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    LordPyrex reacted to Duciris in Freakin' Dice!   
    The fancy dice, including the Blessed and Cursed dice sets, are Shipping Now!
    Things typically go from Shipping Now to In Stores in 2 weeks.

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    LordPyrex reacted to Julia in Mandy Mandy Mandy...   
    You should post this in the AH LCG board. This is for the boardgame
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    LordPyrex got a reaction from player1994465 in Buying an additional monster deck   
    Agreed, unless you find someone who is going to sell out just that part from their copy then you probably aren't going to find another way besides this. FFG does not sell separate components. Maybe sort your monster deck by type?
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    LordPyrex reacted to Julia in Buying an additional monster deck   
    I'd simply suggest to scan the cards and reprint those
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    LordPyrex reacted to scrubbless in Valkyrie - Home Brew Scenarios - Statistics, Announcements & Reviews   
    A new version of Valkyrie has been released, 2.4.01. This is bug fixes mostly, however the next release has Descent Lost Legends integration among other feature updates.
    Welcome Back Bruce! Great to have you working on Valkyrie once more.
    The latest version can be found at the usual place:
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    LordPyrex reacted to player1994465 in missing board and tokens   
    I want to Thank Everyone who help me. Today i Received the token and board for my Arkham Horror 3rd edition. From Fantasy Flight Games.
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    LordPyrex got a reaction from player1994465 in ACE OF RODS RULES CLARIFICATION   
    I think you meant to post this in the LCG board as it hasn't been introduced into the board game. From my interpretation it appears that it only works for the extra action that you get this round. hence the wording
    "you may take an extra action this turn, during which you get +2..."
    I think the key word is during. Hope that helped some.
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    LordPyrex reacted to player1994465 in missing board and tokens   
    Got a notice from FFG that they are looking into the situation so hopefully i will See what Happens i want to thank everyone who help me out.
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    LordPyrex got a reaction from Phoenix_FFG in New Big Box Expansion - Path of the Serpent   
    I agree. The text does really seem to be more towards them being separate adventures. But it still does seem like the narrative has some cohesion!
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    LordPyrex reacted to Phoenix_FFG in New Big Box Expansion - Path of the Serpent   
    I'm not reading that there's a campaign at all. I get that a heading says 'The Campaign Log' but that's just flavour for a heading. Nowhere in the text does it say they are joined. I'd really like to be proven wrong on this as a campaign mode would be amazing.
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    LordPyrex got a reaction from player1994465 in missing board and tokens   
    Sounds like they might not be the 'F' LGS for you any more...
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    LordPyrex reacted to Julia in missing board and tokens   
    I'm linking this thread to the guys at FFG QA. Not so sure it'll help, but possibly they'll investigate in this further
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    LordPyrex reacted to Soakman in Dead of Night To expensive!!!   
    There would be no hobby games or any luxury items if this weren't the case. There would be no industry at all. The company has to make money or there is no possibility to be a company any longer or create new material.
    Of course they're making money. That's the point of a business. And if they squeeze too hard, it'll backfire. I don't think this is that though.
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    LordPyrex reacted to Julia in Dead of Night To expensive!!!   
    Yeah, there's been a lot of talking about this mostly everywhere in the last few years. At some point, when MoM 2nd was released, a guy on BGG posted that 100 bucks for 4 evenings of fun were too much, and another one answered "when I go to the movies with the wife, we grab a bite to eat, two tickets for the show, and we pay a babysitter to stay home with the two kids, and we blow 120 in a single evening..."
    So, it's a question of perspective, and also as Soakman said, value and cost are a different thing. Starve three days and see a burger for sale at 40 dollars. You're gonna get it.
    Comparing LotR / SW and Mythos isn't fair. We need to compare the number of copies these game sell. Because if SW sells 10 times Arkham, then it means that the fixed costs (tied to development of the game and production of the physical copy) are divided over 10 times more copies in the SW case, and thus the cost of the license is absorbed to the point that the profit margin for the lines could be comparable. Do we have these data? No.
    Then, the only question we need to ask yourself is whether we're ok or not to pay 30 to cash 2 scenarios and double the cards in the game. The answer is entirely up to you / to your wallet / to your interest in the line (and there's no right or wrong answer).
    Is FFG playing cheap? Yes, they are dropping the number of cards / components in their games, they are dropping quality on the boxes, and they are slightly dropping quality on components (my 3rd edition copy already has some wear and tear whereas my 2nd edition copy survived a lot more), BUT they are mantaining the prices constant over time. Looks like a marketing choice they did. You can respect that or not (again, entirely your decision).
    I know I'm gonna get this one because for me it's a worthy investment, and I'm confident the two new scenarios will be a blast to play, but that's just me.
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    LordPyrex reacted to k7e9 in Dead of Night To expensive!!!   
    I don't see it as a piece of cardboard, rather there's probably a lot of work happening to bring us a mini board, new tiles, cards, investigators, scenarios etc. Most often in the big box expansion they introduce new game mechanics, which I  guess must be balanced with the rest of the game and require extensive testing Before release. Which for me equals replayability and fun.
    Personally I view it as paying for the design process that leads up to the cardboard. That in turn improves the game and my fun, and as it is a hobby I can decide if and when I want more of a game. Same goes for the Arkham LCG, 15 USD for a small plastic container with a few cards may sound steep. But I pay for the game design and the hours upon hours of enjoyment the game will provide, rather than seeing it as paying for the cards themselves.
    But it's a matter of opinion.
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    LordPyrex got a reaction from 1mikethebuilder1 in Elder Gods: Weakest to Strongest?   
    Tibs created a calculator for the many statistical probabilities of EH and this may be the best page to draw you conclusions from. The spreadsheet is very through so if you are looking for other details you can flip through the tabs at the bottom.
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    LordPyrex reacted to MrDodger in [Officially answered] Interpretation of Action in Gates of Silverwood Manor (scenario spoilers)   
    Sorry for the necro.
    Played this today. I wonder if the official response would be different in my case as my investigator carrying the Journal was "Lost in Time and Space", wandering around Yuggoth and the Great City while my stalwart companions were attempting to close the gate
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    LordPyrex got a reaction from 1mikethebuilder1 in How many buffs for one test can I add?   
    You can use as many items/weapons as you would like. However you only apply the highest bonus effect from among those. SO if you have one weapon with +1 and one with +3, you would only use the +3. But you can use re-rolls or other effects as permitted.
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    LordPyrex reacted to Turtlefan2082 in Missing card   
    Eyeless Watcher is a specific monster.  If you really are missing the card, I suggest contacting Asmodee North America for parts replacement.  The turn around is really good.
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    LordPyrex reacted to tsuma534 in Daniel Chesterfield?   
    Take note on the font that "Daniel Chesterfield" was printed with. When you see such font, then it's a card from either the Special deck or the Condition deck (which are more or less a single deck in this game).
    This is stated in the rulebook but I can't check the page now.
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    LordPyrex got a reaction from Purple Orc in Daniel Chesterfield?   
    Daniel Chesterfield is an Ally, but rather than being in the blue Ally deck, he's in the gold/brown special cards deck. Most of the encounters use something similar so that you have to locate the specified Asset and that it doesn't fall into another investigators hand by purchase/gain ally location. It's more like a special rewards deck.
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    LordPyrex reacted to Wolverine in Suppressed Memories Availability   
    Not sure if anyone else is still looking for those first couple expansions, but it appears that Fantasy Welt actually has english versions in stock at present: https://www.fantasywelt.de/navi.php?qs=mansions+of+madness
    Can't seem to find any details for international options (as I'm located in the US) but it looks like they ship to pretty much anywhere in Europe.
    Game On!
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    LordPyrex got a reaction from Rhioghnach in Board Necessity   
    I agree, with icabod. The app helps with the setup of components and flavor of the interactions. It's nice having the app to act as a DM, but there is more fun with figuring it out with friends around the table, not poring over a computer.
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    LordPyrex reacted to Julia in Arkham Horror (3rd Ed) Statistics   
    That's very true (re: people just discovering the game might bias the actual difficulty of the game itself). And yes, Azzie is the most difficult from the core set; I remember playing it again a few months ago, when we got our retail copy, after some 10 months we ended the alpha, and we had a hard time trying to contain doom (we botched the reading of the scenario, and were able to steer it back on track only by a miracle).
    Azzie's problem is the starting position for investigators: you can't cover properly the board and mantain doom under control in the first round, so you can easily have an anomaly on Mythos 1.
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    LordPyrex reacted to spoonman2084 in how many investagor are in elder sign   
    Preston Fairmont is in the omens of the pharaoh expansion. We are only missing Daniela Reyes. I really hope we get her soon. Daniela was given away at arkham nights and she was a "preview" not a promo so i hold out hope.
     I would even bee cool with a final expansion like miskatonic horror did for AH2 or masks of nyarlathotep for EH. Give us our last investigator and some other cool content i am sure FFG can cook up. 
    Maybe they would give us personal stories for the gators, maybe some sort of campaign play system. 
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