Hyperspace debates and people telling each other they're wrong. Is it going to be like this for the next few weeks?
  6. Pass almost certainly means transfer Oh focus result? Nvm. HMMMM
  7. RIP FFGCon for reals? Looks like IA and Armada are having their Worlds at Adepticon this year. So is May Worlds officially ded? I don't know if they can justify having it be Destiny-only.
  8. It's a **** good movie though, go out and see it if you haven't
  9. Sorry, I was being inconsiderate of those of you who don't identify as "people"
  10. Jesus how have none of you people seen Gone Girl?
  11. It mostly punishes ordnance and Vader so whatever?
  12. Vader is difficult to pilot in the sense that a single mistake could end him. Even with Supernatural, it's not going to save you from everything. Whisper has a great token stack and doesn't care about being blocked as long as she can shoot.
  13. 2nd ed format has been such a drag for me partially because I'm prepping for OutRyder Cup and as one of the Imperial players on my team I have such limited options. I've been trying numerous lists over the past few weeks and I'm already just incredibly bored with the format. I can only fly Reapers so many times... Extended is what feels like the real game to me because it has the ships I enjoy flying.
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